FBI Interrogated ‘Bombshell’ Says Browne


The United States of America Federal Bureau of Investigation “interrogated” a man who allegedly made threats to the Cabinet of Ministers, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has disclosed.

In August the government said it is taking seriously, a threat to the security of the country after a caller to a radio station warned of “an Antigua Resistance Movement” comprising “of ex-military persons in the United States”.

According to the statement, in the recording Romeo, also known as “Bombshell” is heard telling radio listeners that “an Antiguan Resistance Movement” of ex-military persons in the United States will stalk town hall and other meetings by government officials and will “deal with them”.

Browne told listeners to his radio programme over the weekend that the US authorities have acted on the matter.

“I considered Bombshell to be a friend even though we were on different sides. But that statement he made there was so unfortunate I am told that the FBI actually went to his home in Florida and Interrogated him.”

Browne also had a warning for the individual to stay away from his activities in the USA.

“Bombshell may be well advised not to waste his time and come to New York to any town hall meetings because he needs to understand that he is now in the FBI’s data base.

And ordinarily when I am at these meetings I normally have CIA protection. And if he gets into any aggressive behavior he could get hurt,” Browne warned.


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  1. I would take a guess and say that the FBI, CIA, Homeland security, Treasury Dept. etc. are far more interested in… who has passports, diplomatic and regular, Odebrecht, money laundering to terrorist organizations, close relationships to Maduro, Chinese infiltrating the island with ridiculously sized so called embassy, no controls YIDA agreement and the list goes on…It is highly doubtful that after the FBI met with Bombshell that they would be in the least concerned about petty small island political vendettas claiming that the gentleman is a threat to anyone’s safety and it would be hard to imagine that the USA is going to send a SWAT team to protect any Antigua town hall meetings!!

  2. This was in the news some weeks ago.The FBI visited Bombshell.Because he called into Observer Radio and said so.So why the PM is now disclosing this stale old news.This entire matter was blown out of proportion by the political hacks and Gaston Browne.Gaston Browne as Prime Minister has been saying things about others.Much worse than what Bombshell supposedly said.Keep talking on your Radio Station.I cannot wait to see some of you being cuffed in chains and be arrested somewhere in this world for money laundering.By the way Gaston.If someone is going to harm someone.You do not threaten them publicly.

  3. Gaston you keep showing the antiguans and barbudans who have been around the world that your not a custom to anything. You need to thank the nation more for allowing you to experience life, the millionaire and billionaire acquaintance you like to call friends have a way to describe you. They would call people like you NEW MONEY and laugh behind your back. CIA protection lmao if they actually come next to you, it would be for phrenological purpose. The sad thing is the voters you have today won’t know what hit them until it’s to late, cause you have the young and stupid / I’m old and wasted my life so I don’t care.

  4. I guess super king sized beds are not made like the old straw stuffed ones I used to sleep on, since crooks can’t get a goods nights sleep…..

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