FATAL ACCIDENT: 29-year-old woman is the country’s first road death for 2022


Update on Fatal Accident

The deceased is 29yr old Lashauna Bridgen of Yorks.

She was pronounced dead by a medical doctor at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center at 10:23 am.

The traffic department is conducting further investgations into the incident


Fatal Accident

A 29yr old female of Yorks is recorded as the country’s first road death for 2022.

The allegations are that she was walking from East to West on Friars Hill Road in the vicinity of Village walk when she was struck by a car traveling from South to North on the said road.

She was transported to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center by the EMS, where she was later pronounced dead by a medical doctor.
The alleged incident occurred around 5:45 am on Thursday 20th January 2022.

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  1. My condolences to her family. I hope the driver did the responsible thing although it would be traumatic and may have consequences.
    We need to both walk and drive more safely. What about having safe walkways for pedestrians who have to traverse these spaces on foot. When roads are being constructed there needs to be more in the planning than just the width, length and strength of the road. There also needs to be sidewalks, drainage and pedestrian crossings.

  2. I do see an increased number of persons utilizing the main roadways as a means of exercise both with and without reflective clothing. I am a careful driver and many times I have left my home early in the morning for work and have had to pull away from persons walking in the road. This is a danger waiting to happen. We have football fields in most villages, Sir Viv stadium, YASCO and YMCA. Our people need to utilize these safe spaces. This is a tragedy. But there are solutions to the problem. I have to point out as well, that there are some people who may utilitize the stadium for example, and then still somehow end up on the main road walking which is beyond me. I think there are measures that can be out in place to prevent other tragedies like this. I have never been to another country where this is legal. Such a young young soul gone for nothing. This is really sad.

  3. Roads and streets were not only originally made for cars There should be a mixture of all means of transportation on our roads. Walking, Driving, Biking. More speed bumps and street calmimg techniques need to be implemented here. Too many people driving crazy on these road.

  4. We always tend to blame drivers (even tho allot over do) but pedestrians think they are made of iron. They don’t cross when it’s safe they just think they can cross anytime they want. I am speaking generally not about this specific tragedy. I drive as well as walk & if am crossing the road I ensure the driver sees me before i walk out. Even at an intersection in town I can never understand why a pedestrian have to walk in front of a vehicle trying to cross over after getting a lil space to pass before other vehicle who have the right of way…WALK BEHIND THE VEHICLE…not all the time a driver see u. Then they wanna argue with u…sigh pedestrians must do better..the law also need to put things in place to curb issues drivers hav with them/us.

  5. The roads here are very small and drivers have no respect for pedestrian , look at market street you can barely walk and drivers are not respecting the pedestrian, plus they are no side walk there anymore .all been taken up by vendors, the street are crazy right now a lot of traffic, you have to be really care walking and crossing the streets

    • Condolences to the Family and friends of the young lady.May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

      @ Rosetta: All they(Traffic Dept.)have to do block off Market Street certain hours of the day. Then reopen it in the evenings when there is less pedestrian traffic. There is a street in the heart of the City of Denver. It is known as 16th Street. On weekends,Friday evening to Sunday evening it is blocked to all vehicular traffic,to accommodate the crowds on that Street. All of the businesses make arrangements to open very late into the nights on weekends.

  6. This is a travesty, a car stopped to allow the young lady to cross, then a car speeding and overtakes the stopped car, a kills the person, drug her 20 + ft. What a shame. People drive to fast on friers hill rd. May the lord bless her and her family.

  7. I have read some of these comments an you all sick my stomach,she’s my fren she was going work, it’s abvious this driver speeding an not paying attention,she’s not crazy she wouldn’t run cross a dam road,so some of Yu all need to stop judging an shut the f****,up.just the other day I was on a pedestrian Crossing an two veh stop for mi to cross an another veh decided he’s not stopping I had to run back he over take one the veh an even wen see mi he didn’t slow I pannic an ran back an that’s wen he came to a stop an telling mi I could pass an I got so upset I told him drive I am fine smh,so Yu all need to stop justify drivers actions wen they kill person an stop making excuses for them this really pains me that she’s gone😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

    • Im so sorry for your loss. Reading these comments and hearing ppl blaming her when they dont know the full story really makes me smh. This really have me feeling away. Rip to your friend. I pray you and her family finds comfort.

    • I hear you, but how many drivers stop to allow a crossing without signaling to the driver behind the reason for them stopping? Taking the time of the incident into consideration it would have been dark.. and she was wearing all dark clothing. I feel for the driver and the victim. Rip.

  8. plenty of those drivers have pedestrians as animals no human courtesy what so ever. Rain fall they splash water on you. a vehicle stop to make someone cross the street next driver mad assume the one in front wasting time they overtake recklessly. Those drivers need to be charged for tremendously for the reckless behaviour. Condolences to the lady family

  9. This is just an idea. Perhaps they should build a walkover at Woods Mall Area. It would allow pedestrians to walkover the Highway unimpeded,by the traffic.

  10. Someone suggested that the Sir Vivian Richards stadium walkers also end up on factory road . The roads around the stadium are also used as adjoining roads from factory road to old Paraham road . The government closed off the road that was designed for this and gave it to car racing.

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