Face masks not going away just yet



The Cabinet focused upon Covid-19 and assessed its continued impact on Antigua and Barbuda, the Caribbean region, and upon several countries in Europe.

In light of the resurgence in Covid-19 cases in several of the nation’s tourism source markets, Cabinet repeats that all health protocols are to remain in place even during the New Year.

All citizens and residents are to continue to wear face masks; they are to continue to engage in sanitizing the hands; and to engage in social distancing, as far as is possible.

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  1. bubububut…we got vaccinated! What a joke! A product that doesn’t work unless everybody takes it, which will never happen. Like one of those pump & dump schemes. Can you imagine if these people came up with an HIV vaccine? They’d be handing out condoms with it. lol

  2. … And tell the tourists to keep wearing them as well, when they are out and about on our beautiful island. I saw many of them wearing masks under their chins, and watching many video vlogs hugging hotel staff, going into our local shops and stores without them.

    I can bet you that after the Christmas & New Year tourist season, Antigua will get another ‘high spike’ in figures of the Covid-19 virus due again to tourism.


    • I’m glad to see a lot of Antiguan’s are finally waking up but I have to ask… what are you going to do with the KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH and the LIES our government has been feeding us?

      Knowledge alone is worthless if people don’t DO ANYTHING with it!

  3. Masks have NEVER protected anyone from a virus, ever! There are numerous studies proving this. Masks, hand washing and distancing are all useless procedures against virus spread as are lockdowns and quarantines. What all these measures have in common is social control. You are being ‘groomed’ to mindlessly obey orders. STOP OBEYING THESE CRIMINAL PSYCOPATHS.

    Why are governments pushing protocols that are know by the people to be ineffective?
    There Are Now 365 Studies that Prove the Efficacy of Ivermectin and HCQ in Treating COVID-19 — Will Anyone Confront Fauci and The Medical Elites on Their Deception?

    • Fauci holds the patent on Moderna which all the other vaccines are based on. No conflict of interest there. Fauci makes more than all federal workers, including the president


        We have some newly leaked emails from Pfizer. Ever since the Covid-19 vaccines dropped a year ago, people have been speculating they may contain graphene oxide as an explanation for mysterious side effects that have been seen. A Spanish lab claimed earlier this year to have found graphene oxide within a vaccine batch.

        Now, though, we have internal emails that show how Pfizer discussed responding to questions about graphene oxide. In those emails, Pfizer’s reps admitted that there very well could be graphene oxide in the vaccines. They had no way of ensuring it wasn’t tainting their ingredient supplies, and they did nothing to prevent it from getting into the vaccines. They just said it wasn’t on the ingredient list, and that was enough for them.

        But then Steven Hayes, a “medical communications scientist” with Pfizer, said that Pfizer should try and hide that truth. Quote: “If we have the ability to specifically omit it, we should.”

        • More power to you Angel, and don’t listen to shills like ‘SAY What?’ he’s being paid to attack those who are telling the truth and releasing the facts.

          In the UK, there’s a whole industry of people being paid to discredit people like us – BECAUSE THEY ALL KNOW THAT WHEN THE TRUTH COMES OUT THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!

      • Keep up the good work Angel, people like us (though few, but growing in strength everyday) are given an alternative viewpoint against the vaccine agenda, and I for one, encourage you to continue.

        History in time, will show that we are on the right side of truth.

    • Give it up you ‘paid shill’, it is so obvious that you are being paid to discredit. Explain to everyone how you aways seem to have ‘ready made’ responses every time someone has an alternative viewpoint – SEEMS TOO POLISHED TO BE AN OUTSIDER … YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE.

  4. @The Editors of Antigua News Room – ANR, is there anyway besides your archives, to access comments from past COVID-19 reports?

    RE: the etymology of words…
    …the prefix and the suffix plays their role’s in understanding what the word is saying!

    COVID-19 and its subsidiaries are by far the biggest business ventures of HUEmanity to date. No doubt, and they’re fashioned from their parent companies templates of the #Roaringv#’20s(1900 – 1950). History does repeat itself.

    The #etymology of COVID-19…

    A…prefix – COV = the coefficient of variance! A mathematical equation used in statistics, marketing and finance all of which are intricately involved with this pandemic.
    The curve which has played such a significant role in explaining the rise and fall in covid cases, deaths, etc can all be explained and analysed by using the principles, of the COV – coefficient of variance.

    B…the root – ID = Identification(the vaccine cards)
    ID – is also the id/ego which drives HUEman behaviour and, as is evident from the behaviour of those in charge of dealing with this pandemic, #EGO is off the charts!

    Yes, yes, yes the virus and its variants are causing problems for many of us, however, many of Us would be crazy to think that this #WAR😂🗣🗣🗣is going to end anytime soon.
    Dig in and live for the long haul with COVID-19 and its band of Wuhan Ninja Mutants as our enemies.

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