Ezzy Rattigan and Tian Winter capture 2018 Soca Monarch titles


The catchy groovy tune by Ezzy Rattigan has won the singer his first groovy title and his second crown. Rattigan performing in position number two san Syrian Soca to a relatively small crowd at carnival city.

He also walked away with a $50 thousand purse, the largest in the competition’s history.

His cousin, Tian Winter dethroned rival Ricardo Drue in the jumpy segment. Drue did not secure a place in the competition.

Winter sang “All for one” to capture the jumpy title and a 50 thousand dollar grand prize.


Second runner-up: Claudette Peters
First runner-up: Tian Winter
Winner: Ezzy Rattigan


Second Runner-Up: Menace XL
First Runner-Up: Claudette Peters
Winner: Tian Winter
People’s Choice: DJ Who

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  1. Antigua again will be the laughing-stock of the Soca world, with the poor quality of our songs, and competition in general. Remember when “Kentucky” was our winning tune? Remember what people thought of us? Remember that Trinidad decided to withdraw our automatic spot to the finals? Well, this idiotic song “Syrian Soca” (which lacks both melody and harmony) will reinforce their belief that we are a bunch of clowns.

    When singers and producers spend countless hours in the studio, and a huge outlay of cash to get quality recordings to the market and Ezzy Ratigan can come with some bull$hit and walk away with the crown, it will be a big turn-off for the other competitors.

    The miserable turnout on Sunday night is testament that this Soca show, after a few years drawing massive crowds, is in need of urgent medical assistance. I can visualize Barnes and Straffie salivating in anticipation of …..

    It is said that Calypso and Steelbands are for the older folks. This thought process was responsible for the “demotion” of Calypso and the elevation of Soca to the Sunday night. What a flop! What a FLOP!

    Believe me, after witnessing the Junior Calypso Competition, and this year’s senior competition, Calypso will rise again. And very soon, because there is substance to behold. I’m convinced that with “Sage” and the new young crop of Calypsonians emerging, we will be going places.

    Calypso never was, and will never be, a brain-dead artform.

    Forward ever! Backward never!

    • Syrian Soca is not KFC. To liken the two on the basis of “gimmickry” alone is a lazy excerise.

      Trinidadians have been taken advantage of the African beat for some years now (Olatunji). So if Ezzy wants to use Syria, then so be it.

      There was melody, there was verse and chorus. But most importantly, it was a good harmonisation and a good interpretation of how the Syrian music would gel with soca.

    • Who cares!? Antiguan soca has always been humorous from it’s inception – Flames even Swallow. That’s OUR style. We don’t compete locally as some stepping stone for Trinidad. Syrian soca will also win Road March, gwaan cry bout it..abeeeey

    • Check ya facts…..it is the jumpy winner who gets the automatic pass not the groovy winner not that Tian going anywhere cause he go just go down there and do what…..drop off words for Ricadro…….

  2. How did tian win jumpy monarch when he only do the intro, sang one line of the verse and two lines of the chorus and talk for the rest of his time on stage. Not because he is flow brand ambassador and flow is the sponsor of the party monarch means you handed him the title. Ricardo beat tian hands down, but I see what’s going on Ricardo is leaving the soca arena for the younger incoming artist ànd them vex. Flow your show getting boycott next year. You all too badmind and those judges needs to be fired for failing to do there Jobs properly and never to return.

    • They had to give him something to.make him look good seeing there was no way for him to beat Ezzy. CP won the jumpy and they know it….

  3. How can a man making downright mockery of persons with a speech impediment make it into the finals of such a competition? How is it that the young lady who performed donning police affire was allowed to do that?

    When all is said and done the organizers will tout success of the carnival using their yardstick but this will go down in history as one of the lightest carnivals we have ever seen! Singing is not my forte but them songs ain’t saying nothing this year. Thankfully we embrace other peoples culture their songs, their ways of doing thing or else jouvert would have been a flop!

    • Its people like u killing our music. Ilike Lyrics Man songs, they remain me of old Tim Buring Flames where you could get a real workout from jamming not like these copy and paste Trinidad songs.

  4. Who Care’s about Trinidads soca and their high quality our things is our thing if they jumping over devils bridge we should jump over too? we don’t have to compete in their one-sided competition.

  5. A lady on a talk radio show at approximately 9:23am this morning said the reasons Tian won were that he has the songs, the looks and the COLOR. What color has to do with winning can anyone elaborate as I am black like tar!

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