Farmer Still in Critical Condition after Hit and Run on Monday

Steve Alphonse

A fresh appeal is being made for blood donations for an elderly man who was struck by a vehicle early Monday morning.

Steve Alphonse, 78, was rushed to the hospital after he was reportedly knocked off his bicycle while on the way to his Creekside farm to tend to his livestock.

The elderly man received injuries to the head and was placed in an induced coma.

On Monday, Alphonse’s friend, Sylvester George, reached out to the media making a special appeal for primarily O-positive blood or any other type, and for the driver of the vehicle that struck the farmer to turn themselves in to police.

George told Observer yesterday that his friend was still in need of blood as his condition remains critical. He said a report was also made to the police. Police could not be reached for comment.

Alphonse, originally from Cooks Hill, was found lying in the bushes by a passerby who saw his damaged bicycle on the side of the road.

Further details of the accident remain unclear.

SOURCE: Observer

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  1. Dear cowardly hit & run driver,

    This is a heartfelt plea to give yourself up to the relevant authorities immediately, so that you face up to your callous actions and leaving this poor man for dead without checking on his wellbeing.

    I hope you are not trying to be clever by turning up with a legal practitioner (like the last hit & run case on Friars Hill Road recently) to try and plead your innocence. Tarl!

    If you’ve any conscience whatsoever, you’ll do the right thing and come forward for this poor family and his concerned family and friends … you know it makes sense, especially as Tigua is such a small island.

  2. @Brixtonian
    We live in a consciousless society and it reflects in so many ways.
    The laws are weak concerning hit and run. The consequences are minimal. The police investigation department still use antiquated methods for crime enforcement and investigation. The fact is, they are a lazy and incompetent bunch.
    This person is unlikely to turn themselves in, for we live in society with out any conscious.
    Many potificate on subjects they know nothing about. Many write in a jiberish language for they lack the ability to out together an English sentence.
    As a society, get taken advantage of: they get pissed on, and think it’s raining.
    An example: it was announced that British Representative in Antigua and Barbuda gave a few thousand dollars to aid an Initiative for the disabled. At that time I said it was chicken feed.
    Now she lunches. It’s Antigua and Barbuda resources that are being spent and extended for her travel and her logistics to enjoy some sushi. This is a case where a small hand giveth and a bigger hand take away.
    Keep plugging…. A time will come when we get rid of King Thief and the Pussy Cats.
    I wish this 78 year gentleman a speedy recovery. The circumstances around him are a stark reminder of the state of this society when a 78 year old man still farms and rides his bike to make a living while we throw resources the the representative of our colonialists.

    • @Vernon…
      …truth to #facts!
      ..:no need to add,
      …nothing, to that!
      …for, your #truth,
      …’tis, a #fad
      …and, it’s sad! Sad! Sad!
      …and, MUST make more People Mad!
      …really, really, really mad! Mad! Mad!
      …since, he could be
      …anyone, of Us dad!
      …fu real! Fe real. It’s a pity!
      …how, HUEmanity is becoming
      …has become, so shitty!
      …and, this is very #becoming!

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      de ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard
      Vere C. Edwards

  3. Driver, please do the right thing and come forward. Go see a lawyer and let him/her accompany you to the nearest police station. Accidents do happen. Nothing wrong with that. But your action thereafter is not right. Only makes things worst for you in court later on.

    • @From The Sideline…Jumbee_Picknee would like you and the rest of the HUEman World to know…

      1…the British High Commissioner, the Governor General and his wife can lobby the Windsor Palace for enough CCTV equipment(s), to at least cover all of the Nation’s main roads. Once, they’re strategically placed and because of the mostly flat terrain with several high hills, monitoring of these roads is a breeze.
      Example, a Camera strategically located, placed at American and Factory Roads should cover the entire Factory Road corridor, east to west from Sunnyside to the South Gate of the PM’s Ministry…north to south from Old Parham Rd to just beyond the Police Headquarters.
      Heck, even a $100.00US solar powered security camera can do this. You can zoom for almost a half a mile with these, much less industrial models.

      Get real and demand more and better, than a measly 10K USD grant to assist those in the #Challenged_Community.

      De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard!

    • @SBSTB…and, “time will tell” is your and the authorities solution?

      Move U, #blurnclath_idiat 😹🕳(pussy_hole) fram de place, wid U phuckery!

      You MUST volunteer for the Musk Experiment to have implants put into your brains and ship you to Space!

  4. Who that wicked person how can you deal with something like this do you have a heart know one sees you but the fsther up there sees you do you have a father have this old man to dead that mans pain how how god will deal with you .

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