Ex-cop who shot alleged intruder charged, bailed


Former Police Officer Everton Francis has been charged after shooting an alleged intruder last week.

The charge is shooting with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Francis has already been granted bail in the All Saint’s Magistrate’s court.

A police source told Antigua Newsroom, there is disagreement on the bench as to whether the former cop should have been granted bail.

On December 20, a man described as an intruder was shot in Jolly Hill, Bolans.

The man was reportedly trying to enter a dwelling house when he was allegedly shot by the ex-police officer.

He was reportedly seen in the area the night before, giving rise to suspicion among villagers.

This is not the first time that Francis has had brushes with the law in 2010 he was convicted for shooting a Jamaican man confining him to a wheelchair his appeal also failed.

The ex-cop had been ordered to pay $250,000 compensation to Damien Watson following an incident in Jennings in March 2007. Watson was shot after Francis said he pulled a cutlass on him.

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  1. I did not know that people who are charged with gun offense crime are granted bail. I thought the gun law was amended that we can only seek bail in the High Court. I could be wrong.

    • I do not know people who stops inherently dangerous crimes/criminals and whose self-defense claim is corroborated by witnesses are charge with a crime by officers who have no form of legal training in criminal law, criminal procedure, constitutional law, administrative law and tort. How could you make a person an officer, to enforce the law, basically practicing law but they are not at the standard of a law student/attorney at least within those specific area of law that literally makes up 100% of their work, the pith and core of their duty.

      The sad part is, the retired officer still think the officers at headquarters are his friends.

  2. What is the problem here? The guy (former cop) shoots a burglar and then he is charged with a crime instead? What kind of justice system is this??? Former cops should be allowed to possess guns because they have been trained. With the crime rate in Antigua going up, I am 100% comfortable with former cops being allowed to own and carry guns by the government.

    Let this man free! The only thing he is guilty of is shooting a criminal, and the only thing the government should do to him is giving him a medal of honor for keeping the rest of us safe!

      • Grimy Boss, I guess people should leave criminal to kills and rape, is that what you want? what kind of life you live for you to want criminals who is committing inherently dangerous crimes like burglary, arson, rape, robbery and kidnapping to be left alone to commit their crime? You are truly a grimy boss


    Not sure if the ‘…real rastaman’ understands the criminal law and how it shall be enforced.

    While the constitutional ‘…presumption of innocence’ shall prevail, still not sure if he has all the facts before arriving at conclusions or making suggestions.

    Citizens are obviously concerned over an apparent ‘…rising crime rate.’

    While they may protect themselves from criminals, it is law enforcement responsibility to seek legitimate ways to reduce it.

    To own and carry a firearm has never been a problem.

    Problems often come with use that might be starved of justification.

    There are limitations as there is justification of use.

    Going beyond these could be problematic for anyone who decides to take certain courses of action without being able to show justification.

    Outside the knowledge of investigators, no one seems to know the facts and circumstances.

    In the instant case, there may have been sufficient ‘…prima facie evidence,’ suggesting ‘…foreseeable consequences.’

    Seems that the ‘real rastaman’ is ready to put down anyone he believes to be ‘…an intruder.’
    Sure my other ‘…rastaman friend and Duncy,’ may see things somewhat differently.

    Good luck to a former colleague.

    • I have spoken to witnesses who perceived the incident and all of them corroborated the actions of the retired Super Hero cop. I wish current and pass officers were like him, it would be splendid. The information the inspector had, I have, there was no Prima facie case here. For instance, show me the evidence for intent? Show me the evidence that the citizen acted in bad-faith? Again according to the perp, the guy in the hospital, he went to piss, who leaves the street and bushes to go on the property of this retired officer’s friend, by the windown, in the darkest area, to urinate? Are we that ignorant? I leave out the part where the officer said he was pushing up the window. Let us just stick with the parts that were verified. Are we that ignorant to believe this man’s story about pissing?

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