10-Year-Old Boy Found After Being Reported Missing



The 10-year-old boy who was reported missing today has been found.

Kaedon was found around 5:30 not far from his residence in Yorks.
Police said he appears to be okay, however a full medical check will be done.



Family members are seeking the assistance of the general public in locating a young boy.

Kaedon Tyquan Simpson went missing Friday around 6:30 pm from his residence in Yorks.

Matter was reported to police by his father today.

Kaedon is 10-years-old.

The police are currently in search of him and are asking for assistance. If you have any information please call 722-1522/725-4837.



  1. Is the boy living with his father.Where is the boy’s mother.The Police should be speaking with her.If she is not living with the boy and his father.

  2. I pray that this young child is found safe.
    I hope his family can find peace at this time.
    Behold children are a heritage from the lord, the fruit of a mother’s womb.
    Please keep the public updated as his family is in our prayers!

  3. That child should be sent back home to his mother in dominica.and police should do a proper investigation into that matter.theres alot behind that.the father should be locked up

  4. Chupzzzzzzzz he want 12 lashes inna he likkle tail. Wasting da public and police time looking fu he likkle rude azzzzz.

  5. So what happened to him? There is no transparency in Antigua at all.. we need to know what’s happening with our children.

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