Fatal Collision Claims Life on Sir Sydney Walling Highway


A tragic accident unfolded on Friday morning along the Sir Sydney Walling Highway when a man driving a Toyota Rav 4 was killed in a head-on collision with a truck near the North Sound International Race Track.

The Emergency Medical Services were alerted at 5:46 and swiftly dispatched an ambulance and rapid response vehicle, arriving at the scene by 5:52.

Unfortunately, they found the Rav 4 driver lifeless at the crash site, while the truck driver escaped with minor injuries.

The identity of the deceased will be disclosed following notification of family members.







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  1. Speed Kills and interesting enough of what the commenter “Antigua First” has alluded me to, is that:
    1. we live on a small island
    2. this small island is also a tourist destination for the tourists that wants to get away from the fast life hassle and drassle.
    3. with point 2 above we sell this island as a place to come relax and get away from it all and as a way of staying healthy by just slowing down life’s speed.
    4. Our MAXIMUM speed is 40mph on about 15% or less of our main roads and its at 5 to 15 mph on built up areas and main roads.
    5. Our roads are not potholes and other obstructions free.

    So, with those 5 points above and I am sure other individuals can find many others, my question is So why are we still purchasing vehicles that can max out at 150 to 200mph? even more so why should we invest in vehicles that can go beyond our 40mph limits? If you really sit and think about it, there is no real and purposeful reason for us to have vehicles that can drive beyond 40mph on this tourist destination, health living-style, every corner has a school/church/vendor/house et al, island.

    We should consider slow-paced lifestyles on this island.

    Just my 3 cents; and I know we definitely will live longer.

    • I agree thats the reason we have lowered cars an most of the persons still complain that we are driving too slow …and I’m sure u have said that in sum point of time .. but its a matter of driving responsible

  2. How do you guys know it was speed??
    Y’all was there????

    The last tragic accident everyone was assuming it was speed come to find out the young man caught a seizure at the wheel as witnessed said he wasn’t speeding… Stop assuming it was speed
    Speed is not only thing that causes accident

  3. Jah know. How insensitive we can be in tragic moments like these. We don’t know the finer details but yet we bloody judge. And even if we did, it’s ok to not be a prick about it.
    The tables would turn if we know the deceased. His mom or dad reading these comments, imagine. Be compassionate.

  4. I hv travelled on these roads an no one is emmune to these street
    It can b either either
    We all gather be extra careful even if yu have the right way
    Overtaking not everyone will fall bc to give yu way
    So I say be very vigilant on these faster pase roads
    It’s so so sad
    Especially him leaving behind 2 beautiful lil ones
    Sigh sigh
    An I beg
    now tht the children going bc to school on monday
    As a conductress I am pleading
    Wen the bus stop the children are our main interested an ours while crossing ..also not to overtake when the bus comes to a stop or to drive along side the bus when we exit the school bus
    Be watchfull mindfull an b carefull.

  5. Everybody sitting talking bout speed. Soon as there’s an accident, it’s assumed that somebody was speeding. And I don’t know why but it’s hardwired in y’all head that all the young people drive recklessly and stupidly…. No matter how careful or slow you drive…. Nothing exempts you or anybody else from getting into an accident… every single time, before y’all hear what really happened, before y’all know 100% of the facts… everybody want jump on the “why they keep speeding” train.

  6. @Ayoungdriverwhotiredofy’all. 99.9% of accidents are caused because of speed, and 90% of the drivers are YOUNG MEN.

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