Finland company receives first container shipment of Sargassum from Antigua & Barbuda


ORIGIN BY OCEAN: We have successfully received the first container shipment of sargassum seaweed from Antigua & Barbuda. As our process development efforts are progressing we need more feedstock material.

To clarify, over the past 4months we have successfully been able to trial the sargassum as alternative feedstock in our Nauvu® biorefinery process development work, with great results. Moreover, this first large shipment of sargassum will allow us to continue the process development work and gain further insights to this alternative feedstock material.

An Historic Event!

This is a historic moment and event, both for us and our local partners in Antigua & Barbuda.


Because; this is the first time that sargassum has been shipped abroad for processing from Antigua & Barbuda. Simultaneously this is the first time that we receive such a large feedstock delivery!

Locally this first container sized shipment has gained rather big headlines in the Caribbean region.

Now we are starting to utilize this feedstock delivery in our research and development work.

We are so excited! We are already making preparations for the next container shipment at both ends of the logistics chain.

Towards the next phase of our project

This first container delivery of sargassum seaweed is sort of a kick-off for us, into the next phase of our project. The learnings, findings, scientific breakthroughs and patents that we are creating as part of our project are quite substantial. Now, with this feedstock delivery we anticipate to further increase our development phase, gain more knowledge and insights, taking us towards our integrated pilot.

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  1. One thought or two.
    ‘This first container delivery of sargussum seaweed is a sort of kick-off for us, into the next phase of our project. The LEARNINGS, FINDINGS, SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS and PATENTS that we are creating as part of our project ARE QUIET SUBSTANTIAL”. This was retyped for emphasis and focus!
    Unquestionably, there is the absolute need and foundational requirement for economic and scientific strategies by A&B and the Caricom+OECS region for sustainable economic development as the priority.The development must be initiated, maintained and sustained by the thrust of attentive students (youths), passionate and knowledgeable teachers in their subjects, committed education administrators to focus of STEM Subjects powered by the Arts of Caribbean consciousness, in the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of our education system.
    The results will be a science-oriented workforce and entrepreneurs capable of research and development and with business knowledge equipped to build businesses and make feasible and profitable investments in the region.
    Step back for a moment and recognize our present economic situation and accept the vision to re-position ourselves for our future.
    -“The UWI Enterprise will be launched as a holding company designed to promote commercial activity across the campuses with ‘spin offs’ and incubators in all faculties”.
    -The commercialization of the UWI,s vast intellectual property will be initiated as soon as its IP policy is approved (Here’s how The UWI plans to address its financial sustainability,ANR 7/16/2021).
    Also, here’s what Dr. Gene Leon said when he took office as CDB (Caribbean Development Bank) President: ‘Going forward, we (CDB) will need to emphasise innovation, to generate and refine new ideas and create opportunities, enhance measurement and evaluation for more effective implementation’.
    Lest we in A&B, Caricom+OECS region, become the least among the world, act on this:
    “God and Nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be. Follow always that great law. Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement”. Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

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