Fatal Pre-Dawn Crash Claims Life of 30-Year-Old Man


Fatal Pre-Dawn Crash Claims Life of 30-Year-Old Man, Leaves 29-Year-Old with Severe Injuries

In the early hours before dawn, a tragic collision involving a pickup truck and a motorcycle unfolded at the intersection of Sir Sydney Walling Highway and American Road at around 3:05 AM on Sunday.

The aftermath of the incident resulted in the unfortunate demise of a 30-year-old man and inflicted serious injuries upon a 29-year-old individual who is now undergoing hospital treatment.

According to preliminary reports, the motorcycle was traveling in an eastward direction, while the pickup truck was moving from north to south as they approached the intersection.

The specifics regarding which vehicle may have disregarded the traffic signal remain unclear at this point.

The impact of the collision led to grave injuries for both the motorcyclist and their passenger. Within a remarkably swift response time of four minutes from the initial call, Emergency Medical Services were at the scene.

Despite the valiant efforts of emergency medical technicians, the 30-year-old sustained severe injuries that tragically proved fatal during the transportation to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old was propelled over the barrier at Harney Motors and onto the premises, where they now find themselves admitted to the hospital with a multitude of injuries.

Thankfully, the driver of the pickup truck escaped the incident with minor harm.

As a consequence of the collision, a portion of the car dealership’s fence was breached, leading to damage to several vehicles on the premises.

Ongoing inquiries by the police aim to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this heart-wrenching event.

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  1. This is the tragic result when people do not obey the rules of the road. Either the motorbike rider or the pick-up driver disregarded the traffic lights, and now someone is dead and another is in serious condition.

    What happened in this accident is not surprising since it is the norm for drivers to disregard the rules of the road. On a daily basis, people will cut across you in traffic, overtake up a hill or close to a curve, rush out from an intersection without regard for other road users, stop in the middle of an intersection and block others, and the list goes on and on. Many of these offenders are unlicensed drivers or are smoking weed and/or drinking liquor, and there is simply mayhem on the roads.

    I have no problem if they engage in this reckless behaviour and kill themselves. The problem is that they take others with them or simply take out others and continue to live. The madness has got to stop! It’s time for the authorities to do something about the madness.

    • 100% correct & it’s not just in Antigua but on many islands in the Carribean, driving laws are been broken & law enforcement is poor. Another poor man is dead & another seriously injured but this really has got to stop.

  2. A motorbike is very loud that you can stay miles away and hear it. The truck driver cannot leave from first gear to 5th gear to have enough speed to hit the bike over Harney unless he was speeding ie trying to beat the light or disregard the light. It’s very unfortunate for the individual who fell over in harney, only if they could drive off with one of the vehicles.

  3. Driving in Antigua is dangerous, period. While driving into town last week I was pass by a driver in a very, very large truck with a joint hanging out of his mouth. I could smell the weed as he almost ran me off the road passing on a blind curb. We can and should be better than this. Are we waiting on a taxi full of tourist to die before we enforce the laws of the road?

  4. chupzzzz r u know quite well that almost all drivers disregard traffic lights after 12am so stop being hippocrites. it’s very unfortunate that someone lost their life, condolences to the family, but I do hope this is an eye opener for you guys. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ROAD USER AFTER HRS TAKE YOUR TIME AND FOLLOW TRAFFIC RULES FULL STOP

  5. Do they test drivers for substance and or alcohol consumption in matters like this? Condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.

  6. If you’re gonna go through a red light during the wee hours of the morning,because of fear of something else like robbery,look be cautious b4 you do it,well @least time am not hearing,seizure and lost control 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  7. I saw someone post that Antigua killed thier national cyclist and now did the same to Dominica’s. No, a careless driver knocked down Antigua’s cyclist and the Dominican cyclist did not adhere to the traffic signal which caused his own death.

    very sad end result 😢


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