Face to face classes best option for students, minister says


Education Minister Daryl Matthew is defending his ministry’s decision to reopen schools face to face from September 13.

This is in the face of a spike in local COVID-19 infections even among children.

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  1. I find the rising of the COVID-19 the government want put our children in harm’s way. Parents our children. I am very scared and when something happen to our children all we getting I am sorry. Nothing. I know they have to learn and it feel to me like they are going to wing it with our children and hope for the best.

    Those that have internet the children can stay home and those that don’t they have face to face. The place will not be crowded.

  2. Agree 100%. Those who want keep dem pickney home can do so…..afterall its your right…to use one of the covid buzz words.

  3. I do think if children have the infrastructure at home to learn remotely then parents should have the option to utilise the remote learning …but the ministry is pushing for face to face contact because they have not mastered the art of remote learning. So in an attempt to hide their deficiency they are pushing for face to face. That is the crux of the matter.

    • That’s why you born a PROBETA CHILD..not sufficient water to create a simple HUMAN …take care about your comment,next time IN VITRO PEOPLE

  4. Photo shows teacher wearing mask incorrectly with plenty loose space at the bottom.
    Doesn’t inspire confidence with anxious parents.

  5. If people don’t see yet, they will never see. The earth system has taken over and legislators are assuming the position of Gods. The followers are already in line and are following man without even thinking. This is only the beginning.

  6. These people are very confused, here they are closing gyms and bars for adults and they are hell bent on opening schools for face to face learning, being fully vaccinated does not prevent one from contracting Covid neither transmitting the virus to other people therefore the school can never be a safe place for our children. Ministry of education should let each parent choose whether they want their child to do face to face or online learning after all it is our right to choose. I for one, I’m not for face to face learning especially with deadly delta around.

  7. It has its advantages and disadvantages its a scary decision to make rhose kids who jus past common entrans would need ro be at school to build a foundation but at the same time the rise in covid is risk taking.

  8. Is it not you ANTIGUANS that say daily theres no covid….. ITS ALL A CONSPIRACY so why you all acting scared to send your children to school its obvious they getting dumber & dumber as the virtual learning isn working.
    MOST dnt even have internet what is most necessary to assist younger elementary children….parents hardly paying attention they have little to no interest…time….committment…… in helping their children with everyday homework / leaning..their childrens EDUCATION IS THE GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBILITY.

    I fail to understand how all of a sudden you all scared to send your children to the classrooom…… remember theres NO COVID!….

  9. A lot of us take all kind of injection when we go the hospital. A doctor can say he giving us water when it’s really soda.

  10. Where they get this education minister from.. u see cases r rise and Dr Simon r say it nah go get better but wah put pple pickney at risk pple nah work cause the place lock down, when dem sick who go give money for them go doctor y’all dumb af….y’all waiting for a student or teacher to get it to send pple kids home again eh lol way papa

  11. Right up until they start catching it too then watch it idiots backtrack on their bowlsheet “Face to face classes best option”. Another fine example of All Bowlsheet Lying Politicians, the ABLP.

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