Fear = Dis-Ease = COVID Hesitation


By Makeda Mikael

Governments around the world and here in Antigua and the Caribbean are spreading  their COVID political fears by force on a community already full of fear of the dreaded disease.

Clearly caught in the vice of tourism in COVID or poverty with no tourists, the Government in Antigua & Barbuda is scared, in other words full of fear, and their dis-ease is almost palpable as the Police are let loose on the young people who are struggling with their own fears.

The demands for medical personnel to face the people on the press meetings is because people fear that government is not presenting ALL of the truth, and would prefer to believe those long white-coated persons who represent the medical front in this war against COVID.

The politicizing of COVID in Antigua is the most unfortunate import from America, where Trump’s insistence on controlling the flow of COVID information was used to pervert the medical truths with his political inferences.

Government should know that forcing people to vaccinate using the powerful arm of the police can only increase the fear and dis-ease, and as psychologists have discovered, fear makes people dig in their heels and resist pressure.

This is even more severe in young people, especially our young people who have little to call their own in a society which excludes youth from everything except school, church (not so much nowadays) and sports.

To make a change in the hearts and minds of the people will require a more conciliatory approach, recognize the problem for what it is and making an attempt to quell the rampant fear is an imperative.

Just like the psychologist and psychiatrist couch is necessary for the building of respect in order to be honest and open about one’s fears, so must the Government find ways and means for people to express their fears and have their questions answered in an atmosphere of trust.

The political party that first recognizes this fear, and dis-ease among the people, and seeks to adjust it in a conciliatory manner through communication and not force of police blows, rubber bullets, tear gas and water hoses, will be remembered at the ballot box.

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    • Why hades? You have shown nothing but jealousy and hatred for a successful black woman who has done nothing to you. Jealousy and hatred is bad for your health.

  1. Makeda another great which holds your attention from the first word to the last. Your last paragraph clearly describes the position of the UPP with respect to the fear and hesitancy that a vast majority of the population have towards vaccination and the conciliatory approach that should be pursued. Perhaps it is too late for the ALP government to pursue such an approach after unleashing tear gas and rubber bullets on peaceful men, women and children protesting their vaccination policy. Hopefully, that display of brutal State barbarism will be remembered at the ballot box.

  2. https://miami.cbslocal.com/2021/08/06/hospital-workers-sad-frusted-increased-covid-cases/
    If vaccine hesitance was an experience only in Antigua, you may want to give the writer some credit. But obviously without having to provide any studies or facts the writer just does the usual politicking. Trying to blame this government for its handling of the pandemic. I guess if that is so that ALL the countries in the world for that matter have failed. These days information and miss/dis-information is at the fingertip of anyone with access to the internet. It depends on you to make sure you get your information from the right credible sources. The government has had many press briefings with the medical professions, and these professionals have made themself available on many media platforms. Even last Saturday Dr. Belizaire made himself available on Point FM. Not to mention the many interviews he had on ABS TV. And so did many other doctors. So, the so-called argument that politicians should take a backseat and let the professionals come to the front is just a lame excuse. When things go wrong, we blame the very same politicians, but when things go right, we praise the doctors. So, our politicians always get beaten up anyway. And that is music to opposition’s ear. I can therefore only call this article what it really is. Hogwash. Pure political nonsense. No wonder Tabor loves it so much. If the writer has so much time on her hand, I would like to suggest she use it more constructive. Take up painting e.g. or gardening. Something that your grandchildren would appreciate that grandma does. Cause believe me, they are not amused with you for what you do in the public spheres. But then you were never a good mother anyway, so how can one expect you to become a good grandmother.

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