Evangelical Alliance calls on members to pray and fast before elections


The Antigua & Barbuda Evangelical Alliance is calling on the Christian Community to be in much prayers leading up to the General Elections on January 2023.

As a initiative, the executive will meet in prayer and fasting on Wednesday11th January 2023 and will be asking its membership of 63 Churches to be in prayer and fasting on Sunday, 15th March 2023.

Prayer still works and Jehovah God is still Sovereign over all.

Thanks to your attention to this matter.

Bishop Dr. Rolston S.M. Jeffrey


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  1. We have to fast before election….

    Jehova is absolutely going to be doing nothing else in the universe but awaiting the outcome of the Election being held in Antigua and Barbuda.

  2. Agreed because UPP too love OBEAH and DARKNESS. CALABASH and CROSSROADS

    “And we werer told by someone who informed us that an OBEAH MAN put all the names of the candidates of the UPP in a CALABASH and they put it at a CROSSROADS on All Saints Road, which means that all of us will win and all the Labour Party will lose. But when the voting was closed all of us lose and the Labour Party win” ~Wilmoth Daniel UPP

  3. The curse of the serpent continues in our world today:

    “…The behaviour of this person marvels me and THORUGHOUT MY WHOLE LIFE I HAVE NEVER MET A MORE EVIL, DECEITFUL and DISHONEST PERSON. I’ve never met a person like this person ALGERNON WATT. I’ve never met a person like that. It’s the most DISHONEST, DECEIFTUL PERSON I’ve ever met in my whole life” ~Wilmoth Daniel

  4. I really hope this request for prayer is coming from a good place. A desire to see God’s will be done irrespective of which party wins. I pray we have free, fair and safe elections. Unfortunately, often time it seems that prayer is called only to get rid of the Labour Party. Somehow God is pro UPP!!! It disgust me sometimes to see church leaders allow themselves to be manipulated by politicians on both sides of the aisle and to observe our Church leaders become so consumed in the politics of the day it supersedes their primary calling….

  5. Is that “bishop” the overweight, heavy set, obese man that works with the prison?? If so, some Fasting will do him good coz his BMI is not looking good.

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