First Economic Recovery Committee Meeting Pushed Back To Thursday

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

The Economic Recovery Committee (ERC)’s first meeting which was originally scheduled for today at 3pm, will now take place on Thursday starting at 3pm using a virtual platform.

This is taking place a day after the UPP’s broadcast via social media where Opposition Leader Jamale Pringle will speak on the decisions he has made and how the UPP will proceed.

Last week, the government announced that it will set up an Economic Recovery Committee (ERC) to look into the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the country’s finances and plan the way forward.

The committee will be chaired by Browne, and is expected to draw upon the expertise of persons outside the Cabinet.

It was noted that seven sub-committees, each chaired by a Minister of Government, will be set up and include representatives from a variety of institutions.

These include the Chamber of Commerce; the Antigua & Barbuda Workers Union; The Employers Federation; the Antigua Christian Council; the Antigua & Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association; the Bankers Association; and the Leader of the Opposition.

In a statement issued over the weekend, the opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) had indicated that its deputy political leader, and opposition leader in parliament, Jamale Pringle will not participate.

The party cited two reasons why it was taking that decision; one, it took umbrage with the fact that the announcement of the committee and its composition, including Pringle, was
communicated to the public before he was himself notified. Secondly, the party was protesting the fact that Pringle was the only person identified by name as part of the ERC.


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  1. Hon.Jamal Pringle allowed Harold Lovell , D.Gisel Isaac ,Knight ,Serpent ,Tabor and the UPP to destroy Him. Very sad. These People do not care about Jamal. They are still UPSET that He won the election. They have finally destroyed Him. VERY SAD.

  2. mr.Patrick April 27, 2020 at 11:18 am

    To my UPP People. Please take my advice and Do not follow Knight , Serpent , Tabor and others. I believe that Jamal Pringle should attend the Economic meeting. We should not be playing small politics and look after the interests of the People . This attitude can only hurt the UPP . We always fall for Gaston Browne bait. Please have a change of heart and make your presence be felt. Thank you.


  3. As a Person living in the Constituency of ALL SAINTS and St. Lukes I am appealing to Hon. Jamal Pringle to attend the meeting. Do not follow Harold Lovell , D.Gisel Isaac , Serpent , Knight ,Tabor and the Others. You are representing Antiguans and Barbudans and by extension Your Constituency . Please take the Politics out of this. You won the only seat for the UPP by 10 votes. I do not like what I am hearing in the Constituency . Kindly attend the FORUM. All you so called Advisors DO NOT have anything to lose. Please guided accordingly.


  4. What a bad decision by Jamal Pringle and UPP. It is a burning shame . Jamal We in ALL SAINTS EAST and SAINTS LUKES will remember you on the next election. Only 10 votes why you are in Parliament. There were 20 spoil ballots . Please re consider your decision. Do not follow those People in the UPP. The UPP Do not care about you. UPP Not happy that you won the election. Take proper advice.


  5. Well Well Well ANR just to let you know prostitution is illegal on Antigua and Barbuda, with all these ALP prostitutes trolling on your page Wendy’s and Bruce’s have nothing over you.

  6. This is one idea that will help the economic recovery. Why does antigua need a Chief of Staff and an Information Minister? Give both positions to
    MeLford Nicholas. He was elected to parliament and what does he have to do? Send home chief of staff Lionel Hearst to enjoy his retirement and pension.
    There is also another Ms. Hearst who seems to be on every board, in the Senate, down deep water harbour, working on housing and heaven knows what else. I am sure she is receiving her pension and social security. She should be sent home to enjoy her retirement.
    Before Gaston think of reducing the poor civil servants salaries, some making less than $3000 per month, he should get rid of all the pensioners who are still on the government’s payroll collecting thousands of dollars per month. If the government did not spend the people’s money on hiring their cronies, think of how much they would saved each month. This is Coronavirus time and the suffering people of Antigua can’t afford these people. Send them home and get rid of all these leaches even if the economy improves.

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