Family robbed on Jabberwock Beach


Rachel Fuller gave a detailed account of the incident:


Yesterday my husband, son, sister and I were at the shallow end of Jabberwock just east below the dunes from the kiteboarding trailer.


Two young tall guys came to rob us. One had a golf club came from the front and the other guy came from the back. Both had face coverings, t-shirts/ bandanas.



One was taller and dark skinned with dreads and the other was lighter skinned with lots of tattoos, possibly 5.9/5.10.


An altercation took place and the two ran off. One, the lighter skinned guy, threatened that they had a gun he was going to get it.


He had numbers or letters on his chest quite large ones and another swirly tattoo detail on his left upper outter tricep/bicep area.


Not sure if the other had tattoos my brain is a little foggy on that detail.


The tall darker guy cased us earlier in the afternoon, walking past saying hello in red high-top converse.


We’re white and we’re driving a rental car so they probably thought and profiled us as tourists. That’s all I can give you I’m afraid. Time: 3.25 ish.




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  1. Someone said yesterday on ANR that Antigua is civilized…. To that person, you see wagwan?

    Outright robbery like that is third world me a tell ya

    • Yeah there are no robberies in the “first world” whatsoever.

      Hope these low-life cowards are caught and dealt with. I hope the family is not overly traumatized 😕

      • Japan is a perfect example with almost no crimes. Why is the crime rate high in latinos and black communities around the world. Is there something wrong with our mentality?

        • Sound so damn stupid. I guess when a white man blow away 5, 10, 50 people with an assault rifle in the US that it does not count as crime or not civil.
          Or those nice Japanese who prostitute poor Korean girls or fundle their own little girls on public transport, I guess that is very civil because the culture supports it.

    • You sound so ignorant. Where you live is so civilized? I am sure you are in a place where the murder and crime rate are much higher in one day than Antigua’s.

    • @Damian ´ A US congresswoman has had her car and possessions snatched from her at gunpoint in a DAYLIGHT CARJACKING in the city of Philadelphia. Mary Gay Scanlon’s gov-ernment phone and ID were among belongings that the TWO ROBBERS took. The Democrat was not injured, her office said.´

      This is one of many cases that happens in the Great US of A. Is it a third world country

  2. I think the local police is taking us to Jamaica situations by driving all day with new cars and not doing anything for that baby crime

  3. Jabberwock Beach is becoming robbery central. Second robbery I have heard of recently on that beach. Not good for our tourism or just for the safety of our citizens who wish to use the beach.

  4. I miss Antigua in the 80s when you could leave your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition, your home front and back door wide open and no one will think of touching it!
    I also remember that if you have a problem and you call the police, they will come quickly and handle the case with positive results!

  5. Jabberwock has never been a safe beach, too much bush around the beach and lots of isolated spots there. Too many bad things have happened there over the years, remember the young lady and her boyfriend that were found there murdered in their car trunk. If anyone sees young men with wounds about them and he matches the description above, speak up before they go back to hurting more people again.

  6. Just coop them and deliver head shots then leave their bodies there for the police to find ..them fuckers qill learn then .

  7. Glad that they are okay. Those are very good descriptions provided. Get to work police. Hope you find them soon.

    I agree with @Ralph Johnson, “Jabberwock has never been a safe beach”.
    The place has not developed and is very isolated.

    • Coin Dadly the problem is the people and not the beach and its surroundings. For years I have been preaching this we have a people problem.

      Why blame the beach and its surroundings?

      If we had a better quality human intelligence it would matter not what the surroundings look like.

      We have moved away from principles that worked for us, and adopted the north American principles that did not work for them and expect to have the same quality of life that we previously embraced.
      We are more sick than any other time in our history and we are doing it to ourselves.

      CABĹE TV, AND THE AMERICAN DIET what do you really expect?

  8. Just supposed that family had a gun and used it to protect self. What would most of you say then? That a white family used a gun on two black men. When in fact as the lady did say,they came to rob them,one had a golf club. A golf club can be used to inflect serious bodily injuries. It can be used as a defensive weapon and as an offensive one also.

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