Five Million Dollars More Needed For Housing Project

National Housing Homes Are Also Being Constructed At Cooks

The National Housing and Urban Renewal Company is expressing the need for more than $5 million dollars, in order to complete the 160 houses at Paynters and 150 homes at Denfields.

Officials from the company were invited to Cabinet to explain their need on Wednesday.

They explained that the two projects have been slowed by infrastructural shortcomings.

The projects require paved roads, piped water, street lights, underground electricity, and fiber optic cables for telephones and Internet.

All the necessary supplies have been purchased, Cabinet was informed, but the demand on the government agencies from other customers has been unrelenting.

“However, in the weeks ahead, the APUA and Public Works will intensify their work at these two sites so that the houses can be turned-over to their buyers,” notes from Cabinet revealed.

There was also a discussion about productivity, and managers assured Cabinet that more will be achieved.

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  1. Are we going down the same road as the ADOMS building here. I keep saying but no is listening. The project need a qualified financial controller. One that has the experience to monitor projects as they build them brick by brick. And they need to present these progress reports to the Cabinet each month. It should not be that when you come to the end you suddenly realize that you need more money. That is something you should forecast from day one step by step. It is called Budget vs Actual vs. Progress to date. I have been to the sites on many times and guys that know me have always complained to me that there is no proper control on the job and that material is walking of the job. I have suggested that Antigua has the expert that used to work for Stanford. They have done all of this before. The have build the Cedar Valley Spring housing project and many other project for Allen Stanford. Why not utilize the skills that we have in this country. And you have accountants that use to keep track of every dollar spend. I will not call them by name but it is not difficult to find them. These project is becoming a bottomless pit and soon the PM will catch himself royally.

    • You are correct comrade , these projects need better management so that friend and company do not misuse the resources, but we are living in the Caribbean after all.

  2. ha ha ha
    you dont know how alp operate
    the cost overruns are not only allowed but deliberate that is how the comrades are rewarded within the creative enrichment program
    why you think us and EU dont give us any money anymore unless they are supervising
    antigua is a tiefing country one set a people pay taxes and the small minority tief the taxpayers money and enrich demself
    the pm alright he done set up and he no kay

  3. What is it about this $5m thing. Everytime you hear about money needed it is $5m.
    Was a budget and signed contracts put in place? Who is accountable to whom and have to explain any cost overruns. Until proper controls are enforced, the people’s money are in for a rough ride out the window.

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