Evangelical Alliance says COVID vaccine is not the mark of the beast

Fitzgerald Semper

Statement from The Antigua and Barbuda Evangelical Alliance Inc:

The Antigua and Barbuda Evangelical Alliance Inc. (ABEA) wishes to record our continuing concern regarding the COVID 19 situation in our country and the economic and social upheaval it has been causing not only here but across the globe.


We want to stress that our primary concern is for the impact this dreaded disease is having on the lives and livelihoods of our residents; we empathise with those who have lost and who are caring for loved ones; we feel for those whose lives have become stressful and uncertain over the last 18 months as we have tried to cope with this insidious virus.


We acknowledge that the science gives evidence that the vaccines currently being employed are effective in reducing contraction, transmission and serious sickness from the virus and urge our Members to seriously consider using the vaccines as a means of protecting themselves and their families.


We respect and support the rights of those who, guided by their consciences and their diligent research, wish to choose alternate forms of protection for themselves and those over whom they exercise charge.


Further, we urge every Antiguan, Barbudan and others resident here to go beyond the existing “secure, sanitise and spacing” mandates and to actively engage some reliable means of protection for yourself and your families. We are aware that this is a time of great anxiety and stress. We are also acutely aware that there are those among us who have lost their source of income and that others are uncertain of their future employment.


We deeply empathize with you. We issue an urgent appeal to those with the means to begin and or to continue their charitable giving in support of our fellow citizens as we help each other get through this pandemic.


We are our Brothers’ and Sisters’ keepers! The Leaders of member churches of our Alliance remain resolute in our commitment to lending prayer, counselling and material support where we can and offer ourselves and our Churches as willing partners to any person, group or Company willing and ready to get involved in supporting our residents in this way.


We further propose to approach Government to explore ways that we can together develop renewed initiatives aimed at reaching out with helping hands to the most vulnerable in our communities.


Finally, we wish to assure this nation that as representatives of Almighty God on the earth, we stand secure in the knowledge that however frustrating, confusing or debilitating this pandemic gets, Covid-19 does not have the final say.


Our Heavenly Father does!


In keeping with this mindset, we have asked our Members to engage a season of prayer, commencing Sunday 5th September, during which we will petition heaven to heal the earth of this demonic plague. We encourage those of like mind and faith to join us.

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  1. The science never said the vaccine was effective they said efficacious…….two different things in the scientific world.

    Those words are not interchangeable in science.

    As a people we are using a language that we do not understand.

  2. Please Sar which group are you representing?. Money? Which Org has come out and use the money in the store house you people collecting all these years? Prayer? Is not when this thing start prayer meeting shoulda call? I’m not against prayer, but what you going tell God, mek d vaccine efficacious. Again, which group you from because you folks have been silent in every ill inna disya society. Let the true servants of the Almighty, arise!

  3. Fear vs Faith
    Trust Man or Trust God
    Science or Nature

    We all have to choose and have conviction with our choices.

    I find the church have been too silent during these challenging times for too long and the only thing they could come with is vax only

  4. The “wayside” churches have spoken. Some of them even pretend to speak for God. Where have they been all this time?
    Too late. Methinks they have lost their credibility. Then again, some will say “Better late than never”.

  5. Not the “mark of the beast?”…you folks will not know the mark even if it were tattooed on yu 4head. Answer this evangelical a-lie-ance, the book of revelation said “no one can sell or buy except he has 1. The mark of the beast 2 the name of the beast 3 the number of his name , tell the people which one this vaccine move is under.? And tell the people what or who is this beast. You tell us what it is NOT so tell us what it IS!

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