Family recounts terrifying ordeal at hands of police

Home at the center of last's night episode

A Belmont family is contemplating legal action after accusing the police of rampaging through their home, assaulting them, and even threating to kill a family member.

The terrifying ordeal reportedly happened after 10 p.m last night when Sharon Williams was getting ready for her bath.

She told Antigua News Room that she noticed a male figure with a bright light trying to enter her house and tried to prevent him.

Williams says the man later identified himself as a police officer along with several others.

She said the lawmen had no warrant but she agreed for one of them to conduct a search because of her familiarity with him.

The officer rampaged through the Belmont home and told the owner that they are in search of her son “June June” who is known to the police.

While searching her home the woman said the officers accused her of lying to them about the whereabouts of her son, called her the worst names imaginable and threatened to kill her son who she says left the home moments earlier.

All this was allegedly done in the presence of the woman’s three daughters none older than 14-years-old.

Williams says police officers also destructed her property by damaging security cameras which had been installed outside her home for security purposes.

Security cameras destroyed

A report was made to the police but the woman said the high-ranking police officer she spoke to, did not have time to hear her of her plight.

“Them ah come for arwe like we are robbers and thief. We the mothers ain’t crying we are praying because we are tired of this now,” Williams cried.

This is the fourth occasion that Williams says police entered her home in such a manner.

“Them ah abuse arwe family very long,” she added

Over 50 heavily armed police officers were reportedly on the woman’s street stopping various individuals and vehicles in search of “June June.”

It was during that operation that lawmen recognized two of the “wanted” man’s relatives.

June June’s 19-year-old uncle told ANR that the police officer identified him by face, accosted him and asked him where his nephew was.

When he said he did not know, the officer allegedly struck him across the face bursting his lips in the process.

Vanilla Lane in Belmont is where lawmen picked up the teen

But the man’s ordeal was not over as officers detained him and his cousin. When they arrived at the Police Headquarters, the man says the police brutalized him, inflicting several punches about the body.

He alleges that the police officer then tried to pin a fire arm on him.

“And the man take out a gun from down ya so (his leg strap) and ah force em in me hand.”

The man said he held the gun after the policeman elbowed in several times in his rib cage.

The teenager says the officers took the gun once they forced it in his hands and wrapped it with a cloth.

The police officer allegedly threatened to stab the teen and to take him to Devil’s Bridge to throw blocks on him.

The two boys were not arrested or charged.

Their mother wants to know “wa mek them knock me pickney.”

“And this gun they put on he had that one serious serious something,” the woman said.

The family says they will seek to take legal action against the police.

When contacted Deputy Commissioner of Police Joseph Hughes says he met with the family briefly on Thursday but had to cut their interview short due to an important engagement.

He says he wants the full story before taking the matter further.

Lawmen are on a hunt for criminals who are jeopradising the safety of residents, especially in the last few weeks.

ANR understands that June June is being sought by police in connection with the Golden Grove chase which resulted in a crash.



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  1. The Deputy Commissioner of Police had to leave for an important engagement? Nothing else could have been more important than addressing the police brutality inflicted on this family.

    • Oh please. We have three armed and dangerous thugs roaming the streets causing mayhem. This families son might be involved and he should listen to the cries of this family over some shake down tactics of our police to keep our country safe? You can’t be serious. Police don’t stop at all until June June is apprehended. Bad seed needs eradicating.

  2. These police are watching American television and learning how to abuse. That’s poor policing, how about using better policing resources that will actually bring results.

  3. these parents know what their kids are doing. …..y would the police show up at his doors they did not come by mines ….they need to start popping them …..they are harassing the citizens of this country robbing and killing

    • Really , ????? I guess you really don’t know the law and more so one is innocent till they can be proven guilty ….

  4. If this is so as the lady says, then this is no way to treat people,especially from an officer. Thy know who they want but there’s a better way to find who they want without using such drastic measures. In the US we here how white cops treat black people and we are so upset about it but right here in Antigua some of these police are doing the same, and it’s not ok at all. As a police you do have some authority but it seems like , and I’m being honest, that some of these police officers are acting like bad man so called. No need for all of this bad man, rough talking drama. Criminals out there doing crime as police do your jobs at a high standard and don’t behave as criminals as well. Our little children are watching and reading the news.

  5. What a bunch of crap.
    Those officers are a disgrace to society.
    To protect and service my foot.
    I do NOT trust the police.
    The Commissioner is just the same.
    If the top slack the middle and bottom can’t tight.

  6. Them like threaten people and for get them have family..and when u say things back to them they want to do u the most things but jah nar sleep…

  7. Strange!! with all this that this family claimed happened up to now “June June” no show up.

    And check yah, if you go say he far doing he own business and no know…bet you with all the security cameras they have..all of them have cell phones to call “june june” and let him know what is going on…and still no june june.

    And if “June June” know he no doing nothing to be in need of by come still no “June June”. Bewary, apparently “June June” know why he is being sort by the police, that is why no “June June” maybe he arh hide by “Auntie May May”!

  8. Wicked. Wutlis. Slack. Disgraceful behaviour.

    I was one bigging up the police yesterday for taking those two people into custody after tall dem car chase. When they do good, they will be praised. When they do foolishness, they will be condemned.

    We know that the the head of the force is rotten to the core. But those good officers who are hanging on in there, you guys really need to pull together and be the light at the core of this organization. And when your colleagues do crap like this, condemn them!! You don’t have to do it in the public but you should be taking a stand internally. Do not be silent. Good cops are our first line of defence against the corrupt, wicked and rotten elements.

  9. These mothers out here knowing that their “precious children” robbing the day light out of Antigua and Barbuda and still they will hide and protect them as long as they get to profit from the proceeds of crime!

  10. Really, what do you people want? I am not saying the police right to treat people so, but some of these parents and family know what their children are doing. Look, jun jun na show up home yet, why? Look at the mother and son in Potters where they found gun and drugs. He took the wrap for a second time. And that house look small and have camera in a tree for protection. Yes, for protection but from other criminals who may come for her son. Anyway, the police should have handled it differently but what do we want?? You can’t bake a cake without breaking a few eggs.

  11. As old ppl say. “Fisherman never wanna say when dem fish stink” I hope the police find him soon.

  12. Jun jun is one person his family did no commit a crime is time police stop abusing ppl its wrong y try to pin a gun on someone dat they no nun about deal with jun jun or whatever his name I lose all respect fir police

  13. is police our protector. they love set up, bad tactics . if it makes me sleep safe and don’t have to worry I welcome it, but just don’t bring it on my step or else.

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