Following fatal shooting, residents say the time has come for police officers to wear body cams


REAL NEWS – As questions continue to be raised about what caused law- enforcement officers to fatally shoot a 45-year-old father of two in the back, some residents say the time has come for the Police to be outfitted with body cameras.


Mannie James was shot on Monday night, July 31, after a chase by police officers and Defence Force officers ended in the Grays Farm area.


There have been accusations that James was shot down like a dog and handled roughly after being wounded.


Accordingly, many people are asking what, in the first place, caused him to run.


The Police are claiming that James’ vehicle had no registration plate in front and that he sped off after having been directed to stop during a routine search exercise.


The Police are also alleging that they were fired upon, first, by James and the other occupants of the vehicle.


In doubting the officers’ version of events, residents are pointing out that body cams could have shown what truly transpired and thereby allayed the fears bring expressed by the public.


However, although the Police Force reportedly has received at least one donation of these cameras, there is no legislation in place to support the use of this tool.


Hence, an appropriate Bill would have to be taken before the Parliament, according to Information Minister Melford Nicholas.


Meanwhile, Superintendent of Police Lisborn Michael says he is not opposed to officers being equipped with body cameras.


Referring to a recent incident involving former MP Dean Jonas – who was charged in relation to a confrontation with police officers – Nicholas notes that footage of that altercation, if recorded via a body camera, is inadmissible as evidence.


That matter is currently before the court.

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  1. This is a rare occurrence where police have shot someone in Antigua and they died. We never hear of these things happening frequently but the body cam would be a good idea. There are some ignorant illogical ones that really do need monitoring. I will say tho that if you are not guilty don’t run. If you are not doing a crime then don’t run. For the people who are crying out, if a crime was committed against them then they would say the police not doing anything and they let the man get away. We should stop having selective outrage and be pragmatic

  2. Wait…is it not us who were complaining a few months ago that police not on the streets? What if he had run over someone while fleeing the police? What if an officer had been injured in the chase? Where are the other two occupants of the vehicle? It is impossible to know if they were armed. Why did they run anyway…from an unlicensed vehicle, that they weren’t driving?

  3. LMAO!! Them man hardly ah get new uniform lol….The Cameras are gonna be damaged when needed in court LOL

    • Lammooooo exactly @ this world is a messed up place ..

      Some time again ABLP said Antigua have street cameras for the traffic lights and all now I never see one … Antigua is 3rd world .. don’t be a criminal and don’t run from police 🤷‍♂️

  4. There are more body cameras to come, vehicle tracking devices, Night vision and heat vision tactical goggles, wild and bush motioned sensored cameras to come.

    I am very happy to hear the police is out and about but my flooding technique would be better and safer, to avoid situations like these for the police.

    If the shooting is justified, good work. If not, appropriate actions must be taken.

    I remember while in Antigua, there was police at the side of the street and one driver, this was in the evening, thought it was the police doing checks, the driver spin around without the police taking notice and sped off.

    The way the occupants dress, I am pretty sure that dark evening they were up to something not productive but the police did not see and this is how I recently recommends when there is a police stop and inquiry of occupants of vehicles and their possessions, they should have vehicles hidden above and below stops for turn arounds, for those trying to escape the stop and inquire blockage.

    Walkie talkies for these will be arriving soon. The police can not be in need of equipments, not when I exist for the interest of Antiguans and Barbudans.

    However, they must be professionally, reasonable and trained. Make decisions in reasonable time and on the merit.

  5. I will support the police when they gun down a criminal in the act. I can’t support citizens being shot in the back. Police always lie when they shoot unarmed people in the back saying they were first fired on.

  6. It is not for the police to say why he was running, his colleagues that were in the car need to come forward and explain why they fled . If they were not doing anything illegal, that should not be a problem. But I suspect it is not information they are going to or can volunteer.

  7. Police Commissioner should not release the names of the murderers and stop protecting them.

  8. Please everyone be realistic! The public need protecting, the police are doing their job! If you were flagged by police to pull over and you’re not doing anything wrong the logical solution is any law abiding citizens would simply pull over and
    see why police have pulled you over!?! Right?? This is standard. You wouldn’t flee, fire shots on a police unit and have a high speed chase with number plates missing as well as firearms in your vehicle!! Come on where is the innocence in that?!!

  9. AQUA, what is your source of information. Think logically, please.

  10. Police Commissioner, release the names of the murderers and stop protecting them.
    Stop protecting murderers

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