Failure of Government’s remote-learning initiative sparks deFreitas’ worry about students’ future

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Franz deFrietas, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s City South, is deeply concerned about the future of education, here in Antigua & Barbuda, and the Nation’s youth.

DeFrietas’ concern is focused on the current remote-learning platform that most schools have been utilizing since the pandemic began in March last year, and which, he believes, has failed.

Even teachers have said that children need to return to face-to-face instruction, since the remote-learning method has caused many students to fall behind.

DeFreitas estimates that more than half of the country’s school-aged children – at both primary and secondary levels – are not receiving the standard of education required to meet tertiary-level entrance.

It appears that the Government does not know how to use this platform optimally to ensure that students receive the best education possible, deFreitas says.

Accordingly, he says,  he personally has put mechanisms in place to help students to learn.

The Government recently instituted a policy of mandatory vaccination for children aged 12 to 17 years, ostensibly to ensure that face-to-face learning can resume.

This is deFreitas’ response to that mandate. (REAL NEWS)

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  1. You bwoy you cant run a government from behind a mike Monday to Friday 11:00-11:45am then 12:05-2:00pm or 3:00pm some days.

  2. He can’t run a government after spending countless years building up Trump country. He is out of touch with the Antigua and Barbuda reality. Constantly begging for money and seasoned rice will not cut it.

  3. What a WASTE OF TIME. FRANZ His own home muchless Government. FRANZ will lose His deposit. WASTE OF TIME !!!!!

  4. T.M.LARTON I can assure you that if little Maria Browne can be in government and run a Ministry, Franz Defrietas with his experience and innate intelligence can run ten (10) Ministries (compared to Maria Browne). What was Mrs. Browne experience and qualifications before entering politics. Partisan politics aside, you guys should try to be a little more objective.

      You need to take a break. You become annuisance to this.medium. Tabor. You and Franz are FOOLS. WASTE OF TIME.

      • T.M.LARTON what I would like to get from you is an objective comparison of Maria Browne and Franz Defrietas. I say again of Maria Browne can be a Minister of government, Franz Defrietas can be a Minister ten times over. Counter that position and stop engaging in argumentum ad hominem.

        • Franz that went to America accomplished nothing, came back to Antigua looking work(which he got at Observer Radio), never built nor bought a house in his life yet, he now living in his brother’s house ….
          He’s only running on UPP’s ticket because Michael Burton was sick then passed…so we know running was never his intention….. he was in another man’s land playing marbles and now trying to run a big city trickery on Antigua people? Begging all over the place and you see nobody actually benefitting

      You need to take a break. You become annuisance to this.medium. Tabor. You and Franz are FOOLS. WASTE OF TIME.

  5. Whether you like the guy or not, he’s got a point. The youth if Antigua and Barbuda were already behind educationally on the world stage. The pandemic has only made that worse. Changes are needed.

  6. De Freitas is a racist moron, why doesn’t he go back and live in Africa. But I am sure they won’t want such a moron. Lovell is really scraping the barrel with this one. He looks gay…..maybe he is! He speaks like an uneducated fool. Trying so hard to speak local…….live in USA and now want to bring his racist crap here…..shame on you Lovell

  7. The way these people just deflect from the issues, with no reference to the problems at hand. We see the smoke screen and we’re just going to bypass it and continue to ask the relevant questions. Just a bunch of farts trying to start fires with the gas fumes from their tail pipes. See you back here tomorrow with another bomb scare on another topic.

  8. I am 19 years old…..and I still see no point in making the vaccine mandatory I don’t intend to take it either for ik not what it does to my body I have seen for myself what it has does to people who took it and they choose to cover it up……what must I do to get some freedom , freedom of choices? Do u think that it is fair? It is sad at a young age seeing how cruel people can be and pretend that they actually Care but do they really? Am crying out on 5ye behalf of me and other youths

  9. Mr. DeFreitas homeschooled his children, and although I do not know him personally the academic accolades his children has achieved is a testament to his dedication to education and higher learning.

    I have heard the personal testimony from the invigilators that monitored his children while sitting their respective examinations and a majority were amazed at how disciplined they were.

    The arguments relating to education are standard throughout the Caribbean; the education system is antiquated, it is a remnant of the British colonial era, the politicians and education officials lack foresight, however, at the end of the day parents are responsible for molding and investing in their children’s education and Mr. DeFreitas evidently did not shirk his responsibility in this regard.

      • JUST SAYING in this case we share the same opinion but that is because her arguments are compelling and irrefutable. What you need to do is to present your arguments to counter hers. I look forward to your response.

        • To be honest I never read her post. I read yours and would have picked up on the point to highlight the mistake we always make in believing that the minute someone’s opinion is in synchrony with ours then it is correct.

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