Fifth Form Student Of OCS Stabbed By His Peer; Principal Blames Society


On Thursday around 10 am, a fifth form student at Ottos Comprehensive School (OCS) was stabbed with a sharp object by one of his peers.

The student, who is also a prefect, is receiving treatment at the Mount St John’s Medical Center.

On the other hand, principal of OCS Foster Roberts spoke on the matter revealing that stigma and discrimination has been the main factors affecting the aggressive behaviour of students.

“society has been very wicked and cruel and evil to the students that come to Ottos Comprehensive School because they label them as misfits; as no good.” said Roberts.

Roberts made reference to the socio-psychological phenomenon known as the self-fulfilling prophecy which speaks to an expectation or prediction made about someone that becomes true in the person’s behaviour.





    • Blame society yes because power in the tongue. They have the worst to say about OCS and when they see the students they watch them a kinda way. That’s witchcraft. Society has a lot to do with most children behaviors.

      • Well then the students need to apply that same “power in the tongue” and use the negativity as motivation to prove the naysayers wrong. I don’t see Calvin S, CP, Tizzy or King Bankers going around stabbing people.

        Excuses, excuses, excuses


      Not sure what some Principals think of their role and responsibility.

      Do know that apart from ‘…teaching and educating students, it also involves ‘…reinforcing discipline on ‘…undisciplined students.’

      If a Principal thinks otherwise, then he/.she may wish to heed the suggestion of ‘…Traffic Sergeant Mc Burnie, who says, ‘…If you can’t control it (vehicle), leave it alone.’

      As it affects the ‘…Student Body,’ if indiscipline is affecting the school, then ‘…leave the principalship alone.’

      Does a Police Commissioner blame the ‘…spike in crime’ on the society?

      Hell no! He has to devise strategies to curtail or curb it.

      If he can’t, then he too must leave the commissionership alone.

      That is what he/she is given the job to do namely, ‘…Prevent and Detect crime.’

      When he/she starts blaming society for increase criminal behavior, he is actually reporting himself of being overwhelmed and/or incompetent.

      Be careful Principal Roberts.

      You might be indirectly telling the powers-that-be, that the ‘…Student Body’ is unmanageable; put me somewhere else to deal with angels.

      Then, one can’t be sure that there are ‘…Earth Angels.’

      Ah! There is a group that sings ‘…Earth Angel’ [1954].

      Sure students would very much love to hear their Principals sing this song, as opposed to blaming their behavior on the society.

  1. I believe Mr Roberts is clearly misunderstood, @ Mr Pompey when the policy makers tie the hands of teachers and principal’s what do you expect

  2. I agree ..This i so true …as a proud past student i have experienced the degrading behaviour from others…i have heard it n seen it …but in life we all absolutely has a decision of who we want to be…but ps.only the strong survive💪👍🙌💯

  3. As a proud past student of OCS, I cant share the same views as the princple of the school…. I will admit that I understand & appreciate his sentiments however, I think that our education system relative to the students passing their common entrance exams and going to the school closet to where they live is negatively impacting upon OCS…… Most of The students that attend OCS comes from the rural communities like the Grays Farm, Greenbay, Ottos, Golden Grove etc…. These communities when compared with other communities external to the rural areas, are well known to have a reputation bcuz of their socioeconomic conditions….. As a result sending all these students from the rural area to the same school, will certainly impact upon the school negatively…… Generally, we are a product of our community and emanate the characteristics of the very same community…. Sending our students to the school nearest to their homes needs revamping….. The schools need to be properly mixed….It will be nice if the Director of education be instrumental in looking at the state of OCS since it was his alma mater.

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