Ex-Google CEO’s Patience: Alfa Nero Superyacht Unmoved Over 60 Days After Purchase


Luxury Launches – Eric Schmidt is a billionaire, a boat-lover, and an incredibly patient man.

The ex-Goggle CEO bought Oceanco-built superyacht Alfa Nero for $67.6 million at an auction held on 16 June 2023.

Despite purchasing the luxury vessel nearly two months ago, the Alfa Nero hasn’t moved an inch from Falmouth HarbourAntigua.

68-year-old Schmidt was given a seven-day deadline to pay the Antiguan government.

However, cautious lawyers advised the billionaire philanthropist to wait before transferring any money until the court controversy was ironed out.

It has been more than 60 days since the auction, but the technologist hasn’t been able to sail his pleasure craft home. Yulia Guryeva-Motlokhov, the daughter of Russian oligarch Andrew Guryev, succeeded in halting the sale of the ship by claiming to be its rightful owner of the 267-footer.

The pool area of the Alfa Nero.Via Charterworld

During a meeting on 28 June, the cabinet communicated that Schmidt had shown “a willingness to dispatch the resources; however, because a judicial decision is pending, he was advised by the lawyer to wait a day or two until the court made a decision.”

The master cabin of the Alfa Nero.Via Charterworld

One wonders why the billionaire displays such praise-worthy patience when he could easily buy any other superyacht.

We can think of two reasons- one is that the $120 million superyacht in excellent condition sold for nearly half the price with all niceties intact.

The dining area of the Alfa Nero.Via Charterworld

Secondly, commissioning a new superyacht will obviously be an expensive affair but also take at least two to three years to build.

Take the example of sports billionaire Shahid Khan for instance.His latest boat Project Jag was sold to him in 2019 by Moran Yacht & Ship, and the $360 million vessel was launched in Rendsburg, Germany, only this week, after four years.


Affluent yacht enthusiasts know that waiting for a yacht for so many years, along with all the back and forth over designs and technicalities, is time-consuming. 
Project Sakura a 72 meter long superyacht was sold in a record 6 weeks.

Why else would the Dutch shipyard Feadship’s 229 feet long superyacht Sakura sell in just six weeks?

With a Japandi-style interior and family layout Sakura Yacht, one of Feadship’s 16 ongoing projects without a finalized owner, sold without any trouble owing to the relatively short delivery time and the opportunity to bypass the waiting list.

Eric Schmidt is an experienced yacht enthusiast with not one or two but four yachts over the decades.

While the elegant Alfa Nero is his latest purchase, Schmidt already owns a 254-foot commercial icebreaker-turned- luxe superyacht Legend and the $25 million Feadship vessel, Gladiator.


He once owned Lurssen Oasis worth $40 million, which he sold in 2017.


Will the businessman wait and win victory over the daughter of the fertilizer tycoon Andrew Guryev and sail the stunning Alfa Nero home?

It certainly looks like it.

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  1. Other than his legal fees for the transaction Eric Schmidt has no other cost. Any legal cost up the bid is his.

    He is not involved with the current litigation. Neither is he covering the cost of maintaining the boat. Any and all cost is that if the Antigua and Barbuda government.
    One can argue it’s found money, even after all the cost the the Government has incurred.

    Number one: Eric Schmidt is in a position to ask for a discount. He didn’t leave Stanford and go to Google to guide his students because he is stupid.

    Number Two: Like all Super Yachts, this boat is likely to be displaying all sorts of rear Russian art and artesian objects. Could be worth another $10 to $25 million.

    Of course we claim ownership of the boat and its contents; but we’re not smart enough to place them in conservation, and sell at a separate auction.

    Our geniuses and enrichment team miss this one. Too late now !!

  2. Writer of this article, Mr Eric Schmidt has not bought the vessel Alpha Nero. He won the highest bid of $67.6 million dollars and is now awaiting the decision by the court before proceeding any further. No money was passed so he therefore does not own the vessel currently much less bought it.

  3. This squandering Antiguan Government couldn’t wait for this boat to be sold so they can dig out the eyes fellow Antiguans as they’ve done for years now.

    We all know why the rush to sell this mans boat, nothing but greed.

    The Gatson Brown lead administration saw this fat cat out there sitting in them beautiful waters of Falmouth, and was licking their greedy lips.

    This government is broke, and they are also corrupt, so when or if this $67mil get into their hands, I for one wouldn’t be surprised if hard working Antiguans who are waiting for back pay and overtime pay don’t see a red cent from it.

    But you’ll keep having faith in this greedy, corrupt GOA, because I don’t trust them one bit.

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