Feters Take Massive Party To Bird Island On Sunday


Even as the authorities talk tough on clamping down on COVID-19 protocol violators, dozens of party lovers took their festivities off-shore over the weekend.

Antigua News Room obtained video footage and pictures of the party on Bird Island yesterday.

An eyewitness estimates that at the highest point of the festivities, 100 people were present. The source observed that there was no social distancing and not a mask in sight.

The patrons appeared to have come using several boats and jet skies in a celebration which lasted several hours.

A day before the Bird Island party, Prime Minister Gaston Browne issued a firm warning to violators.

Two days before the party Health Minister Molwyn Joseph warned that there has been some “slacking off”.


He said the police will be brought in to assist with surveillance.

“We are going to be integrating another level of surveillance which involves the police force more directly working alongside with the surveillance team in the Ministry of Health.

“I spoke with the Attorney General this morning and he has agreed to assist the Ministry of Health with dedicated police officers whose assignment would only be to assist the Ministry of Health in keeping strict surveillance of people in quarantine,” Joseph announced.

“I think that there is contemplation for an increase in the fines which will be announced so that people will understand that they have a duty, not only to protect themselves, but to protect the public as well,” he stated.

Joseph said “bars and restaurants continue to be the highest risk environment for Covid in Antigua and Barbuda”, and warned that just as in the United Kingdom, “if you do not control transmission of Covid, Covid will close you down”.

There are 13 active cases of COVID in Antigua and Barbuda with all cases for the month of October being domestic transmission.




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  1. I hope they are considering charges just like they are doing for the female bartender,(just hoping) or double standards will be continued

  2. Seriously people….just seriously!!

    You know there are people out there that are taking this seriously and taking precaution and people like this just ruin it for everyone. Guess the innocent will always suffer for the guilty. I hope it was worth it.

  3. Oh please! Where is the news?? This is done every Sunday. Many people go out and end up there but they are smart, it’s not an official party.. it’s just individuals that go boating on a Sunday and they end up there…

    Antigua can’t lock up everybody or shut down the country… everything CANNOT BE CONTROLLED

  4. I live in the north on the Oceanside and every single Sunday there is a huge trail of jet skiers that go liming out at the islands, up and down making tons of noise on their jet skis and having big limes, zero respect for what is happening in Antigua with this virus, not a care in the world, acting like the world is normal right now, also lots of liming happens at prickly pear too, boatloads of people out there liming on some Sundays.

  5. And the Prime Minister said most Nationals that return to Àntigua don’t adhere to the protocols and that’s a quote Shuups ! .

    • Don’t blame the returning nationals.. alll those are people who live in Antigua and aren’t returning from no where…

    • Gaston Browne’s father was one of those. Who did not follow the PRADACALS. When he came down to visit Antigua.

      • And when Gaston heard about it he went straight to his father and told him that he would have him put n mandatory quarantine if he didn’t follow the protocols.

  6. ITS NOT A PARTY, people just end up there from boating on Sundays and most people stay withing their boat group , same as all the swarms of people using the beaches on mainland EVERY SUNDAY.

    • @Just Wow…#daBeach is, not “just the beginning,” for some. The beach is the beginning, for #All.
      I’m wondering what, the complaints are gonna be, as the Cruise Ships returns, since, this latest virus, like its predecessors, is here to stay, even with their #MandatoryVaccines!

      Please continue, to enjoy Our still #Healthy living, as it relates, to sea!

  7. Let My people go. Chinese statistics 1million deaths, Antigua 3 deaths we cannot continue to operate on other country statistics. Then again the WHO is making the decisions for our country that suppose to be independent. The plandemic, hurricane, earthquakes, volcanoes, death are all inevitable living in fear cannot control the future, what will be will be. The officials once said they are doing proper screening at the borders, did they lie to us? When you tell a lie thats one of the repercussions “rebellion” people are using their senses and are not seeing what you all are preaching. People who are fearful wear a gas mask with your goggles. Can a surgical mask protect a crowd of people inhaling fumes from tare gas that is sprayed at them? Can a vehicle function effectively with a cloth that is covering the muffler? Can fear protect you from sickness and death? My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge .Those of you who are living it fear follow the protocols, those who are not fearful continue not to live in fear but in everything use wisdom

  8. Where is the government and the police when people are starving? More people are getting sick from hunger than covid-19.

  9. Y’all turning into a bunch Nazi snitches. Squealing on each other to the man. Y’all are pathetic.

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