Flight attendant confronts JTruth during Facebook Live at 30,000 feet


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  1. This man needs to go away already. He’s addicted to attention to the point he can’t even act sensibly in the real world.

    • It seems this guy – who is so full of himself – obviously cannot function in this society. I thought this guy was under professional care in some institution. The poor guy is obviously distrubered: mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Poor fella.

      • You all need help 911… You all need to Educate yourself and of you have not experience read reading makes you experience things without been there. Gosh the guy is in his rights and he cannot have phone signal at that hight 30,000 ft you think APUA or Digicel have that type of service?

    • All y’all sound stupid. The man say things that come to pass. If y’all look past the badwords and jokes. He’s the only one fighting for freedom. Some y’all gonna start drop like flies soon

  2. Idiot.
    After 911, inflight communication was Deemed risky. Just watch how he’s arguing after being told to stop. Disgrace, using Antigua and Barbuda flag over that filthy mouth of his.

  3. I guess the IDIOT boy and dem disgusting followers ago say ah Gaston and he ppl tell she to ask him to stop what he is going. Boy go look work to do and stop manipulating ppl to feed and take care of your ass!!!

  4. What’s wrong with that lady I hear you talking to someone I hear talking to someone. The man is using the airlines wifi
    Where you not talking to someone ?

  5. She must also be an Antiguan. So fricken confused and imprecise with language.

    It’s not a “phone call,” it’s Facebook live.

    But she’s so confused she keeps calling it a phone call.

    They both sound dumb.

    • You sound IGNORANT AS F… you ARE aware u can make CALLS (VOIP) through FACEBOOK MESSENGER right. So many of you hate Antiguans and won’t left ya mek r we breathe and get more space. F-ing idiot. The flight attendant was within her rights to ask her questions and ask him to desist.

  6. I Am pretty sure this guy has a serious mental illness, he needs help badly. It’s sad
    To watch

  7. Call him what you like…. See him how you want…… It is quite clear he his making or perhaps made a name for himself. In showbiz anything goes, as long as an audience can be grabbed… J’truth is doing exactly that…. He is yours & mine attention, in his own unique style of showbiz……..

  8. Didn’t he say he was going to quit Facebook to go seek help for his demons? 🤔

    Youngman please don’t strive to entertain people and seek attention at the expense of your spiritual and mental health.

    People will hype you up, but when the rubber meets the road, they are nowhere to be found.

    • Why BunnyK? You have the option to or not to follow him. Make your choice!
      He would have been arrested if he was doing something against the airline’s policy.

  9. The AIRLINE should BAN J’TRUTH from flying on Their AIRLINE. J’TRUTH is RUDE , OBNOXIOUS with A FILTHY Mouth. He needs help.

  10. How is he incorrect? The flight attendant needs to be educated regarding internet use. Plus phone calls during flight causing instrument problems is a myth.

  11. When dem rich white people and business man and other high officials use dem phone and make calls dem nah have problem but because she see da antiguan flag she had it out fa dem cause me sure he nah do only 1 dat pan he phone

    • Pls stop, people who use race as their argument for everything in life need to be educated, you sound very small minded saying such things.


  13. Lmfao i dont know or care who this dude is. But anyone arguing hes looking for attention or startes something is clearly ignorant and or bias to their opinion due to disliking him. Wifi streaming even wifi calling is just that calls made through WIFI and if wifi is acceptable and is allowed hes in the right. He said he had AIRPLANE MODE on which means he CANNOT USE anything that is DANGEROUS OR DISRUPTIVE to an aircraft. If that were the case airplane mode as well as the airlines would clearly state no streaming. Streaming is not a new thing.

  14. WELL, he doesn’t like this rule or policy.
    A wonder if there is going to be a rant about this policy and then an organized march. I’m just asking.

  15. Soooooo….. Uuuuhhhhh….. Why is this news?

    He did nothing wrong because he was on the airline provided wifi. Plus for him to be on wifi (unless it changed withing the past 2 years), he had to pay.

    Next thing… How the f*** he get reception to use his phone (data or calls) 30,000 feet in the air.

    Obviously those of you have an issue with him gonna be saying negative things about him. But nothing he did here was wrong.

    If it was someone who was speaking with his broker or banker or family member who is distressed would they be wrong too? GTFOH.

  16. why is this news n why yall getting so worked up? why not the bigger issues? why not get worked up on ur dictator govt restricting ur free movements making u prisoners in ur homes n an extended prolonger curfews that has no basis or justifications n forced vaccinations?? while they main purpose is to fulfil their agenda whatever TF that is? let da man talk n advocate for freedom n rights.. why dont u confront ur govt about the hardship, no money, no freedom? going outside 4 fresh air and going 4 a drink to clear ur mind and support an establishment is now criminal yall do not seem worked up bur worked up about da man action n wifi on a plane? shows where ur concern n priority is ppl….wow wtf

  17. I went to school with this guy…he lives for attention and is a professional beggar.
    His new phrase is My CASHAPP is pinned. Hopefully is fans encourage him to find a job soon

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