Festivals Commission Rubbishes Observer Media False Reports

Darren Derrick


The Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission notes with concern, comments made by the management of the Observer Group of Companies that the Commission has been issued with instructions by the government not to do business with the Observer Group of Companies.

This statement is totally false and is not supported by facts. The Commission has never been instructed by any Minister or any member of government on any matter relating to its business and vehemently deny this allegation.

For Carnival 2018, the Commission considerably reduced its marketing budget due to financial constraints and outstanding commitments to service providers and agreed to only conduct business with the government’s owned Radio and Television. An existing arrangement is also in place with Vibz Radio. In addition, The records will show that the Commission has done business with the Observer group of companies during the first half of this year.

The Commission has also been informed that other sectors of the government have done business with the Observer group valued at over half a million dollars, more than it has done with any other media outlet.

As it relates to any perceived drop in attendance at the shows, the Commission reminds the Observer Group of Companies that the shows are streamed live to thousands of viewers by all media outlets at Carnival City, including Observer Radio.

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  1. If they were to advertise on Observer they would have to pay. Simple as that. The GOAB is broke. Simple as that.

  2. Byron looking for a scapegoat. Have they settled theur debt to APUA? If the poor man owes, he gets disconnected.

  3. The newspaper went from being printed 6 days per week to 3 days. Is that the fault of the Festivals Commission too? Greedy family members took Winston’s wife to court and lost their bid. Is that the FC fault too? Given Observer’s history and its fight for its light to shine, this is sad. They are driving Winston’s legacy into the ground. Greed and badmind are a deadly combination. “If your own don’t kill you, you will live forever”

    • Well said. Greed and Bad mind are a deadly combination indeed.
      And what goes around comes around.

  4. Really so y not advertise with them rhen …..gaston is controlling u guys and that is y he hand picked the people he want Daryl and his wife rhen hos son is next ….member u heard it here first everyone he can control

  5. OMG can dispatch the infamous Martina Johnson to thoroughly investigate the Festivals Commission.

  6. And let the blame game begin. That is soooooooo OMG to find a way to blame labour party for them getting kick out. BTW them pay APUA the million dollars them owe them. Me cant owe APUA them kind of figures and me light bah get cut.

  7. Sad how low Observer has sunk. it was all in the air to come. You could feel it coming. The many so called editorials always trying to bash the government. They have just become irrelevant as a media house. They are more like a tabloid. The standard of journalism was only about he said she said story. Editorial were never well research. Tenman always had to put them straight. They started to shoot from the hip anytime. And in all of this all they want is to get the PM’s attention. And since he is not paying them any mind they are going berserk. And everyday that passes the digging their own hole to get out of business. it is just a matter of time. And then what. The very same staff would love to get a job at another media house and I tell you that will be very difficult for them. They have already brought themselves down to the lowest level of journalism. Rather tan being fair and objective they choose to always bash the government on everything it does. Good or bad.

  8. Labour turnover at OMG is higher than epicurean prices. Nikki and Paul flap up demself and the show that “Missa Derrick” work so hard to establish. The quality of the shows have dropped significantly. Other than Matthew-Ward and the pan how with Sam, natta fart else is worth listening to on that radio station.

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