Father Accused of Incest Freed After Daughter Said She Lied


A man accused of sexually assaulting his own daughter was freed of the charge after the girl confessed she made up the story.

The man was charged with incest after his daughter told police he and raped her.

After the matter was committed to the High Court for trial, the girl wrote to prosecutors admitting she had lied about the incident.

Prosecutors entered a nolle-prosequi; discontinuing the charge and freeing the man.

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  1. Everybody is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Too many women are making false allegations against men nowadays.

    The daughter who made this false accusation against the father – she deserves to go to prison for a very long time. The police and government cannot continue to automatically believe these women who make these random sex related accusations, because many of them are simply lying.

    It’s time to put women, who make false allegations against men, in prison for a very long time. Falsely accusing somebody deserves big punishment and Antigua should change its laws to ensure false accusers are sent to prison for a very, very, very long time.

  2. Well she is the same one that said she dropping the case against the police from st Vincent….how is this police still in the force

    • @ Heart burn browne- How is her Father freed from Prison? I think you answered your own question.. You stated that she is the same one who dropped the case against the officer-you then went on to ask the question “Why is he still in the force? A little commonsense would tell me if she is the same young lady,then she may have been also lying on the officer,which BTW was always my suspicion after she decided not to through with the case..The authorities knowing more than the public do,would have no choice but to put him back on the job,don’t you think?

  3. It is also she was persuaded or threatened into recanting her statement…Only she knows. He who judges before hearing the whole matter commits folly…

  4. Some thing is really wrong in our society of a child can claim she was raped by her father, and the father is subsequently arrested and charged, then the child can just change her mind and say that the charges are all false since she lied about the whole incident and simply made up the story. This is crazy and a waste of state resources and someone should be held accountable. I am also left to wonder how many men are incarcerated simply because a woman state that she was molested or raped. The police don’t seem to be investigating these things properly and I believe as men, we are always “WRONG” whether we did the act or not. This is very unfortunate. Anyone who falsely accuse anyone of a crime, knowing the claims to be false, should have to face the full weight of the law. On another note, I am watching other cases where persons with money are able to use their wealth and influence to cause cases to be discontinued. What a place we live in this Antigua.

    • You’re so right about the police not investigating these claims properly. In the first place, what evidence does the police has to charged the gentleman? I hope that they didn’t just used the young girl word-of-mouth when it comes to charging this man. A rape claim is a very serious claimed. An innocent man life can be mess up mentally if charged and sent to prison on remanded awaiting trial.


    Impressive talk ‘…Therealrastaman.’

    This is nothing short of travesty. Yet the outcome of this Case was a ‘…Foregone Conclusion.’

    The ‘…absconded Police Corporal,’ was ‘…Forgiven’ of his sexual sins.

    Today, her alleged ‘…incestuous daddy,’ was the prosecutorial victim of lies .’
    by his daughter.

    She had obviously ‘…weaved a web of the deception’ on the the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

    Now she has committed the grave crime of ‘…Perjury’ (telling lies under Oath).

    How would it end? Spoil the ‘brat’ to set further ‘…sexual trap.’

    Is she to be allowed to get away with this boldly admitted public lie?’

    Watch it ‘…Duncy.’ Do not ‘…bat,’ neither with your eyes nor on such ‘…Jail-Baited Wicket.’

    You could be ‘…tricked and framed’ and ‘lied’ upon by an apparent ‘…Sexual Tramp.’

  6. If this Girl really did this injustice to her father and to anyone else,or if she is allowing others to influence her in anyway-either way she needs some SERIOUS help..She obviously has some serious Emotional Problems.

  7. I think the police need to investigate the matter more.something is not right why would his own daughter tell such a lie.. the matter needs to be furthur investigate..

  8. @Ashley-It does sound strange to anyone,but what is also strange is that its alleged that he(the father)& the Cop isn’t the only one’s she has accused of molesting her..Seem to be a pattern,i do not want to think that she is so unfortunate that all these men molested her,then manage to walk away,because she has recanted.. I agree something isn’t right here,but if the allegations of multiple accusations are true,then the child has some emotional problems..She could actually have been molested maybe as a very young child and is now acting out.

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