FINAL JUDGEMENT: D. Gisele awarded 485K to be paid in four equal tranches


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  1. If government dnt have monies for pensioners deserving pensioners….is greedy entittled giselle …… she will get NOTHINGGGGGGGGGGG ….THE GOVERNMENT DNT CARE WHO ORDERED WHAT …..WE HAVE NO MONIES FOR GISELLE WHEN PENSIONERS ARE BEHIND INPAYMENTS….THEY ARE MOREDESERVING……


  2. If ms. Korard can go after YNAMCO for her money, giselle can do the same for her money. Shame on the people implying that the government should not honor the courts judgment.

  3. You should opened your mouth when they decided to victimize her.
    Now, I need some money what can I do to get them to try and victimize me. Hmmm!

  4. Politicians with their friends and Cronies keep getting rich from the People’s purse. Notice none of them making these kind of monies in the private sector. If they were so good at what they do they should be able to venture out in private sector and do likewise. Country before Party! The same way the former PM butchered a story in the bus case is the same way they are saying that the board approved salary increase. Where in our little bit of paradise a person is given 100% salary increase? How can one Bailiff get a much higher pay to perform the same duties as counterparts? Library overrun! These PM’s allowed their executives from party and union to enrich themselves from the people’s purse. When will our country get out of this depth of debt?

    • Same way the Cabinet of Gaston Browne gave the Charity of the biggest ghost a prime piece of land for small change. That is where the radio station is located. That location was for a charity.
      How many people has this charity helped. Blatant corruption. Why don’t you talk about that

  5. Wait, no one in the private sector wants to keep this woman pass probation? Its like she look goo on paper but cant deliver

    • hmmmm and question. This is for you. What EVIL, WICKED GASTON TAKE FOR EVIL GOD TURNS TO GOLD.
      When will Gaston learnt. He should repent and turn to the Lord. He goes after his political opponents….. Well you know the rest of the story!!!!

    • Well said “question”
      All she good for is to bitch, complain, tear down and grind her bitter axe against this country and its progress. Mrs. Watered Down Hag Wit Lipstick Bitter Baxide

  6. Is she still Jamal Pringle PAID Research Officer???? Coz up to now he still have problem, SPEAKING, READING, WRITING and having COMMON SENSE.

  7. The judges found she brought scant evidence to prove her claim but gave her 1 year vs the 6 years in salary she requested. Like Charley feeling the Christmas spirit with other people money

    • When the government you support think they do what they like with people who they think oppose them, they should pay. The only sad thing it is the people’s money. Do you remember what they did to the former Governor General? I wonder if she got what she is owed yet? There is a legal procedure to dismiss a person, but these arrogant fools think they are above the law and can do as they please with the citizens of Antigua.

  8. Can this judgment be appealed to by the High Court or the Court of Appeal? As these so-called Judges here are not legal luminaires. Just a set of Old Men. Larry used to work for Benjie’s Printery. Charlesworth Brown pastor with some weird ideas and Sir Hayden Thomas retired ALP government official.

    • Who do you think sit on the High Court and Court of Appeal? Judges from the lower courts. Most of your legal luminaries are old men. There has to be evidence that legal principles were not followed or errors in interpreting the law for an appeal.

      • The indusial court is not staffed by legal luminaries. read my comments you will see their credentials. A pastor, a retired printery worker and a retired public servant. Reasons enough to appeal the Industrial court ruling.

    • Sidelines: Any verdict could be appealed by anyone.Why would you want to see this appeal? The Board of Education would not win on Appeal.It would be more Lawyers getting paid for losing another case in the Courts.It is our monies being thrown down a latrine hole.Your hatred and or dislikes for her would not matter.I have seen one of your weaknesses. You do not like independently,bright,smart,intelligent,strong women of Antigua and Barbuda like Gisele and Makeda.

  9. Gaston Browne did say that he would use the instruments of the State to bankrupt anyone who opposes him. Well I guess it backfired. I wish that this money could be taken from his bank account.


    • He doesn’t have any money. You have more than he. He plays the part. Look the part. When you peel back the sardine can. Nutten tall in Dey!

  10. FROM THE SIDELINE you have resurfaced with such nonsense? Charlesworth Brown pastor as a judge of the Industrial Court? Please ask questions or go and do your research. Good to see you back since I miss giving you some verbal punches for your usual misguided and illogical views.

    • “Arl Bird people haffu go. We must get rid of Birdism once and for all. We’ve got to check who our people are carz me nar gah feel good a work inna nun affice wid fartee Bird peeple round me.” ~Hilson “African Snail Importer” Baptiste, UPP MP 2004

      Too much victimization under the scorching bunnup neargah Sunshine Gov’t failed clowns

      • Careful what u ask for. Remember u have a Bird in ur camp now. So we now have ‘Good Birdism’ and ‘Bad Birdism’ – depending on which party u back. LHM

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