Fisherman Urges Nationals Against Catching Undersized Lobsters


A fisherman from the Northeast coast says he caught three Chinese nationals fishing for undersized lobster at Claxtons Bay, thereby breaking the law and Fisheries Regulations.

Captain Aldrick Nicholas of Seatons revealed that he spotted the men taking tiny lobsters – as small as shrimp – from the water. He says he could not understand why they were removing the sea creatures, since they were too small to be sold.

Under the Regulations, which came into force on February 1, 2013, “undersize lobsters, or lobsters with a body length of less than 3¾ inches, or weighing less than 1½ pounds, must be thrown back into the sea undamaged” if caught.

Nicholas says he did not notify the authorities about what he had witnessed; however, he says he did warn the Chinese not to return to the area to remove lobsters of that size.

Captain Nicholas says this is not the first time he has seen this type of behaviour from Chinese nationals with other sea creatures.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Fisheries Officer Tricia Lovell tells our News Department that any lobster that is the size of a shrimp should not be removed from the water.

The closed season for lobster runs between May 1 and June 30 annually. During this time, persons are not permitted to catch, sell, buy or keep any Caribbean spiny lobsters.

Other marine creatures, including turtles and conch, in addition to parrotfish, coral, cockles, whelk and sea egg, are protected in the Regulations under comprehensive conservation measures.

The authorities introduced closed seasons for certain species in order to protect them during their breeding season. There is also legislation that protects animals that have not yet grown to full size.



  1. Who are these CHINESE national fishing in our waters. Are these Antiguan citizens? Otherwise, why are they here and how did they get in? We need answers. if they are illegals turn them over to the Chinese embassy for deportation.

    • There are hundreds of Chinese in Antigua.They are working at the Port and at Yida.They are also working on that Chinese Fortress at Marble Hill.

  2. I would report them but not because they are Chinese, but because they are breaking the law. They know better. Commonsense alone will tell you they are too small and shouldn’t be taken.

  3. Wow. Should get the full book at them. We fight our own brothers and sisters and let these mad people get away.

  4. As far as i see the Chinese, Jamaican, Spanish, Guyanese, Syrians and White rich people do as dem like in Antigua and the Antiguans say nothing…… Antiguans really at the back of the bus. Check it out all Antiguans just do is talk no action… HELP!

  5. This Captain made a huge mistake by not reporting them.Regardless of their origins.They should have been reported to the proper authority.The Chinese eats everything from the sea.They do not care about the sizes of that creature.They do not follow any rules and or regulations.Then when they are caught.They would play stupid.Like,no understand English.In Antigua they would get away with it.Some weeks ago,I read where local fishermen were caught with some types of fishes out of season.They were fined by Fisheries Dept.The laws of land needs to apply applicably to all and sundry.

  6. Truth be told, many Chinese do not respect black people and their country. Look at all the destruction to the environment they are doing in Africa with their illegal mining for gold and precious metals. Do you think black people could go to China and behave like this? They would be jailed. The government needs to want the Chinese about respecting the laws of Antigua and if they persist, charge and jail them. Anyone observed breaking the law, whether Chinese or not should reported to authorities. Of course maybe they think they own Antigua.

  7. Antiguans were caught with parrot fish and were charged. Wha Happen we fraid of the Chinese because their government lend us money? Tap take their money and keep Antigua lands for future generations. When they break the law jail and deport them.

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