Fines amounting to $22,000 levied on McKinnons man convicted for unlawful possession of gun and ammunition


REAL NEWS:There were several convictions in the St. John’s Magistrates Court this week, including one in which a McKinnons man was fined for gun and ammunition possession.

Reports are that 49-year-old Jermaine King appeared before Magistrate Dane Hamilton Jr. on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm – a Taurus G2s; possession of eight rounds of 9 mm Luger ammunition; and carrying abroad an offensive weapon: a black Mossy Oak knife and a brown-handled ice pick.

King pleaded guilty to the charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and ammunition, but not guilty to carrying abroad an offensive weapon.

After the Court heard the facts that led to King’s arrest and charges, Magistrate Hamilton convicted and fined him $15,000 for having the illegal firearm in his possession or, in default, two years at His Majesty’s Prison.

King was also fined $7,000 for the unlawful possession of the ammunition; and, in default, he faces a prison term of 18 months.

Because he pleaded not guilty to carrying an offensive weapon, the prosecution withdrew the charge and offered no evidence.

King has until October 31 to pay the fines.

Meanwhile, Jermaine Julian, 40, of St. Johnstons Village, appeared before Magistrate Hamilton on a charge of attempted break-in and pleaded guilty to the offence.

Julian was convicted and fined $1,500, which is to be paid on or before June 30,  or, in default, he is to be imprisoned for 30 days.

The court also ordered that he pay $700 in compensation to the victim, on or before April 28, or be imprisoned for 30 days.

In another matter, a Villa resident was convicted and fined for selling alcohol without the requisite license.

Lendys Mercedes Mejia had been charged with selling intoxicating liquor without a license; exposing intoxicating liquor without a license; and failing to affix a business name to the premises.

Two of the charges were withdrawn by the prosecution, but the defendant pleaded guilty to selling intoxicating liquor without a license.

The court then imposed a fine of $500, to be paid in seven days, or, in default, 14 days in His Majesty’s Prison.

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    • The judiciary is far too lenient with harden criminals. How is it justify that a convict got fined $15000 for being in possession of a deadly weapon?

      He should be behind bars, the court should shame him by placing his name and picture on Google so the world know that he is a dangerous man.

  1. Why are gunmen still getting fines? These hooligans need jail time. When is this useless ALP government going to start doing their job?

  2. No they cover up everything, the hide the images of these criminals, he will pay that fine so easily and be amoung us again. Babylonian system, what good can come out of babylon?
    A just corruption and more corruption. Babylonian dem a try fight against poor people, the weak. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There is no justice any longer in babylon system, none, zero. You can thief a chocolate or a sweetie and get jail for mths and a man get catch with gun and live amo will get the same time as you, chances are he will not even see the prison cell, he will have the money to pay the bribes dem. nobody love a lill bribe like police. Dem can do whatever dem want, God has the last say inna my life, mek dem gwaan violate the poor, my God nah sleep. God place leaders and rulers in position for his purpose, whether good or bad, they have dem purpose, he will not leave us, even locked away in the belly of the beast he is there with us.

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