Fleecing The ‘Asymptomatic’ Travelers


by Rawlston Pompey

From a professional Law enforcement perspective, there is as much crookedness among ‘White Collar Criminals’ as there is among ‘Blue Collar Criminals.’ These two criminal concepts are class-oriented. People in the former category, invariably use their ‘Intellectual Skill’ to defraud and ‘Fleece’ the innocent, be they clients or patients. Conversely, in the case of the latter, those in this category, and have the propensity to commit crime, are often ‘Street Smart.’ Situationally or as need arises or demands, invariably and without careful planning and sophisticated execution,’ opportunistically, yet stealthily or sheer brazenness, they unexpectedly strike the identified victims.  


Seemingly, some ‘Medical Practitioners’ may have been observing the behavior of the ‘Integrity Commission.’ Thus, reasonable inferences might be drawn that the few depraved ones may have been enhancing ‘Creativity’ in their professional skills. Thus, when the ‘Coronavirus-19 Pandemic’ arrived on these shores two years ago, a handful of ‘Medical Practitioners’ that may not necessarily have been ‘Crooked and Wicked,’ may have been mildly infected with a different kind of virus.  This may have been called ‘Money Virus.’ As a necessary virus, it has not only infected people across the globe, but also of all professions and walks of life.


This commentary is intended only to bring some sensitization to the citizenry, public officials, and more particularly ‘Internationally-Bound Travellers.’ It looks at an apparent troubling trending practice that seemed to have developed at some ‘Medical Facilities.’ The ‘Medical Profession,’ a discipline, with a body of some of the nation’s most ‘Noble and Honourable’ professionals,’ have now invited the scrutiny of the populace and ‘Foreign-Bound Travellers.’ None, therefore, may impugn neither their character, nor their reputation. Notwithstanding, these professionals and most revered men and women, shall never be seen as picking and eating fruits off a ‘Poison Tree.’ Biblically, it edifies that when ‘Adam and Eve’ was placed in the ‘Garden of Eden,’ something happened when they both yielded to temptation, and ate a fruit from the ‘Forbidden Tree’ [NIV: Genesis: 3: 1-6]. They had reportedly angered the ‘Lord’ who found them another place in which to dwell. These noble professionals may wish to learn from their biblical experience. The truth is, ‘Scripture and Medicine’ are really not the same.


From ‘Radio Observer to social media; and from ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ to the unified ‘Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis’ to the ‘United States of America,’ ‘Wealth Generation,’ has been among the most contentious subject ever to be discussed. It has provoked all kinds of confusion; …sparked heated discussions and prompted wild speculations.’ All that it has been about is ‘Wealth Generation.’ There have been ‘Radio Talk Show hosts with their views; …Social media followers; …Social justice advocates; …Street and Market vendors, and even my ‘Dead Granny.’ All have sought to taint the means of acquisition of wealth with either ‘Greed or Corruption.’


Lest it might be misconstrued, likened to other professionals and public officials, ‘Medical Practitioners’ shall not only seek to eke out a livelihood from their respective disciplines, but may also use ‘Creativity’ in ‘Generating Wealth,’ whether or not in a ‘Pandemic or Explosive Volcano.’ Conscious of human frailty and behavior that often leads to ‘Ministerial indiscretions, temptation and destruction, ‘Prime Minister Gaston Browne’ publicly admonished members of his administration that such ‘Creativity’ and such ‘Acquisitive Wealth’ shall not only pass the litmus test of ‘Legitimacy,’ but also shall withstand ‘Judicial Scrutiny.’ This is in the event of ‘Accusations of Malfeasance’ and investigative calls to the ‘Integrity Commission,’ seemingly given symbolic legislative status than for its intended purpose.


This has been a ‘Commission,’ not very well respected by ‘Radio Talk Show’ hosts and panelists. Thus, a Chairman crossing the ‘Line of Demarcation,’ runs the risk of incurring the wrath of the indomitable ‘Prime Minister Gaston Browne.’ As for ‘House Speaker, Sir Gerald Anderson Watt KCN, QPM,’ he would have no hesitation in describing the ‘Statutory Body’ as a ‘Moribund Commission.’ Its moribund membership will most certainly find themselves hopelessly and helplessly lingering at the ‘Threshold of Moribundancy.’  


None may deny that since the unforeseen and unwelcome arrival of the ‘Coronavirus-19 Pandemic,’ every ‘Medical Practitioner’ and ‘Healthcare Providers’ has been playing his/her part in the ‘National Life.’ Even so, some people appear to have become mortally afraid of some of these professionals than they have been to this dangerous, infectious disease. Many people are now hoping that responsible authorities will seek to address what has now been reasonably suspected as a thriving and lucrative ‘Fleecing Business.’ Many have seen this practice as; (a) ‘…Immoral; (b) …Professionally unethical: and (c) …Rife of criminality.’


Primarily, however, this commentary is based on confidential and privileged information and follow-up research. There have been no references to sources and identity, nor statistical data. Reasonable inferences might still be capable of being drawn that a very ‘Small Minority’ of ‘Medical Practitioners’ have been accused of ‘Fleecing ‘Asymptomatic’ Travellers’ for professional services provided to them. Consequent upon a practice, capable of being considered a crime against humanity and society, some unsuspecting ‘Internationally-Bound Travellers’ were said to have been left in a state of despondency and depression. financial woes and miseries.


As the ‘Pandemic,’ lingers on, and scientists speaks to ‘Variants,’ such as; (i) ‘…The Delta; and (ii) …Omicron,’ people, for either prevention or coercion for ‘Job Retention,’ continue to wend their way voluntarily to ‘Government-approve Private Medical Facilities.’ Still, as some continue to ponder over their fate, medical scientists and experts have argued that though both ‘Variants’ are infectious, one is more deadly, and the other spreads faster. The former, and deadliest, was said to be attacking the ‘Lungs,’ while latter attacks the ‘Upper air ways- nose, mouth and throat’ [Dr. James Knight: January 22, 2022]. This means that a common cold or influenza could be mistaken as being symptomatic of the infectious ‘Omicron Variant.’ Conversely, with difficulty breathing (inhaling or exhaling), this could also be assumed to be symptomatic of the ‘Delta Variant.’


That which has often been told, respect the status and clinical advice of ‘Medical Practitioners.’ None was personally sought, and none was given. Thus, taking no umbrage, and expressing no cynicism with the professional perspective of any ‘Medical Practitioner.’ For one ‘Deadly Injection’ could hear ‘Bells Toll’ for the author; …Charlesworth Tabor; …Health Minister and the Prime Minister,’ (only if the catch us, though). Given his distinguished professional medical career and practice, this perspective as provided by the ‘Good Doctor,’ not only is the information provided appear to have national benefit, but also shall be accorded medical and clinical merit.


It has been expressed by ‘Medical practitioners, healthcare providers,’ and ‘medically- advised public officials’ and led-to believe citizens,’ that a ‘Positive Covid-19 Test’ without prior symptoms, means ‘Asymptomatic.’  This appeared to have been the case of several persons, whether not they have undergone ‘Pre-Travel Covid Tests.’ For some inexplicable reason, the ‘Coronavirus-19’ only seem to have struck ‘Four Days’ as they sought to complete ‘Pre-Travel Covid-19 Formalities.’ Thus, visitor experience that may have been enjoyable, have, for some turned into frightening ‘Day and Nightmares.’


There has been unreported dissatisfaction by ‘Internationally-Bound Travellers.’ Such had reportedly surfaced as they proceeded with preparations for their departure from the ‘Less Covid-19 Spread Borders’ of the nation of ‘Antigua and Barbuda.’ Their travel experiences were said to have been marred after engaging the services of ‘Covid-19 Testing Practitioners.’  Though rampant, it was said not to have been a widespread practice among the ‘Medical Fraternity.’ On the first of the ‘Four Days’ ‘Covid-19 Test Teams,’ were reported to have provided them with nothing, but ‘Bad News.’


The practice of ‘Fleecing the Traveller’ was said to have been confined to a small minority of medical practitioners. Inaccessibility to statistical data has made it impossible to determine the scale and frequency of occurrences of such malpractice. The silent ‘Cries of Travelers’ was said to have been forced several into harboring the view that they are being ‘Fleeced’ by some ‘Covid Testing Medical Practitioners,’ abetted by ‘Healthcare staff.’ For these dissatisfied travellers, their gravest concern was said to be the ‘Preparatory Formalities.’ Several have complained of their experiences to residential families, their neighbors and friends. Having undergone ‘Pre-Travel Covid-19 Testing,’ the frequently declared ‘Positive Tests,’ have caused many to believe that the exercise, suggests that of a profit-making enterprise.


This has not only caused many ‘Immense Travel Frustration,’ but also; (a) ‘…Unexpected travel delays; (b) …Flight cancellations; (c) …Financial hardship resulting in additional unbudgeted expenses for; (i) ‘…Meals and accommodation: and (ii) …Ground and air transportation.’ These have been the recent practical experience of an ‘immediate neighbor.’ That which appeared mindboggling, if not, vexing and provocative to the ‘Human Spirit.’


That which shall be clearly understood, though not necessarily on ‘Bread Alone’ [KJV: Matthew 4: 4], in the real world and in a ‘Pandemic,’ by whatever means, legitimate or illegitimate, ‘Man Must Live’ [Alphonsus Cassell: Mighty Arrow: 1949-2010]. Aggrieved victims expressing strong feelings, hope that public administrators will move with expedition, with or without consultation’ in removing the ‘Vulture-like Appetite’ of those viewed as ‘Medical Racketeers.’ Though not necessarily the precise language of the ‘Constitution Order’ [No. 1106: 1981], none may deny its consistency with one of the principles on which this nation was founded.


Whether or not ‘Money’ might be reasonably inferred, the ‘Constitution Order’ does not give specifics as to ‘Happiness and Prosperity.’ Except ‘Scriptural Guidance’ [Ten Commandments], the ‘Constitutional Principle’ does not say how these might be achieved. The principle states; ‘…The people of ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ assert their conviction that their happiness and prosperity can be best pursued in a democratic society in which all persons may, to the extent of their capacity, play some part in the national life’ [CO: 1981: Principle: C].


While medical practitioners shall play their part as ‘Healthcare Providers’ and shall be satisfactorily remunerated, it is inexcusable for them, singularly or collectively to fleece the innocent and vulnerable. That said, it would appear that when travellers enter these borders and have presented ‘Verifiable Documentation of Full Vaccination’ from ports of departure, only when they preparing to depart these borders, they are told that they are infected with the ‘Coronavirus-19. While medical practitioners and healthcare professionals have used the word ‘Asymptomatic.’ That appeared to have been used, even when ‘Clinical Diagnostics’ or Laboratory Test’ appeared not to have been completed. This is so, even when symptoms of illness were observable


The travellers and ordinary citizens, possessing no medical or scientific knowledge were either left in; (a) ‘…A state of Confusion: or (b) …Forced into false sense of beliefs that may have been far removed from the true meaning of this medically-used word- ‘Asymptomatic.’ Aided by the explanation of ‘Medical Practitioner, Dr. James Knight,’ an understanding of the word speaks to it as; ‘…A person having or showing no symptoms.’ Instructively, he has further guided human understanding this way; ‘…One is considered ‘Asymptomatic’ if one has ‘Recovered’ from an illness or condition and no longer has symptoms.’ The operative word, ‘Recovered’ suggests that an infected person will have shown no symptoms of that which he/she had been medically determined as being so infected or afflicted.


Those that provided this definition may have been mindful that some professionals and some intellectuals may use the word in ways as to cause befuddlement of the mind. Those of inferior intellect, may simply not bothered over its meaning. Given such understanding, it seems not scientifically correct that a person, whether or not medically-qualified, could simply look at ‘an Unvaccinated’ person that shows no ‘Symptoms of Illness’ and determine his/her status to be; (a) ‘…Symptomatic; or (b) …Asymptomatic.’


Today, with the evolved ‘Variants,’ a common cold could be medically-considered an infection with ‘Covid-19.’ Then four or seven days later, persons could be declared ‘Asymptomatic’ and cleared for air travel. Since the arrival of the ‘Coronavirus-19 Pandemic’ to the region, it has; (a) ‘…Caused carnage upon human lives; (b) …Severely impacted the health, wellness and comfort of regional populations; (c) …Wreaked havoc on the fragile economies of impoverished island-nations.’ In addition to these, it has also provided opportunities for ‘Professional Crookedness.’ There have been reports of fleecing of society’s affluent and the vulnerable and indigent, as well as the ‘Innocent Travellers.’


Consequent upon the need to conduct more ‘Covid-19 Test,’ health authorities unabashedly sought help from several professionally-recognized private practice medical practitioners. Many practitioners will have seen this as an opportunity to ‘Help Humanity.’ From previous public grumbling, reasonable inferences may have been drawn that a handful would have been positioned to use their intellect and skill to remove ‘Fixed and Unfixed Sums’ from pockets and purses of those seeking medical advice and/or services of ‘Covid-19 Testing.’ These were to come with an unsuspecting and ‘Unfixed Price Tag.’


Thus, such tests or unrelated tests were to be paid by the ‘living, lame, sick and half-dead.’ Each was a ‘Potential Victim.’ Starved for scruples and professional ethics, a handful of those so approved to perform ‘Covid-19 Tests’ are alleged to have been religiously engaged in certain unprofessional practice. This minority group has not only been accused of plundering, but also racketeering.Some have not only been nationally known for exorbitant Billing, but also for their notoriety in ‘Fixing Medical Fees’ as to seen as ‘Fleecing.’ For instance, credibly sourced, and confidentially provided information revealed that among the ‘Depraved Minority Group,’ some have charged ‘Travelers’ between ‘EC$300 and EC$1, 370.00’ (US$500)’ for services related to ‘Pre-Travel Covid-19 Tests.


Incidentally, most of these ‘Covid-19 Tests’ have been conducted, either at ‘private medical clinics, offices or pre-arranged home visits.’ The irony of it all, is that it has been reliably informed and confidentially confirmed that the ‘Government of Antigua and Barbuda’ has also assisted with the provision of quotas of ‘Covid-19 Testing Kits’ to many privately-operated medical facilities.’ This was said to be intended for public convenience and ease of access to ‘Covid-19 Testing.


Even outside of a ‘Pandemic,’ man shall be given opportunities to legitimately engage himself productively. This necessarily means the creation of an environment for him to earn and improve his/her quality of life. In respect to ‘Fleecing,’ this has been defined as a person, either disguisedly or deceptively obtaining a great deal of money by; (a) ‘Overcharging; or (b) …Swindling.’ For this commentary, the former is used as it pertains to the questionable practice reportedly being extended during the ‘Coronavirus-19 Pandemic.’


Likened to the ‘Fully Vaccinated’ Tourists and nationals residing in the Diaspora, citizens with no record of travel, have been accused of rapidly spreading the virus among family members and general public. Since the arrival and availability of the ‘World Health Organization (WHO)’ approved vaccinations, citizens have shown great reluctance and/or defiance in submitting themselves to be inoculated. On some news portals, it was reported that more than half or less than half of regional populations have either ‘Volunteered’ or given incentives of one kind or another to be vaccinated.


A neighbor, owner/occupier of a reasonably large premises in his country of domicile, opted to reside in the ‘Diaspora.’ Returning fully tested before travelling from the ‘United States’ to his home-country, ‘Antigua and Barbuda’ [November 2021], he dwelled in virtual isolation. He was either in possession of a manually-pushed lawn mower or driving on his mechanically-propelled mower cutting his lawn. Almost daily,’ he could be seen on his premises, and without gatherings. Observably, he followed the ‘Government’s Protocols’ as stipulated by its ‘Covid-19 Regulations.’ He was neither seen, nor heard sneezing or coughing, and had not complained of feeling ill. Seemingly, a depicted sign of good health, he could be seen in the morning up to the midday sun. This was not to be.


Speaking to his reported experiences, he had been fully compliant with stipulated ‘Entry Requirements.’ He informed that he had presented to ‘Health officials’ at the ‘VC. Bird International Airport (VCBIA),’ a ‘United States’ officially-issued ‘Verifiable Documentation of Full Vaccination’ [Health Travel Advisory: 2021]. In a state of despondency, he confirmed his submission to a ‘Pre-Travel Covid-19 Test’ at his home. There and then, he was informed that he has been ‘Covid-19 Positive.’ A few days later, a ‘Support Staff’ at a privately-owned and operated medical facility informed him that he was ‘Covid-19 Negative,’ and cleared for travel to the ‘United States’ [January 2022].


Undoubtedly, this may have serious implications for the nation’s image abroad and of course, the ‘Tourism-based Economy.’ Less they might be seen as reckless not to know, that which ‘Tourism officials and Health Authorities’ shall know, is that an online ‘International Travel Advisory’ has electronically warned ‘Internationally-Bound Travellers;’ ‘…Do not travel to Antigua and Barbuda as even the fully vaccinated risked being infected with the virus’ [Health Travel].


It may very well have been such ‘Advisory’ and/or some other reasons that after a ‘Non-Laboratory Covid-19 Tests,’ several ‘Travellers’ had been advised that they have been ‘Tested Positive’ with the Virus. Guided by the ‘Research Conversation’ and that which was gleaned and grasped, ‘Dr. James Knight’ speaks to the possibility of some ‘Machine Tests’ may also show either; (a) ‘…False Positive; or (b) …False Negative.’ Lending further enlightenment, he said that such tests could also be looked at from a clinical perspective. In the former, research show that such is possible when ‘screening large population with low prevalence of Covid-19 infection.’


The ‘Unvaccinated’ have taken the ‘Brunt of Attack’ by both medical professionals and non-medical officials. Still there were others that were coerced or mandated by ‘Government Statutory Instruments’ to ‘Take the Vaccine Jabs’ or ‘Lose their Jobs.’ This situation was obtained in several regional countries, including those of the ‘Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).’ The impact of such hard-lined positions, not only means immense difficulties of sustenance and survival without employment, but also earning and having access to a sufficiency of disposable income.


As it affects the effective control of the spread of the ‘Coronavirus-19’ in the workplace. it became a mandatory requirement that if public and private sector employees wish to remain gainfully employed, or to retain their jobs, they are to show ‘Proof of Vaccination.’ Then there were those people who had expressed great misgivings. In these sectors, the majority of the employees appeared timid over the inoculation with vaccines that have been developed with indecent haste. Even so, there has been the persistent urge for every person to be vaccinated to lessen the risk to ‘Exposure; …Infection; …Hospitalization and…Death.


Consequent upon this policy, many citizens have expressed opposition to the ‘Mandatory Vaccine Requirement.’ Many participated in public protestations. There have been public ranting and raging. In some instances, protestors had incurred the wrath of Police officers specially and tactically trained to quell riotous street conduct. The defiant protesters were not only tear-gassed, but have also sustained ‘rubber-bullet injuries’ [Observer: August 8, 2021].


Even as the inoculation exercises have almost slowly ground to a non-screeching halt, the relevant authority continues its ‘Vaccination Thrust.’ This is with the view of achieving ‘Population Immunity.’ Ironically, when the ‘Coronavirus-19’ began its attack on the ‘Double-Dosed Vaccinated citizens,’ the hesitant ‘Unvaccinated’ became even more apprehensive. When it reportedly visited; (i) ‘…An 11-member family; (ii) …Members of Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s office Staff; (iii) …Members of his Cabinet; and subsequently; (iv) …His Chief of Staff, Lionel ‘Max’ Hurst, these infectious visitations appeared to have further stiffened citizen’s resistance. In spite of this, with a ‘National Population’ of ’99, 209 people’ [Worldometer:1950 – 2020], some ’63, 142 persons’ have reportedly been vaccinated. In percentage term, this was said to represent ’64.07%’ of the population [Covidvax. Live: January 21, 2022]. Apart from citizen reluctance, the governing administration shall now take into consideration the ‘Travellers Cries’ and shall seek to bring respite to those leaving the now ‘Less-Covid infected Destination.’ More importantly, the powers-that-be, may wish to focus attention on the unofficially reported experience of the ‘Internationally-Bound Travellers.’ They may also wish to rein in the handful of ‘Medial Practitioners’ that are reasonably suspected of engaging in practices akin to corruption and/or conduct bordering criminality. **

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      If you believe ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ is ‘…Man’s Enemy,’ Yah lie like hell.

      Always heard ‘…IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY.’

      No! Don’t read. Screw up your darn face.

      Not ah darn ting to ‘…Rawlston Pompey.’

      Buy ‘…SHORT STORY BOOKS’ for the children.

      One by ‘…J.O. CUTTERIDGE’ that says ‘…A COW JUMPED OVER THE MOON.’

      And see if they wont come out exactly like yon.


      Blessed Monday, though.

    • I understand. A lot of intelligent people will. It’s the first one I read for the day, and it may be the only one. Yes, it is long but look at the content. Try my friend nothing good is ever easy. for if the Government had Mr. Pompey as an adviser, we would be better off. Not that they would listen. He is impartial, respectful and straight up. Check him out.

  1. Excellent Excellent Excellent

    Dr Sanchez has the least expensive C19 test at $100.00bper test.

    Imagine since the travel protocols wee put in place and let’s say 200, 000 tourists visited the island each requiring a C19 test to return home, that’s 200k x $300.00 = $60,000,00.00

    That was C19 tests for visitors alone.

  2. Well no idea what this article means, but something needs to be done about the testing scandal. The government is preventing pharmacies selling cheap at home Covid tests so the hospital and local doctors can charge over $100 for a test which costs a few dollars at most. The more testing the better we control the spread of the virus but because these people want to profit the virus surge is being made worse

  3. Pompey, again yet again COVID-19 war is about #Money, #Mo Money and #Only Money, and as with any war, HUEmans are the victims and casualties of war.

    • @Ras Smood, you called it. Nothing but a massive transfer of wealth to the rich was Covid19. And the small time, low life scammers with a title (actually believes they deserve respect based on their title, with no character) in Antigua, took their cue from the “enrich yourself” statement and did exactly that. I will share this commentary on every social media platform, and any other place it can be posted to expose this (what should be a crime) to the world.

      • @Cannabis Indica…”when they have power and authority, they don’t give a damn about no body, any body, nobody!”

        Hold de #faith firm!

    • Ras, everything is about money. Yet millions die and that matters to many. Hospitals and medical staff are still overwhelmed. For some everything will always be about money. It will also be about many other things to many other people. My brother around the corner lost his wife both loaded but meaningless to him

      • @Skyewill…Everything that you mention pertains to #Wars, rumors of #Wars and those Generals in the War Room could careless about the casualties and deaths, as they follow the Orders of their #Sponsors(Medium’s, Oligarchs, Plutocrats, Dicktakers, Tyrants).

        Thus far, this phase of The Great Leap Forward(war) haven’t even come close to the 50 plus Millions of People that got killed and the tens of millions who became casualties, in an earlier phase of the Great Leap Forward.

        No! Everything is not about money! This is the #Illusion which they use to indoctrinate the #Chattel, thus creating #Class and #Caste.
        If money was everything, only the poor would be dying and the rich would be on their Mega Yachts partying like it’s the Roaring 20’s on #Mollies!

  4. Please, work your way through this long article by Rawlston Pompey. It is well worth the read and makes some excellent points that everyone needs to consider.

    One comment I’d like to make on this subject: “Asymptomatic” is a MADE UP word meant to IMO to bamboozle the public. Before the ‘pandemic’ the word used instead of asymptomatic was HEALTHY.

  5. The article is too long winded, the point is lost in Mr. Pompey liking to hear himself. To his credit, thanks for bringing the issue to the news cycle. It is a national disgrace that the ABLP allow this great RIPOFF of the citizenry. Maybe KICKBACKS are being spread around.


      Some people lack the capacity in enlightening others.

      Some make no meaningful contribution.

      Some don’t like ‘…READING’

      Some lack ‘…Attention Span.’

      Some lack understanding,

      Some only look for reasons to criticize, while

      Some only complain.

      This commenter is ‘NOT’ alone.

      ‘…Irrespective of your intelligence, ‘…Have taken the position ‘…NOT TO ARGUE WITH ANY PEACOCK or PEAHEN.’

      Protect yourself from: (i) ‘…Covid-19 and its Variants: and (ii) …Anyone that ‘…FLEECES.’

      WALK GOOD.

  6. Yep some persons are minting it. Covid has provied them, practically a money printing press. Thing is, its known that especially antigen tests are not 100 percent accurate (epeciallly when you are asymtmaitc, but its better than guessing

  7. It’s nice to see an article bringing awareness to this issue.

    I just returned from vacation with my family of 4 where the children tested positive for COVID on the second day. We immediately quarantined the entire family and made arrangements for food delivery for the duration of our quarantine which ended up being 10 days.

    We called a local medical clinic to make arrangements for in-home rapid antigen tests because we wanted to make sure we followed the right process and we took all of the necessary steps. We were given a lot of bad advice and mis-information and we were encouraged to take multiple tests, when they were not always required. In fact, we ended up spending over $7000 EC for COVID tests (RAT and PCR) and there was definitely some questionable transactions (I wont get into the details).

    If anyone is faced with the same situation, I would strongly recommend connecting with your consulate or embassy to ensure you are getting accurate information. Fortunately, the kids bounced back and we were able to return home safely. But $7000+ EC for testing seemed a little ridiculous.

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