Famous lesbian couple engaged in Antigua


One of the most famous American power couples for sports is engaged to be married.

US Women’s National Team co-captain Megan Rapinoe proposed to her longtime girlfriend, WNBA legend and four-time league champion Sue Bird, while on a vacation in Antigua.

Bird turned 40 on October 16 — less than a week removed from winning another WNBA title with the Seattle Storm — so Rapinoe organized a surprise trip to the Caribbean island with some of their closest friends.

sue bird megan rapinoe.JPG
Sue Bird (center) and now-fiancée Megan Rapinoe, a star for the USWNT, speak with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. 
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The pink-haired superstar and reigning Ballon d’Or winner popped the question during their getaway, and Bird posted a photo of the magical moment on Instagram Friday evening.

“The one cool thing that I did post championship, because it was my birthday coming up shortly after, Megan got seven of our friends — there was nine of us — set up everything, totally surprised me, and it was this huge trip,” Bird said on the “About Last Night Podcast” with comedian Adam Ray. “There’s three of us — two other of my really close friends from childhood — were all turning 40. So it was basically like this 40 birthday bash and we went to Antigua, which was amazing. Beyond amazing. So amazing.”

Rapinoe and Bird met during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, and since the soccer star plays for OL Reign — the NWSL’s franchise based in Seattle — the duo made plans for when they returned to The Emerald City. They began dating later that fall and, since Bird came out publicly the next year, have become one of the most famous power couples in professional sports.

Bird was on hand to celebrate after her girlfriend led the USWNT to victory in France at the 2019 FIFA World Cup and, before the semifinal match, famously wrote a tribute to Rapinoe’s bravery for The Players’ Tribune titled “So the President F*cking Hates My Girlfriend.”

sue bird megan rapinoe.JPG
Sue Bird (left) hugs her now-fiancée Megan Rapinoe after the striker led the USWNT to victory at the 2019 FIFA World Cup. 
Michael Chow-USA TODAY Sports

In 2020, Rapinoe returned the favor, joining Bird in the WNBA’s bubble at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, to watch the point guard lead the Storm to another championship. The striker — who wrote an article for The Players’ Tribune of her own — could be seen sitting courtside during nearly every one of Seattle’s games, and she celebrated alongside Bird after her team secured the trophy.

megan rapinoe sue bird
Megan Rapinoe (left) points to Sue Bird after the point guard’s Seattle Storm won the 2020 WNBA championship. 
AP Photo/Chris O’Meara

When the duo will tie the knot still remains to be seen, but the wedding is sure to be a star-studded affair.

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    • Don’t be shortsighted. If you live in Antigua, then it matters. This is free advertising for your economy since both are quite famous.

    • @????:It is news because they are Lesbians. Men and Women get engaged every freaking day.It is not a publicized issue. Because that is not normalcy any more.However,two women and or two men getting engaged.That is news worthy.That is what normalcy becomes in this world of today.Same sex marriages coming to a place near you,soon,Antigua and Barbuda.

      • Your position doesn’t hold up. Men and women, women and women, men and men do get engaged every day. Most don’t make the news. Why did these two women make the news? It’s because they are famous.

        Therefore, famous equals publicity. Not famous equals no publicity.

        Your turn.

        • Because that is NOT the norm in Antigua and Barbuda. It is NOT. That’s why it’s news. If you live in Antigua, you’ll know that.

  1. This is all one big joke, right!!!! Just some kind of a shock and awe publicity stunt, I suppose. Where are their masks????

    • Stop with the racist bullshit. There are plenty black lesbians and antiman out there too. In fact they exist in all races and cultures.

  2. Oh how low we stoop, nah how low A.N.R stooped. This is not news and you can call me homophobic or any other names the rebellious humans of the world like to ascribe on anyone who doesn’t accept the foolishness they bring to us. I love them as human beings but not what they’re trying to force us to accept. Killing and stealing is a sin but the world doesn’t embrace the actions! You can try and argue that it’s their life, free to do whatever they want. But if you look at the world as a boat and we are all in the boat, then someone starts to drill a hole I bet then it becomes a problem for everyone. Saying this to say A.N.R by you posting this article your giving them the exposure they seek so bad. And remember children do what they see. It takes a village to raise a child.

    Let’s see if you post this. The last time I commented on an article that you posted about the political analyst from Barbados getting married you didn’t.
    Couldn’t help but wonder if I STEPPED ON SOME TOES

    • You have the right as a heterosexual person to marry who you wish to marry but at the same time you want to limit and prevent others from having the same right to marry that you have. You are a bigot and want everyone to comply with the rules YOU think we should all live by. You do not have the right to decide how others live their lives. Live your own life and stop trying to dictate how the rest of the world should live.

    • You are not bitter, and you are very loving and caring, not matter what they say. 95% of those who are Antigua born will agree with you, I am sure.

  3. Well well we are getting closer and closer to acknowledging same sex union. I won’t be surprised if that will be announced next year. This world is such a messed up place.

    • You have a problem with people loving each other? And what happened to the term “judge not, lest ye be judged?”. If they want to be as miserable as we are in our heterosexual marriage, let them be miserable.

      • Are you implying YOU are “miserable in your hetrosexual marriage”? I hope not. Otherwise it’s time to get some serious counselling.

      • Steve go look for Adam and stay off my comment (you remind me of a certain troll). I said wtf I said. We are getting closer closer the acknowledging same sex union. You 🏳️‍🌈 people are so annoying trying to force your lifestyle on others.

  4. Dem small minded fools dat hate are bringing Antigua down with there prejudice opinion. God loves us all

  5. As much you may not agree, or be accepting of the idea of same sex couples, a large portion of the world does! If this story which is being shared globally by other media outlets helps to boost the Antigua tourist economy, you should all be grateful. Reading some of comments, makes me realise just how backwards some of you are. Not that I wasn’t aware of that before!

    What I would have liked to have seen in this story, is a feature on the resort where it happened and maybe a comment from the staff. Negative comments don’t persuade international people to travel to our island!

    Do you think that only Antiguans read ANR?

    • So if a large portion of the world start eating there children would it be acceptable to you? And I’m tired of people like you thinking that showing gays and so called famous people in media outlets boost tourism economy. I you knew anything then you would realize people has been traveling before social media and different media outlets advertising. And the records will show that less tourists arrive to ours island since the mid 90s, due to rise in air travel.
      Finally if you travel any you would know that no one can persuade you to travel, you do or don’t want.

      • Well… One thing I do know, is the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’! You’re showing your own ignorance! As for your comment on showing ‘gays’ and ‘famous’ people… It’s called marketing, and whilst true that people have been travelling to Antigua before so called ‘social media’ along with other media outlets, without that media (or word of mouth which came before that) there would be less people travelling to Antigua. If you want to argue marketing and economics, feel free to step forward. It’s not about being persuaded to travel, it’s about putting that destination before others when making the choice. The same as buying a brand (more well known) beer when you walk into an unknown bar and you’re confronted by a large selection. Guess it’s all wasted on you, so start with learning correct grammar!

  6. Chups. 2 hole gone to waste. Why their parents dint bring them when they were younger so they could get jus a taste of the Antigua Pineapple, dey skent might have been saved.

  7. Several leaders from Africa point out that there is no homosexuality among Black people. They say it’s a European, white people thing. They say the few Black people who are influenced by it are Black wannabe Whites. Hmmm. There might be something to this??? Think about it anyway.

  8. People it is publicity. Same way Ashanti was here a few weeks ago. People go on vacation all the time. She was on vacation. It made news because of who she is. Same thing.

  9. Congratulations Megan and Sue! And to the rest of the World reading this article and all of the shameful comments above, do not think that these hateful views represent the people of Antigua. These comments come from the few trolls who post negative comments on ANR regularly. Rest assured that Antigua is a relaxed and friendly island…clearly Megan and Sue had a lovely time! Antigua offers the best of everything in the Caribbean and we welcome everyone with open arms!

  10. …and, in the not too distant future, they’ll be back in Antigua, to adopt some less fortunate child/children, and indoctrinate them into, the #NewNorm, of the #Globalist Agenda, as their pets!

  11. Since the so-called religious community is so set against same sex marriage, i wonder if they will be as outraged by this as they were when the UPP tried to pass the law the same religious community called the antiman law?

    • @Cool Ruler…🤔🤔😂🤣😅😴 shhhssh! Dem(Christian Council) cyant say nutten! Dem #gadfaddah de pope dun Kum out, a he catacombs and tell de World wah, neargah dun kno!
      #Vatican, dat run religion, a #Antiman Klan, sat min dey hide, inna dem dungeons!

      The Christian Council cannot oppose, what the Vatican, their Master and god has being admitting for decades, with settlements in the hundreds of millions in the courts.
      The Christian Council has to follow, what the Vatican dictates, and the present pope has come out from his catacombs, and is publicly supporting these types, of Unions, as in male/male, female/female, therefore, they have to lap their tails, between their asses, and comply!

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