Farmer Browne venturing into manufacturing. Sweet potato fries coming


Farmer Browne: Reaping the first two of over thirty banks of orange potatoes.

First reap goes to constituency feeding program. Balance to make sweet potato fries.

Farmer Browne sweet potato fries coming soon, to a supermarket near you.

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  1. Yep, just what local farmers need, competition from a millionaire playboy/politician! We try and try, but his do you compete with this? What a horses you know what! And does he not see his mustache when he looks in the mirror? I mean, come on, shades of a certain German chap circa 1939.

  2. 4 marijuana plants to ease the citizens mind, make laws to put the licence fee high so he and his colleagues could capitalize with yamco/ NAMCO and monopolize the marijuana industry with large acres of land

    Compete with the local farmers and said it his son’s farm . Is this conflict of interest? Is it a greedy, grinchy lepricornish mentality?

    To be a greedy leader I is only word in your dictionary

  3. You think he using his position as PM to get publicity and free advertising and marketing for his farming business?? That’s what it looks like to me. You think Trump could advertise his Trump hotels overtly like this while he was President?

  4. Eat food. Gaston nah tap eat food. See how much more food you can eat. Gwan like are we nah wa food fa eat to. Nah worry man

  5. Please, we all know why you went into farming. The potatoes will come in handy for thanksgiving day, candied sweetpotatoes anyone?
    I cant wait for the mushrooms.

  6. I thought he said he was going to farm COCONUTS AND AVACADOES but in a few short months Melons and Potatoes are reaped. The farm was running long before he came out and said he was Farmer Browne. Conflict of interest, competing against Farmers. DAM BAD MINDED MAN.

  7. This guy thinks he is invincible/untouchable……As a head of state and you are conducting this kind of business. This guy is a very selfish dude. The funny thing is there is no one in the cabinet will say anything as the older ministers are too busy shoring up their fleecing schemes, and the young ones are taking notes in an effort copy the fleecing schemes. For him to be acting this way (competing, bragging, talking loosely) doesn’t appear he cares if his party retains governance in the next election. He probably thinks his seat is secured and even if the party become the opposition his salary will be the same except the PERKS and AUTHORITY that comes with the head of state title. In that event he has set himself up for private business and don’t worry because his opposition politicians will patronize his business as they did with the building in Ebenezer. Wikid set ah people!

  8. Great leadership. I hope and trust others will follow and see what is possible if you just put your mind to it. This man has shown to be a real entrepreneur. I can’t wait to see the first sweet potato fries in the supermarket. And believe the people from City West will get free fries and all that now. You think Serpent will follow that example? Not that greedy man. I’m just waiting to hear about the next fund raising to keep Observer on the air. Covid hard for everyone. And few companies putting out adds.

    • @sideline
      Are you going to lend them the money? We know a lot of people want to go into farming, but neither have access to government lands or money. Their wives are not minister of lands so they can get all the lands they want. Gaston is a selfish bastard.

      • Why you guys always feel that things should be given to you. Learn to work for what you want. You think Gaston didn’t work for what he has. I thought only Barbudan had that kind of mindset, but it seems to be a UPP thing. That is why they are so proud of their social programs when they were in office. Instead of that Gaston has put in place an Entrepreneurial Development Funds. And especially young farmers can get loans at very low interest rates. And by the way did you hear him say he got a loan from ECAB to start farm. Someone had to pay back the bank.

    • Sideline, I truly hope you’re in the minority thinking that this is great leadership. Gaston Brown claim to have millions and millions of dollars, why is he competing with the local farmers? He is greedy, corrupt and dictatorial. Gaston, his wife and son taking Antigua people and resources to the cleaners. Sideline, open your eyes before its too late. He will distract you by dangling free fries in front of your face, while he raking in millions over your head. Don’t be stupid!

      • Of course we are in the majority. You forget we won 15 seats and you guys only won ONE. And that one was a very small margin of 35 votes. You guys may want to believe you have made some headway, but you are only fooling yourselves. First of all competition is healthy. Second the market is large enough as we produce much too less that we have to continue importing. And third Gaston has called on Antiguans so many times to invest in their country, but as they don’t, he has to lead from the front and show them that it is lucrative if you put your mind to it. You won’t see him on the market selling his produce. That I can bet you. Perhaps many more Antiguans with money should put their monies to work and take some risk. That way we would not need all the foreign investment.

  9. I guess his farm is doing so well that he soon will be hiring people from his constituency and pay them $300 per week. They will then have all the potatoes and water melons they want so they won’t have to buy food.

  10. Farmers like Purcell should be ashamed if the PM who is not an educated farmer can come and lead the way. I have spoken many times to him about Agriculture Produce like dried onions. Why should the supermarkets be importing dried onions when he always has a problem with a glut in production? And that goes for many other produces. Sweet potato fries are just one. So much more you can do with sweet potato. You can make flour e.g.

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