Five New Roundabouts Coming Soon


Five new roundabouts are to be installed in Antigua & Barbuda as part of ongoing work on two major highways.

Two will be installed on the Sir George Walter Highway and three on Friars Hill Road.

Temporary markings have already been placed in at least two of the sites where the permanent roundabouts will be installed.

“The purpose of this to to get the public to begin to think differently and begin to change our behaviour as it relates to the use of roundabouts,” said Shawn Thomas, Communications Officer for the Ministry of Works.

It is expected that the roundabouts will help to improve the flow of traffic.

They are being installed as part of UK grant funding to rehabilitate the two highways.

When completed lights will be installed and flowers will be planted in the middle of the roundabouts.




  1. Install proper temporary WARNING/INSTRUCTION signs please.

    Simply painting markings in the road at the entrance to the airport, without also installing proper temporary WARNING/INSTRUCTION signs, as was done at the Friar’s Hill/Cedar Grove Main Road junction, IS GOING TO CAUSE MANY ACCIDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!
    1) The drivers coming from the north/Coolidge area need to be aware that they ALL MUST conform to the roundabout routing. Those of us that recognize what is intended (and actually try to comply with instructions) and thus first angle left (as if we are turning in to the airport) to follow the route, and then angle right to go around the roundabout marking, are in danger of being hit TWICE:
    Firstly, by those coming out of the airport and are rushing to get on to the main road without realizing that they must GIVE WAY to those of us who are following the roundabout route and thus will be turning across them to continue around the circle;
    And secondly, by those who are coming from Coolidge behind us and, as we first angle left to follow the new route, simply drive STRAIGHT ACROSS the across the roundabout marking and continue on the main road as usual.
    As were are having to watch for those coming out of the airport to ensure that they are giving way to us, we are suddenly passed on our right side as we are transitioning back on to the main road, by the vehicle(s) that were behind us coming from Coolidge.

    2) The drivers coming from the airport must be CLEARLY notified/INSTRUCTED that the roundabout is ahead and that they must give way to traffic that is transitioning the roundabout route.

    • The drivers coming from the airport side should know by now how to work around a roundabout because we’ve been using roundabouts in Antigua for a long time. They insist on going through and not giving way to traffic coming from the Coolidge area.

  2. ANR. It would’ve been helpful to inform where the other 3 will be located. I am guessing Scruggs or Dees gas station on Sir George and Cedar Valley road junction on Friars hill but where do the other go.

    • Friars hill road, one at govener generals/YMCA corner, and another at premier beverages.

      Airport road, another at Ace enterprises.

  3. Very good. Roundabouts will certainly help to ease the flow of traffic. All people need to remember the golden rule at a roundabout is to give way to all and any traffic approaching from your right side … It will work beautifully….

  4. I am often hearing and reading that drivers don’t k now how to use a roundabout. There has been roundabouts on our roadways for decades. There are two issues 1: communication, communication does not mean I sent a message but it also has to mean we received your message, and 2. Our driving is appalling, between speeding, racing through red lights and STOP signs, the roadway is a war zone. I look forward to the day when the roundabouts are all completed. Drivers will either comply or end up through them like one did a few years back near the ARG.

  5. Pave the roads properly, it seems no one on the island knows how to do this.
    Also you had to get a grant from the UK for this, with this PM taking all the Money
    You’ve become a nation of Beggars.

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