Fete tax takes effect


A tax on entertainment which was postponed last year has now taken effect, the Inland Revenue Division has announced.

It means that a $1500 flat rate will now be paid on entertainment events making 0-100 thousand dollars.

A two percent tax will apply on activities that make more than 100 thousand dollars and is all-inclusive.

A four percent tax will apply on all events grossing 100 thousand dollars and above and is NOT all inclusive.

Additionally, the IRD announced today that performers outside of the CARICOM will be subject to a withholding tax of 25 percent.

Last year, the major events promoters said they wanted more time and consultation which the government allowed.

The IRD now says event organisers must apply for an event certificate, be in good standing with all relevant taxes, and bring all paper tickets to be stamped before the event.

The IRD says it will be enforcing the law with regards to the new entertainment tax.

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  1. Will the performers from the DR for the unity fete pay the 25% tax and why tax non Caricom performers and exempt Caricom performers
    Anyway we all know this tax is another joke fete promoters will be lining up with their exemption applications
    More tax

    • Contractors and consultants that are hired by the government are exempt from this tax. Not just entertainers. You guys should know the laws.

  2. No more taxes! More jobs! What a joke. Thank God me na go them fetes. Look a price hike on fete tickets this year

  3. I really do not understand the IRD. Why are they making things more difficult for themselves. The monitoring of these tax has so many loopholes they will never be able to fully collect the tax. First thing they needed to do is use the infrastructure of the already matured tax ABST to collect this tax. Have organizations that are involved in organizing these events register. And than they can be issued a registration number based on the various type of events. be cause churches also hold events. Like the Come to Jesus Party. And churches are known to get things tax free. next you need to go license the printeries that print tickets. on Islands. And tickets that are printed overseas should be handled with differently. Then we now have the online ticketing apps. You need to cover all avenues. And then make those companies that supply to the event responsible for collecting your taxes. And they should report the event special number to the IRD. And then you make sure you have accountability of the account 90 days after the event by an registered auditor. With a simple statement of Receipts and payments. Just like Project Accounting. The way this is set up will be a big waste of resources and they will miss the revenue totally.

  4. these comments are stupid, the law done pass an aryu till a argue
    just pay the money awdjy $1500?
    what is $1500 for fete promoters to give chupz ppl tight nj me find the man an dem reasonable
    Antiguans always a run from paying and a complain, aryue war work and money but nobody war put een
    how you expect to make money?? you have spend um ya cheap ass aryu dey a joke boss.
    $1500 ya crying for… seriously?!!?

  5. This tax apparently is for ALL entertainment, including events put on by non-profits, service clubs like Lions and Rotary, Red Cross, Churches, Community groups etc. Many of these events are fundraisers to benefit the less fortunate and sustain community outreach activities. Many do not even begin to approach generating $1500. Non-profit organizations should be exempted from this tax full stop and this legislation needs to be amended immediately. Where the heck is our Social Transformation minister Samantha Marshal? How did this get past her?

  6. This tax should be higher since this form of entertainment does very little for anyone’s social well being, in fact it adds to the moral decay of the society where the government must finance the recovery.
    The drinking – leads to alcoholics, drunkenness, drunk driving, abuse, kidney and liver disease.

    Lyrics – In sight violence, lewd behavior, disrespect, behavioral decadence,

    Loud noise – Hearing difficulties, heart problems, disrupt the peace of not only humans but animals, insects and plants etc.

    This is not entertainment it is destruction and any one who is desirous of partaking should pay for their stupidity.

    Do you really need all that ridiculously loud noise to dance? Just a tap tap on a drum and the body moves effortlessly. We follow to much ignorance…

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