Fees structutre announced for immigratiom amnesty



The Cabinet received a report from the Minister of Immigration about the Amnesty that will run from the 1st March to 30th April, 2022, on Mondays to Fridays from 2:00pm – 8:00pm.


It will be a two-tiered system; one to regularize residency of anyone who has resided in Antigua more than four years but less than seven; and the other for those who have been resident in Antigua for more than seven years and would therefore qualify for citizenship.


The Cabinet is aware that many non-nationals have been unable to meet the cost of regularizing their immigration status because of the lack of financial resources; hence, the Cabinet agreed to reduce many of the fees associated with bringing their status up-to-date.


The amnesty processing fee will be EC $200.00 per person which will accompany the application form; and, an extension fee will be EC$150.00 for CARICOM Nationals and EC$300.00 for Non-CARICOM nationals.


Those CARICOM Nationals who are seeking citizenship will have an additional base fee of $2,000.00 and a processing fee of $200.00; and, for Non-CARICOM nationals a base fee of $3,500.00 and a processing fee of $200.00 will apply.


It is anticipated that amnesty will be a one-stop shop arrangement in order to minimize the number of steps that may be required in order to complete the application process.


There will be distributed numbered application forms; those forms can be collected from the Immigration Department and from the various Consulates in Antigua.



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