Farmers Return From Trip To China


The group of local farmers and technicians from the Ministry of Agriculture, who recently traveled for training in China, have left their mark in a positive way.

The training programme formed part of the Chinese-funded agricultural project involving the Yuan Longping High-Tech Agricultural Company.

Team Leader and Senior Research Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Ms. Maudvere  Bradford was named  Best team Leader while other Awards for being the outstanding Top three (3) participants went to Shyenn Smith, Louis Yearwood and Erica Philip.

Congratulationss to all the winners and participants of the training, well done.



  1. Please do not introduce any plastic cabbage, peppers, potatoes and artificial meats. Keep it organic!

  2. The staples of life; Food, Shelter, Clothing…
    The chinese are going after the two most important staples; food and shelter to take control of them in the Nation.
    Remember the saying, those who controls your food sources and supply controls your destiny.
    It ironic that the government is now seeing it fit, to invest in the science of agriculture, yet, when the ACLM with the help of Cuba was attempting to do the same thing, they were totally shut down with the reasoning, that Castro and Cuba were Communist. Yet here comes a Communist regime doing the exact same thing.
    Beware, and be aware!

    Local farmers who are rejecting the push by the Chinese to control the Agriculture Sector should look at BAM-FX, and their technology.

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