Fitzroy congratulates Dwayne George

George/Wayne Mariette photo
Dear Mr. George,
 Congratulations to you for a job well done! 
 You must be highly commended for the spirit & fight you demonstrated against Shuggy in the just concluded bi-election. 
 The fact of the matter is that you went into the election fight as the underdog. Obviously, you had a few forces going against you, placing you at a psychological disadvantage.
 First, you were forced to leave a political party that you had strong allegiance to, but unfortunately, your worth was not recognized and at the same time you were betrayed, stabbed & mistreated by those in the hierarchy. Hence, to maintain your sanity & pride, similar to many other UPP members, you jumped ship. 
 Secondly, you had to increase your personal defence & become immune to the ill names castigated at you because of the decision you made to jump ship. Finally, you had very little time to prepare and you had to join the incumbent political team (ABLP) whose members had mixed feelings of your presence being onboard with them, since you came from a political camp that accommodated their political enemies with whom you were once hand in gloves with.
 Now with that been said, besides your ability of demonstrating your qualities of being a great leader and an asset to any organization, you showed to the nation, your astute character, your mental & psychological strength, your tenacity and your resilience of overcoming whatever adversities & adversaries that confronted you. 
 Surprisingly & interestingly so, Mr. Winston Henry, who is a political enemy of ABLP and who also tags himself as a political analyst along with Mr. Dave Lester Payne, one of the managers of the Observer radio station which is aligned with UPP, commended you highly for the outcome of your performance as they were commentating the counting of the ballads.
 It was very evident that both individuals ( Winston & Lester ) were not too impressed with the outcome of Shuggy’s results. Hence, there was nothing much to smile about. The final data clearly showed that Shuggy’s works were effortless.  
 Similar to UPP’s hierarchy & supporters, the two commentators expected Shuggy to win the election convincingly with about 350 to 400 votes more than you, since he was leading you with the 199 votes that he won by from the January’s election. Dissapointingly, his numbers dwindled making it obvious that you clipped his wing thus causing him to lose support. 
 It is my view that if the Labourites had put aside their differences & gird their loins & join the battle to demonstrate their national & civic pride, the results would certainly be in your favour. In addition, I will also hasten to add that if the PM had curtailed a little in micro managing & allowing his emotions to take the best of him then Shuggy definitely would not be a match for you.
 Of course, the Labourites should learn from this mistake & realize whenever their political team is on the battle field they need to fully support each other regardless of whatever underlying concerns they may have and hence, use a different forum to do their house keeping.
 Once again, congrats to you Senator Dwayne George for a job well done. You represented ABLP well. You have also made all Antiguans proud. Inspite of losing the election, you still ended up as a winner. You are now a well deserving Junior Minister in the Ministry of Finance, a position that will be envied by your political foes.  Definitely, your future in the political arena looks extremely bright. 
God bless!!

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  1. An excellent job in 9 weeks! Big up ya self HON. DWAYNE GEORGE, Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Corporate Governance and Public Private Partnerships!

    You are the REAL WINNER. Back to Parliament (upper house) and Gaining experience working as a Junior MINISTER in a ministry!

    Blessings on top of blessings. You get 2 bites of the cherry HON. Dwayne George

    • @ Really delusional

      All you Gastonites can jump high and jump low with his spin, but here is another analysis: what was the cost of 29 votes?

      $5,000,000/29= $172,413.79 per voter!!!! WOW

    • @Really. Yes he did an excellent job in nine weeks. I guess Samantha marshall did a wonderful job in nine years. Did you congratulate her when she lost? Harold lovell lost by thirteen votes. Did you congratulate him?? By the way, is it the norm to congratulate a loser and in the same breath critisize the winner in a race?
      Another question, how comfortable do you feel to have so many UPP ‘stalwarts’ in your midst? Did you take time to listen to Dwayne George’s ‘concession’ speech? No wonders teachers have such a hard time with children in schools. With ‘forward-thinkiing’ parents like you, there’s no foundation.

    • @ “Really” dunce…. reality check; wipe your tears son. Kelvin Shuggy Simon is in the upper house and waittttttttt forrrrr itttttttt…… where is boy George? Oh there he is watching Parliament from his TV set lolol

    • May I remind the ABLP acolytes and Gastonites, that Dwayne George actually LOST!


      And what the Honourable Kelvin Shuggy Simon actually did by this colossus WIN, was OPEN the door to better politics and political discourse in future General Elections and by-elections.

      With that being said, Mr Simon is also making accessibility and accountability the norm for the electorate.

      A real pity that DULLARDS like @ Fitzroy, Really and Hmmmmm can’t/or don’t want to see that!

      Remember, 40 wasted years of Birdism and Browneism soon done, and there will be a NEW dawn in a few years not DECADES.Tarl!

      The wind of political change commenced in St Mary’s South. Beautiful, just beautiful …

      • @ Brixtonian: You seem to be a person who is very verbose in your deliveries perhaps to try to impress your audience……. Perhaps you should change it. Your strategy is not working.

        Fitzroy seems to be presenting the FACTS at all times and it seems as though the FACTS aggravates you and the other BLUE FLIES buzzing around.

        You mentioned ” The wind of political change commenced in St Mary’s South. Beautiful, just beautiful …”. Are you referring to the political change as your consent for a prospective candidate to be DECEPTIVE and IN VIOLATION of the constitution? Wasn’t Shugy guilty of such? Just asking u a question.

        • For goodness sake @ Bluddy, what are you trying to say? Mek sense nah man!

          And by the way, what you see as “verbose”, comes absolutely NATURAL to the well educated – try it sometime.


          May she rest in everlasting peace 🙏🏽

          • … furthermore, if a Caucasian was expressing themselves likewise, you wouldn’t say a word or even bat an eyelid.

            I’m proud of – most – well educated Antiguans (whatever their political colours), because it’s a hard road to travel.

            Aren’t you?

          • Well said Brixtonian. The dunce laborites hate u because they can’t challenge u intellectually. They’re just a bunch of noise makers who lies at any given chance.

        • @ Bluddy Joke and Bluddy delusional

          Really delusional

          All you Gastonites can jump high and jump low with his spin, but here is another analysis: what was the cost of 29 votes?

          $5,000,000/29= $172,413.79 per voter!!!! WOW

  2. God is not a God of confusion
    Fitzroy you know as well as everyone else there was a lot of money floating around , Shugy did not offer any monetary gifts for X
    In four years gods willing you will see him win again .
    If you need to talk your garbage you cannot stop the almighty ……we will see the outcome

  3. Congrats to Dwayne George on your new appointment. I’m so happy for you much love & blessings.🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️🎉🎊 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  4. “The final data clearly showed that Shuggy’s works were effortless.” EFFORTLESS? The man won the election! Fitzroy, do the decent thing and offer sincere congratulations to Shuggy for having won the night. Be fair and be gracious rather than a political hack.

  5. Mr. Dwayne George is the REAL WINNER in the end. He is the LAST MAN STANDING! Congratulations Mr. Economist, PRO Bodybuilder, Community Activist, People Lover, Hard Worker and MINISTER OF STATE. Continue to SERVE the PEOPLE of sms and Antigua Barbuda

  6. This commentary is proof positive of the very accurate analysis of the electoral panelists post mortem of the bi-election.

    • @ Licrish for punishment

      Really delusional

      All you Gastonites can jump high and jump low with his spin, but here is another analysis: what was the cost of 29 votes?

      $5,000,000/29= $172,413.79 per voter!!!! WOW


    They are regrouping again, like fast multiplying micro-organisms – by the way, where’s my PETRI DISHES?

  8. Fitzroy you sounds so shit up, get your facts straight before you start to put pen to paper. Confounded liar like Dwayne judas.

  9. How can you say that shuggy numbers dwindled when he got more votes in October than in January. SMH. These spin doctors

  10. Alp had a Dwayne George had a buy election, shuggy had a honest election, and he campaign, gaston on the other hand campaign and pay for votes, not forgetting the giveaways. Pm thanks for the $500.

  11. Congrats to both young men. They are both a part of our legislative branch of government, with the second place winner being positioned in our executive branch.

    Even though Simon regained his original status as the incumbent, this proves that George made a smart choice to defect to the ABLP, as it would be his only chance to become a public servant in these times of his youth.

    He can show his currency over the next few years.

    Despite the vitriolic campaign, we should all be proud of them both. Let’s move forward to build a better community where the constituents will be lifted up and have to opportunities available to them.
    God bless Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬

  12. Well done Lovel the ABLP stole the election and you lost by 6 votes!

    George lost by 174 votes despite alot of spent and get a passing grade.

    A student did 9 cxc subject and get all upgraded and the teacher said well done. I don’t understand

    • The minions are really delusional

      All you Gastonites can jump high and jump low with his spin, but here is another analysis: what was the cost of 29 votes?

      $5,000,000/29= $172,413.79 per voter!!!! WOW

  13. Dwayne George got 29 more votes than Samantha and 29 x times more resources and attention than Samantha. Labour people are big propagandists. They are masters of manipulation!

  14. George did not win the election on the 24th of October.You lick arses of Gaston.Could twists it,hug it,kiss it.He did not win that election.He would become a Junior Minister in that Finance Ministry.That was promise to him by the TAP DAWG.So while he is going to make a decent salary.Many of you would be standing on the corners still begging wearing your red colors with white cornered mouths.Think about that.

  15. I do have to say it takes a lot of guts to leave one party and go to another within a short time, to be a candidate. This was an invitation for abuse and he knew this but still proceeded. If he did so to achieve something honorable, I genuinely applaud him.

    He did sacrificed a lot, and if the position is available and he qualifies, I am in support of him getting this as he qualified and he did make a sacrifice to leave a party to be in another party.

    I do wish him well. I will also say I wish Mr. Simon well also because his success, will be the success for the SMS and Antigua and Barbuda, if we are referring to success that is honorable.

    The political party of ABLP also owes so much to the people of St. Mary’s South, especially my village of Bolans, for accepting Mr. George in the capacity they did, knowing the facts of how it occurred.

    Treat your supporters ABLP, they deserve it. Allow me to do what I can to reward Bolans with their own village trust with $100,000, and access to various resources. That i want to provide with nothing being asked for in return. I am convinced I need and want to do this.

  16. Could someone on the ground in Antigua,tell me.Where did all of this political hatred came about.Where and when did it all begin.When I lived in Antigua many,many moons ago.The supporters from both political sides got along.There was not all of the vitriol and assassinations of characters for politics.One of the many things I have seen on this portal.There seems to be many Political Spinners on here.In the Election that took place 2 days ago.The winner was Kelvin Simon.It was not Dwayne George.It is a beautiful day of 52 degrees in Bern.

  17. Dwayne George left standing in pride but Shuggy left standing in dismay.Keep humble Dwayne and teach Shuggy to be humble.

    Just finshed watching the swearing-in ceremony at Government House for the newly appointed HONOURABLE DWAYNE MUSTAFA GEORGE as MINISTER OF STATE IN FINANCE!


  18. I’m so happy for this hard working young man congratulations to you again DWAYNE GEORGE 🙏🇦🇬

  19. it’s a Blessed afternoon in Antigua,Where a Young Man from Humble beginnings,a young man who have made is mark in the political Arena,The Honorable Minister Dwayne .K.M. George is counted amongst the Best Politicians that Antigua and Barbuda have ever produced in his time.Congratulations to the ABLP and the Best Prime Minister the Honorable Gaston Browne,May God continue to bless you with wisdom

    • Next he will be knighted.

      Where did Dwayne $25K George get the money to bribe voters?

      Can’t wait for GAsston Browne to knight another corrupt politician. Antigua getting mash up.

  20. Is it that all the ALP commentators on this page are incompetent, useless and worthless, why they have all been ignored for dishonest, deceptive UPP flip-flops? After all the verbal ridicule and abuse thrown at NERO and the Labour Party about him being ‘taken down ‘ by ‘Bo Boy’ and ‘The Lanny Bozo’ and ‘Goat Inna Garden ‘issue by his Radio Station Official and nasty commentaries by Donna,Winston, Lammin and now ,Dwayne, he’s making it known that he feels comfortable with them, even though he knows that they are still the enemy; he can’t trust you fellas and that’s why he has you doing earth work.

  21. Now that the people have spoken, it’s time to find out the source of the $25,000 Dwayne George that he tried to bribe for votes. We have to disclose our funds before we can deposit into the bank. Politicians should be held to the same standard if not a higher standard.

    Time to stop the rules for we and different rules for them.

    Calling on all legal folks and bodies to investigate the source of the $25,000.00 Dwayne George came into. Transparency is of utmost importance.

  22. To me George win no matter what because not only that he is a Senator he also a Jr minister in the ministry of finance! What exactly did shugy get other than a free salary for the next 4 and a half year

    • “What exactly did shug get[?] …”

      @ Gay (intriguing moniker by the way), it’s not about what shugy got, it is what he did for all Antiguans who wants their issues and causes represented by ELECTED politicians.

      The Honourable Kelvin Shugy Simon planted the “green shoots” of honesty and integrity back into Antiguan politics.

      Prior to the run-up of the St Mary’s South by-election, concerned Antiguans were very worried about transparency, accountability and truthfulness not forthcoming from Gaston Browne and the ABLP.

      Politics in this country was slipping and sliding into the gutter, and many of us didn’t like what we were witnessing.

      Hopefully, the shugy’s green shoots will blossom by 2028. Can’t wait!

      You ABLP acolytes just can’t see the bigger – long term – picture.for the country.


    • Nobody ever voted for Judas to be in the senate or the finance ministry; he was rewarded for his corrupt skills. After the heavy trashing at the hands of sensible constituents of SMS, we heard absolutely nothing from the janitors of the party; you were all shocked and most were crying but NERO barked the command today, now you have come out with full force, sweeping and mopping. You are still so confused that you don’t understand that Judas, Samantha, NERO and the ALP lost the same seat twice in nine months. NERO almost overdosed on Risperdal.

  23. In the space of 10 months Gaston get 2 loosers in his Government two!!!
    When he kick out Weston saying no loosers allowed hahhahahahha. Now a Government full of loosers and back stabbed. Enjoy your winings it will not last because you did not get it honestly.
    Look how them flip floppers UPP narga advancing over them Gastonites/labourites.
    You have made your bed boy George now lay in it, be careful like former friends of the top dog you no get set up for go jail.

  24. I don’t care what ” the man called George” win at, as long as he did not win the SMS seat, and that’s a loss for Gatson Browne as his big mouth. The more he loses, it’s the better for Antigua, and that’s the only future I’m concerned about.

    So you’ll keep talking.

  25. Gaston Browne should add “dumpster diving” to his credentials. He is trying his best to turn UPP trash into treasure. He can clean them up, paint them up and polish them up, but he can’t increase their value. These damaged goods lack integrity and therefore lack value. The people are getting better at recognizing Gaston’s fake goods.

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