February 10: Updated Travel Advisory for Antigua & Barbuda


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  1. Yow my peeps, this is t🙄🙄 much now! What the heck!! Everybody please read the first part of this ” Advisory” an tell me what it say. The government of Antigua and Barbuda is issuing a travel advisory effective immediately. Okay. Let’s continue…. the air port an sea port open for all and sundry, wait, wait, wait…. the sea port and docks open to All and sundry… hey guys, let me get it straight, are you announcing to the world That SEXPLORATION is still on 🤔

    • I am waiting on the churches to stand up and complain about SEXPLORATION…..Where are our church leaders!!

      • NOTICE to all Bishops, pseudo bishops, all wannabe apostles and prophets in this land: Get off your bum and speak out against SEXPLORATION. Petition the government to lock it down. Do it in the name of your God whom you claim to represent.

  2. Why can’t the 7 days test before coming to Antigua be changed? Test done within a week before coming here is crazy. The reason we are having results of imported cases and being transfered to people living in the island and having a lot of non imported cases. There are lots of possibilities can happen within the 7days period of them coming in the island. What if that 7 days, the day they tested it is negative, then they go anywhere and got exposed to somebody they don’t know has the virus, which will bring the virus here in the island. Other island or countries does less than 7 days for test, why can’t this island have it too? For my opinion only.

  3. A black woman
    February 11, 2021 at 9:15 am
    Anyone took notice of the 2 deaths on the 8th? They mentioned only one in the briefing but the dashboard had 2.
    I checked WHO and there were 2 deaths reported to them.

    On the other hand Ralph Francis died yesterday and that wasn’t mentioned yesterday in the press conference I’m not sure about the 7pm news. Someone can help me with that . Checked WHO dashboard this morning I’m seeing the 31 new cases but not that 10th death.
    Someone please enlighten me about the dishonesty of these people while everything is bursting at the seam.

  4. Who wrote this???? And why were the right people not at the meeting for this press conference. I am disappointed. So the tourist who arrives on the same plane as the returning residents MAY be tested??? Interesting….

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