Five Million Dollar Cocaine Bust In Urlings


On Thursday 28th March 2019, the Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Policy (ONDCP) together with officers from the Customs and Excise Enforcement Department and the K9 Unit of the Royal Police Force Antigua & Barbuda were on a joint patrol on the southern side of the Island.

While in the vicinity of Urlings Wharf, officers observed an individual acting suspiciously. As officers approached the individual, he ran and disappeared into the mangrove.

While in pursuit, officers discovered several crocus bags scattered around the swampy area on the eastern side of the wharf.

The crocus bags contained 123 brick like packages of the controlled substance cocaine, weighing approximately 142 Kgs.

The substance carries an estimated wholesale value of Four Million, Nine Hundred and Eighty Thousand Dollars (EC $4,980,000) or One Million Eight Hundred Forty-six Thousand Dollars ($1,846,000 USD).

Investigations are continuing.

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  1. When this happens it seems as if the perpetrator is known and they only want to disrupt the transaction. Why not coupe the man dem and then catch someone on the road of with it in hand or at them yard. Then you can serve a warrant and gather some real Police intel. I just dont get it …..

  2. It belongs to them, talking about they were on a joint patrol oh please. That is just a cover up to bring in them goods but let’s see if/ how they going dispose of them. Often times you see or heard about these kind of things and the end result no one knows but a poor local man/men end up doing time for the bigger HEADS!!

  3. My greatest concern is that these are the ones they intercept. You can imagine the amounts that passed without interception. In a country with such porous borders, it’s gonna be hard to completely eliminate this but clearly, we need to strengthen the capability of the coast guard in order to prevent or at least minimize this.

    Government recently amended lays to allow for anyone to have and use at least 15 grams of marijuana in their possession and to grow up to 4 plants. I am so worried about our children and what this would do to them.

    Curiosity is a natural part of life and teenagers are not immune to the urge. Many teens begin experimenting with marijuana simply because they are curious and want to know what it feels like. As teenagers, they have the delusion that they are invincible. Even if they know that drugs and smoking generally is bad, they don’t believe that anything bad can actually happen to them. Educating your child on the repercussions of drug and abuse may extinguish this curiosity. They start with marijuana which is easy to get and gradually move up to cocaine which is on the rise.

    It is because of the demand for cocaine that we are now seeing a rise in the interdiction of the said drug. It is becoming far more widespread in its use in Antigua and Barbuda today, and that accounts for the great amounts that are imported.

    May the Lord Help Us!

  4. Somebody is going to “pay” for this, and you can count on it. The dealers/owners better run run run. There will be hells to pay.

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