Farmer Browne makes it official


PM Browne: I have incorporated Farmer DG Browne CO Ltd, with my two adult sons as directors to avoid any conflicts. I am the sole shareholder of the company, which I have previously disclosed.

I borrowed a couple hundred thousand dollars from ECAB to invest in the farm and also invested some of my personal savings.

The primary focus will be the development of a coconut and avocado orchard to reduce the amount of imports.

As a serial entrepreneur, who has invested in many businesses prior to becoming PM, I had the option to invest in a safer and more profitable business.

However, I felt compelled to lead from the front, to contribute to our food security and food sovereignty, to reduce our food import bill and to encourage more investments in this sector.

The general crops that are produced will be shared with my constituents and with public institutions.

Whereas, as electors you have the choice to vote for me; you have no sovereignty over how I spend or invest my legitimately earned income and borrowings.

Our government has provided fertilizer, built dams, cleaned lands, and cut roads to private farms.  We recently introduced a new policy to establish wells and place solar lamps on these farms.

In addition, we have made all agricultural inputs including vehicles to be used by farmers, free of duty and taxes.

There are over 2000 individuals who were given farm lands, but most remain abandoned.

We would encourage those who are hoarding those farm lots, that they start to produce, or turn them over to other [capable] and commitment individuals, who would like to enter the farming space.

So In summary, this is a high risk investment that I have undertaken to contribute to our food security and food sovereignty.

This is the only investment I have made since becoming PM, other than building a home at Jolly Harbour.

If the primary issue was about profits, I would have invested in a different sector, possibly the profitable housing sector in which I have significant experience and profit success.

We should all commit to saving and investing to grow the economy, to create jobs, in building an [economic] power house.

[Let’s] encourage entrepreneurship, no Matter how small.

The EDP was established to fund entrepreneurship in the productive sectors including agriculture, at a low interest rate of one percent.

We cannot build an economic powerhouse in idleness, envy and  criticisms.

Join me in investing in our agricultural sector that contributes less than one percent of GDP; and in reducing our over-reliance on stale,  imported goods, in support of good nutrition.

Much love and blessings.

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  1. Well said and well done, Mr. Prime Minister. You are leading the way. This is entrepreneural socialism at its best. The way has been opened for the common people to make a valuable contribution to our great nation. You are leading by example. Only people who are not well in their head would criticize something like this. Thank you sir. You make us proud. Agriculture is one of the most honourable profession there is. This will encourage the small farmers especially, the back yard gardeners, too. Those who were granted the use of land for agricultural use, and are not using it, must have it taken away from them. You will have the support of all sensible Antiguans if you do so.

    • ( FARMER BROWNE THE BEST AROUND TOWN.). Hope Senator Coin BROWNE and Donna Chaia see this and read on Their SENSIBLE PEOPLE SHOW.

  2. Why does Gaston keep stating over and over again that he was a successful businessman before becoming PM? Is he trying to convince us?

  3. TRUE LEADERSHIP. You are a man to your word. Leave All the NAYSAYERS behind. UPP must be going crazy trying to post something negative. CONGRATULATIONS to the BEST Prime Minister in the world Hon.Gaston Browne.

  4. Can’t wait for this Saturday when Hon.Gaston Browne will bring out the BULLBUD to deal with HAROLD LOVELL , SERPENT , ALISTER THOMAS , Sean Bird and the other Candidates of the UPP.

  5. @ FREDERIC G.

    You are the best . I am laughing my a***s off. I will definite listen. Hon. Gaston Browne…CONGRATULATIONS.

  6. Is there any Prime Minister in the Caribbean has INITIATIVES as our HON.GASTON BROWNE ? I like this FARMER BROWNE. FANTASTIC.

  7. The Prime Minister is a good and decent man. All of our neighbouring islands are totally jealous. His only interest is the people of Antigua and Barbuda. God bless him He makes us proud, and I didn’t even vote for him. Whew!!!!

  8. Instead of competently running the country and helping make business opportunities for other Antiguans (who are not his relatives), this clown is just trying to continuously enrich himself

    • Obviously, you have no social conscience. “Ridiculous”, all you can think about is $$$. Not all Antiguans are like you, thank God. The PM is an honest man, a man of principle, deeply rooted in his Christian upbringing. He IS a man of the people, and that’s why he’ll be in office for years and years to come.

  9. Farmer Browne??? His only interest is filling his pockets. Keeping it all in the FAMILY is job number one. He does not give “two dungs” about those who voted him into Elective Office.The time spent enriching himself.Why he does not help those poor and downtrodden in the Constituency.Show them the way to become successful. He would not do that. Because those folks would become independent and self sufficient. No longer depending on him for handouts.Them Politicians inna Antigua like persons to come a begging.

  10. Antiguans have a history of not been resourceful. We always look for the government to give. Look for the tourist to come. Look for the free medical care. But as individuals, what have we done lately to contribute the economy rather than just taking from it?

    There was Papa Bird who paved the way. There was Lester Bird who expanded on the infrastructure.

    Now there is the new man, PM/Farmer Browne.
    This man is telling you the right things and he is leading by example.
    It is not the first time you hear him telling you to do these thing that are mentioned again in this article;
    “We should all commit to saving and investing to grow the economy, to create jobs, in building an [economic] power house.” “[Let’s] encourage entrepreneurship, no Matter how small.”

    And now I am hearing that 2000 farmers got FREE agricultural land and not doing anything with it. Come on people, wake up!!
    Also, of the young persons buying expensive cars, how may of them bought at least 20 shares in WIOC that was offered to the public? This is just one car payment invested that could have you to leave a good investment for you kids.

    Kudos to “Farmer Browner”
    Oh! And not only that he is getting into farming; He went and got it incorporated and branded with a professional logo. Local farmer, please take note.

    • Most black Antiguans are struggling to make ends meet with the low incomes and high costs of Living. If they manage to get a house, after they are finish paying the mortgage and buying food what do they have left to invest? Most public servants do not even qualify to buy the homes the government is building because of their low salaries and they are the majority of working people in Antigua.
      People only have the luxury of thinking about investing when they have money to do it. You and Gaston can keep talking about People investing, but can ordinary Antiguans go to the bank to borrow $200,000 to invest without collateral? Or even a smaller amount for that matter?

    Is he competing with the supermarket man to make retail farmers and their families starve? Will Government businesses that bought from the small farmers now have to buy their stuff from him? How long will it stay at pears and coconut? When will the tomatoes and the potatoes and the egg production start?
    When will all this end? When will we return to sanity? What have we done to have this plague of locusts visited upon us? Help, Lord. Some of us have learnt our lesson.

  12. Wealth gotten by vanity shall diminished. There is a difference between leading by example and leading by greed

    • Stay on your lazy ass and complain all you want. There are people other than the PM who are embracing entrepreneurship.

      Jealousy and BADMIND will never go out of style. You can’t pin no illegal activities to him, so you bex he took the LEGAL route to establish a business.

      Instead of using your brain for badmind and envy, think of ideas to invest in.

      • Amen and amen. Heck, if I were a catholic I’d cross myself right now! You are totally right. THINK OF IDEAS TO INVEST IN!

  13. JEALOUSY. JEALOUSY . Why all UPP People so jealous of Hon.Gaston Browne? All you UPP are so damn lazy and afraid to invest.CONGRATULATIONS Hon.Gaston Browne.

  14. There was an article just published saying they can’t find land for all the new farmers.. but I guess as the PM, with collateral and running the country, you have privileges.

    Must be nice! Smh

    The Rich Get Richer!

  15. The bottom wipers will always agree what their master say for a piece of crumbs, probably they are paid commentators can’t differentiate between truth and jealousy .

  16. Government lands were obtained for the farm. The produce will be shared with public institutions. Aren’t some local farmers selling produce to these public institutions? Does this mean they will be loosing business?
    People may not have a right to tell you how to spend your money but they do have a right to question the conflict of interest of using government lands for your private farm to complete with local farmers.

    • No. Antigua is importing lots of produce. Do you understand economics? Do you understand trade deficits? We need to import less and keep the cash in our country.

      • We need to do all that. But let the public do it. Do you and Gaston not see the conflict of interest here? Gaston and his family should not be using public lands to enrich themselves. Is Antigua a real country with real people or a country where Gaston can do whatever he pleases and thinks he is above being questioned by the people who voted for him. This can only happen in Antigua where Gaston knows his people are like sheep.
        I wish he would stick to what he was elected to do and stop trying to use his position to enrich himself and family. Name me a venture he has undertaken that does not involve the country’s assets? It doesn’t matter if his children are directors, it is still conflict of interest. And to think that his wife is minister of lands so they can get as much as they want. Why is APUA renting his buildings in south mall and Paynters? No body else have property for rent? Why is government money going to him? And who negotiates a fair rent?
        There is an apartment building in Sutherlands owned by a private individual that the government would rent units in when Cuban health care workers came to Antigua. The building is now for the most part empty’s does up for sale. I am told the Cubans now stay at South mall.
        When government’s money, whether for rent or otherwise, is used to fund a minister’s private enterprise, the people have a right to question.

  17. Just another creative enrichment scheme from dictator and traitor Gaston.

    Where are Nigel Christians executioners?
    Where are Nigel Christians executioners?
    Where are Nigel Christians executioners?
    Where are Nigel Christians executioners?
    Where are Nigel Christians executioners?
    Where are Nigel Christians executioners?

  18. I have never seen a bunch of People who just wait to CRITICIZE everything the Hon.Gaston Browne does. Hon.Gaston Browne is a leader and will always lead by example. All the CRITICIZMS are coming from those Lazy UPP Supporters. UPP does not have any ideas. That is the resson why the 2023 election will be as follows..


    • You are right. A lot of these criticisers need to just get a life. They are mostly troublemakers, and most of them are HARD TO LIVE WITH.

    • You need to avail yourself of common sense and stop supporting Gaston’s use of government lands to enrich himself and family. Your posting makes you appear foolish and a lap dog. There are many Antiguans who think like you and I am really concerned for the future of this country. No accountability.

  19. FARMER BROWNE. ….Please give some thoughts to the following …..( FARMER BROWN THE BEST AROUND TOWN )..

  20. All I know my PM is not a farmer. He doesn’t know anything about farming. He has no agriculture education. But he is a entrepreneur that knows what it takes to do things and to get things done.
    It’s really about time the legal bills be placed before parliament to allow the government to take back farm land from people who are not using it and who are also delinquent in paying their leases. Because I can tell you their is a receivable list of delinquent farmers so long. People just figure government cannot make them pay.

    • Yes, cancel their leases NOW, and give the land to people who really and truly want to FARM it.

  21. No. Antigua is importing lots of produce. Do you understand economics? Do you understand trade deficits? We need to import less and keep the cash in our country.

  22. Establishing wells and solar lights on farms – when did this start?
    Just another example?
    Duty free on gym equipments – When was that implemented?

  23. There is an element in Antigua that likes to steal people’s farm produce. I hope he knows he is going to have to hire a lot of security.

  24. You believe you are high and mighty and superior to everyone else so cannot be asked to account by Antiguans and Barbudans. Stop trying to make money off the country’s resources, whether in Antigua or Barbuda and we will have no need to question how you spend your money. Have you sold off the government lands you stole in English Harbour, (it was a steal what you paid for it), for huge profits? This is how politicians get rich in Antigua and then brag

    • No wonder some of the poor remain poor if they choose to think like you. Continue with your envious poor-me pity party and you will remain stagnant.

  25. Growing food to give to your constituents? Why don’t they have jobs to buy their own food? I guess feeding them is one way of bribing them to vote for you. Don’t you know that politicians involved in bribery are breaking the law. Ask Dominica.

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