First $1 Million Swissx XRP Ripples Claimed By Antigua Citizen Hardknaxs Lewis


Shockya – It appears that Joel Hardknaxs Lewis, a musical artist from Antigua, has become the first citizen of Antigua and Barbuda to claim $1 million worth of Swissx XRP tokens to his crypto wallet at the Farmers Antigua Trust Company.

This initiative is part of an effort to empower the indigenous people of Antigua and Barbuda through the Green Economy.The Farmers Antigua Trust (FAT) aims to make every citizen of Antigua and Barbuda a millionaire by Christmas 2023, and Joel Lewis, also known as Hardknaxs, has joined their team.

FAT is a not-for-profit organization led by Antiguan citizens, and its main focus is on the enrichment and development of the people of Antigua.

Hardknaxs will be playing a-long-side Mr. Marlon Asher and Other Reggae Stars at RastaLand Theme Park Nov 24 25 and 26 at Swissx Island at Dredge Bay, St Johns Antigua.

Wallets will be Assigned to Antiguan Citizens making their cláim at that time as well as detailed info on the  Swissx Token –

The Swissx XRP Token is a stable coin that is pegged to the audited value of Coral Field Farming Practices, which FAT finances in partnership with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

These practices include sustainable farming of Seagrass and Mangrove, which generate Blue Standard Carbon Credit Offsets that can be sold on the global markets.

Overall, this initiative aims to promote sustainable farming practices and economic empowerment for the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda through the use of cryptocurrency and carbon credit tokens.

Designated as tax Free Economic Zone by the Gaston Browne Government and ratified as a Verified Carbon Credits Registry by Carbon Base the United Nations Climate Change Agency based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Joel “Hardknaxs” Lewis is the first Antiguan Citizen to claim his $1 Million Swissx XRP Tokens


Joel Lewis aka Hardknaxs a Soca Reggae Artists from Antigua as well as Senior Environmental Operations Executive for Antigua’s Ministry of Environment, is the first Citizen of Antigiua and Barbuda to claim his $ 1 Million USD valued Swissx Token direct to his Xumm weallet freely downloaded at any App Store.

”Mr. Lewis has worked very hard to help put this vision and the RastaLand theme park operations together and it is with earnest luck that he is first in line to receive his Swissx tokens.” CO/Swissx Press

The Swissx Offset Futures Exchange represents a groundbreaking initiative that leverages the vast coral field farmlands spanning 28 million acres within Antigua and Barbuda.

These lands are sustainably cultivated, hosting genetically modified seagrass and mangrove populations.


This remarkable natural resource forms the foundation for a forward-thinking approach to carbon offsetting.

One of the key players in this initiative is Carbon Core, a Joint Venture between Farmers Antigua Trust Company and Carbon Base, a Swedish Government Agency for the Environment.


Carbon Core utilizes cutting-edge analytics tools for agriculture and the environment to optimize farming operations and generate offsets through sustainable practices. Partnerships with organizations like VERRA, SWISSX, United Nations, and IBM enhance the effectiveness of these efforts.


The monumental investment by the Gaston Browne Government has resulted in the creation of an impressive annualized tax-free economic green economy worth $4.7 billion in carbon credit offsets.


This substantial commitment underscores their dedication to environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Gaston Browne surveys the testing location for Swissx Labs and IBM initiative at Dredge Bay, St Johns Antigua. In the background is Vader the genetically grown Doberman Dog. Photo Courtesy Swissx Labs/Antigua

Additionally, the strategic alliances forged with various United Nations organizations in West African regions through the FAT SWISSX EXCHANGE demonstrate a global commitment to addressing climate change and protecting natural assets.

The Farmers Antigua Trust not only promotes sustainable living but also empowers individual citizens with the right to their nation’s natural assets. 

Their innovative approach, exemplified by the distribution of $1 million USD to each Antiguan citizen in SWISSX coins, promotes economic empowerment and environmental stewardship.

The secure embassy location within the Swiss Mountain fortress, known as Swissx Reserve, provides the highest level of security for digital assets, with 10% of the world’s crypto cold storage safeguarded there.

The Farmers Antigua Trust Company ( Carbon Credit Offset Agreement is a visionary step to encourage landowners and land users in St. John, Antigua, and potentially other regions to engage in carbon offset projects.

This agreement, with its comprehensive components, ensures transparency, credibility, and financial rewards for participants while contributing to global efforts to combat climate change and build a sustainable future.

In conclusion, the Swissx Offset Futures Exchange, underpinned by Antigua and Barbuda’s massive coral field farmlands, represents a remarkable convergence of sustainability, economic development, and environmental stewardship.

It serves as a beacon of hope and progress, illustrating the transformative potential of collaborative efforts to combat climate change and create a greener, more sustainable world for future generations.

For more information or to request carbon credits quotes, interested parties are encouraged to contact the Farmers Antigua Trust Company via email at [email protected] or by visiting their website at






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    • This is a crypto currency with no recognized value … cannot be spent .. cannot be used as collateral … nothing …. No he can’t !!! It has no recognized value it’s a crypto currency but it’s not recognized.. has no worth …

      Boy they really take 3rd world people for fool… this isn’t stock or shares in anything and it’s a crypto currency with no value … oh boy .. smh.. really take Antigua people for fool.

      This is actually embarrassing
      Please do your research a crypto currency can be registered by ANYONE .. and you can put any value on it .. if people buy into it it can take up the value just like bit coin and dogecoin.. if you get someone to mention it and the person has an influence, it will take up it’s worth ….
      This is a single currency with no value .. so technically you can give out 10 million coins .. if there is no value then you have 10 million of nothing …. I can move to some country and declare chicken nuggets a currency but if it is not recognized it is of no use .. yea this is a crypto currency that is registered but like I said anyone can register a crypto currency ..

      Smh .. but the government of Antigua and Barbuda will make up a story like they are making people ‘ Cypto millionaires and people will go round and say Gaston giving out a million dollars…

      Poor poor simple duunce Antiguans

  1. I just tried this, downloaded XUMM wallet, bought enough XRP to activated it, went to swissx website and fat website but no mention of free 1m tokens anywhere. How did Hardknaxs do it? Does he have an inside track? And did he carry woman a Kentucky? t’all…

    • are you a farmer? or work within farm base, read and understand. its not free money its for farming, soil testing and other stuff. climate change.

    • @ Johnny Ballgame You have to set a trust line for the swissx coin on the XRPL XUMM wallet through community xrp , then do a search on the XUMM DEX the see the information.

  2. XRP is now trading @ 49 cents per token, on the XUMM Dex the swissx coin is trading @ 0.00002, 2.4 million swissx cost 0.28 XRP
    Do the math of what 1 million swissx coin is worth at the moment.

    I am not saying it will not worth something in the future, I have being trading XRP for the past 3 years on the XUMM wallet, it was 0.20 then, it went up to 0.96 since I have being trading it, on record XRP all time high was $3.00 and cents.

    The company Ripple that runs the XRPL on the blockchain is in a legal battle with the US SEC who claims XRP is a security and not a commodity.

    During that court battle XRP crashed from 0.96 to 0.34, However, Ripple won that court battle and continue to be favorable with the courts in the SEC appeal, so XRP is the only digital coin on the market with legal standard, they said Bit coin does but only by Governments, not the courts, XRP seems to becoming the new BTC.

    Swissx coin seems like it has interested utilities backing it, however, with the coin @ 0.00002 at the moment, and 2.4 million coins cost 0.28 XRP and XRP price is 0.49 at the moment, do the math to find out at what price and when you will make 1 million dollars with swissx, think about creating generational wealth.

    XRP is was created for banks to do cross border transactions, it depends on (ODL) on demand liquidity for the price to go up, Swift that the banks use now is only a messaging system, it does do instant settlement.

    Swift take 3 to 5 days to settle, XRP both messaging and settlement within 3 seconds, XRP is the standard, when all the money in the world have to pass through system, the coin price will moon.

    ANR if I had a way of posting a screenshot of my XUMM wallet with the Dex information on the swissx coin I would have.

  3. The biggest trick in the book, mention any sentence with the word money in it and people get fool, their eyes dilated with greed.

    There is no millions to be had in crypto as people may think, these types of investments is the same as any pyramid scheme that exists out there..A bunch sexy words with no real value.

    Work for your money people, that’s the best value you will ever have, instead of blindly following crypto to nowhere.

    • @Islanman26, If you do not take a risk and invest, you will be always working for someone who took that risk

        • Mark Krap Ellis, did you do any research on this, I in crypto for 3 years, the market is down and I am still ahead.

          I you take the time to learn the system and know the utilities of the coin and what backs the coin you will make good choices, do not dismiss everything as a scam. DYOR

        • Mark Karp Ellis How would you know what the outcome would be if you do not take a risk? We took the risk of drafting our comments hoping the news room will post it, do we not?

  4. Did you people forget about FTX? Sam Bankman-Fried is now being tried in the Courts for various crimes related to FTX. What is the relationship between Antigua and FTX?

    • SBF is on trial for a massive fraud, mostly committed in the Bahamas, USA, and other jurisdictions. He had a company in Antigua that held about $400m in Robinhood shares (a US public company) that was clawed back by the company in some manner. Other than that, not much to do with Antigua. This is a completely different set of nonsense that will be much less successful.

    • @ Warf Rat In everything that have to do with investment and money there is going to be bad actors, Sam Bankman Field is one of them in the crypto space.

      If You work for some people legally and they scam you, do you not take legal action, or go to your union for redress? Do you go home and never work again? Unfortunately scammers are part of the reality of the world, but do you give up?

      When a man or a woman in a relationship and one treat the other nice and him or her turn around and cheat, do you call that a scam.

      The reality of life there is going to be bad actors in everything, even in the house of God, but do you give up on living son?

  5. The website for this shitcoin is absolute disaster. Why would Antigua continue to embarass themselves to the international community like this?

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