Essential Things Every Golf Player Should Own


Some golf enthusiasts started to play because of the challenges that this discipline presents or wanted to join their friends or work colleagues during the weekends. 


Regardless of how they got their first steps into golf, everyone will need baseline equipment to hit the field and start swinging. Therefore, we would like to share our list of essential things every golf player should own as a quick guide for newcomers looking to golf.

Golf Balls

Depending on your level of expertise, there are many golf balls meant for improving some aspects of your game, such as accuracy or distance. However, water hazards and out-of-field swings will become your biggest adversaries in recovering your golf balls. A great tip for buying them is to base your purchase based on how many you’re losing during a round. For guidance, start at the low-cost bracket of $20 a dozen if you’re losing more than five per round, and then ramp up the costs once your swings begin to get more accurate. Some of the professional-quality golf balls can easily reach $50 a dozen, so feel free to ask around and compare materials and features to choose what may be the best fit for your playstyle.

Golf Clubs

Contrary to what we may see in movies and series, you only need just a few golf clubs to start practicing your swings and supplement those over time once you get the grip and better technique. Beginners should look for a sand wedge, a driver, and a putter, usually the most forgiving when learning the basics. Specialty wedges and hybrid clubs can come second once you feel more confident, especially since golf stores can sell them for discount prices for used models. 


When shopping for golf clubs, the variety available can get slightly overwhelming. There’s also an argument for browsing golf bags on the side to fit all your basic equipment without worrying about space. However, beginners can easily benefit from buying a set of clubs with a bag included in the purchase to save money.

Golf Tees

There’s nothing worse than running out of golf tees in the middle of the course, so make sure to pack plenty of them in your bag. You’ll also see a wide variety of lengths and sizes depending on the course rating, slope rating, and distance. A golf tee that’s too long for your level of expertise will only slow down your progress, so a piece of good advice here is to start short even if you don’t think that may be an issue.


Other pieces of equipment like gloves, golf shoes, and hats are also part of any golf player’s arsenal when going around the courses. While it’s important to invest in good quality equipment in golf clothing, there’s no need to invest insane amounts of money straight away. Golfing combines mental calculations with physical prowess to achieve amazing shots, so having the right tools to practice your swings and learn from your mistakes is only the first step towards success.


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