Eric Schmidt poised to Withdraw from Alfa Nero Deal- sources


REAL NEWS: News reaching REAL News is that former Google CEO and software
engineer Eric Schmidt has backed out of the Alfa Nero sale, and
reports have surfaced that a Cabinet member has been seeking to
make millions from selling the superyacht to another party.

The Gaston Browne Administration has been silent on the matter
these past several weeks. The last time the matter purportedly was
discussed in the Cabinet was on July 26, as the July 27 Cabinet Notes
reported holding a discussion on the sale of the Alfa Nero and the
pending lawsuits.
It was noted that these court challenges were delaying the final
transfer of the vessel from the Government – the current owner – to
Schmidt, who had submitted the winning bid at the June 16 auction.

Several lawsuits are before the High Court and the Court of Appeal,
with one party being the daughter of the vessel’s alleged original
owner,  Russian oligarch Andrey Guryev.
At that time the Cabinet Notes acknowledged that the court cases
might take several weeks to resolve, and therefore payment was
further delayed until such time as the courts are no longer involved.
Now, however, there are claims that Schmidt has backed out of the
deal, despite the Administration’s promise to indemnify him against
subsequent legal challenges.

Sources also allege that a Cabinet member has entered into an
agreement with the second highest bidder, whose offer was US$66
It is alleged that the member presented to his colleagues a legal
agreement that obligated the Government – in essence, the
taxpayers – to foot the bill for fees which totaled several million

This was turned down by the Cabinet, however.
Sources say that Prime Minister Gaston Browne was out of the
country at the time the member approached Cabinet with the
A source is wondering how the Cabinet member could expect the
Government to pay for private work.

Any work done on behalf of
the second-highest bidder ought to be paid for directly by him, the
source notes.

Earlier reports said that an attorney had challenged the Government
for reneging on its own agreement. He charged that the Government

had failed to sell the yacht to the second highest bidder after
Schmidt missed the seven-day payment deadline on June 27 –
reportedly on the advice of his attorneys..
In the meantime, the vessel remains docked in Falmouth Harbour in
the heart of the 2023 hurricane season.

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  1. I also was wondering also why Gaston Browne’s administration had gone so quiet after all the FANFARE about their sequestration – in law – of the Alpha Nero.

    The ABLP were warned about the possible consequences by many concerned parties and the citizens of this wonderful country NOT to get involved because of the possible legal issues that would arise; and could ill afford.

    But would his ‘royal’ stubbornness the Prime Minister listen to anyone? Of course not!


    Isn’t he on some sort of medication?

    Time to order some more Wadadli 🍻 beers, popcorn 🍿 and delicious bullfoot soup 🥣 sit-back and watch the ABLP implode … ahh such bliss!

    • Who’s the member that approached the Cabinet? How is it that Gaston is always absent when questionable matters are present? Are we not at the peak of the hurricane season and doesn’t the vessel still pose any serious threat to the area? The money hawks are not seeing any benefits now so all the talks about security of the area have subsided.

  2. Was thinking that Schmidt must have more patience than Job in the Bible. Not even when you buy a toy on Amazon you have to wait that long to get it.

  3. Why is it that you cannot have the court speed up their proceedings? They are so untouchable is not funny. Some people are in court for years to settle certain private matters. I remember the case between the shareholders of Halfmoon Bay. The original owners, Mr. Kelly and Mr. Cluggy died before any judgement was passed. We need to be able to challenge the judiciary about these things. It is simply not fair, and they are not held accountable. Simple family disputes about rights of property can take ten years in court.

    • Just shut to fuck up @From The Sideline. Your breath is smelling up the internet like those stinking red herrings you’re dragging behind you!
      So now you want to tell the Judiciary what to do? Didn’t you always say, that they’re a separate branch of government unto themselves?
      The Government is fucking with the Russians. Not the Barbudans. Not the Rastafari slave community. No Bruce Greenaway’s family. Not Nigel Christian family. They’re dealing with a Russian Oligarch whose pocket change is Antigua & Barbuda’s entire GDP. Wake to fuck up and smell the dead fish in the fish pot.

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  5. Antiguans are really gullible. Did you guys really believe that this yacht that is worth so much money would be just taken up by the government and sold without any opposition? You people are really asleep at the wheel.

    • May I correct you @ I, the gullible people are the ABLP supporters and acolytes, who NEVER question the out and nonsense coming out of Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s mout’ … sad, but true!

      Please don’t view ALL Antiguans as the same, but I hear what you saying …

    • Wow 😳 wow wow Mr Schmidt the Comodante of Russia President Putin has vow to defend all it’s citizen investment around the world you have done the right thing

  6. Good for Schmidt. Who wants to touch this kind of toxic scene? Only the greedy, compromised and corrupt . What a joke this ALP government and all its dunce elements are, rejoicing over stealing people’s property and trying to sell it! And while they struggle with court cases, the debt piles up,$25,000 weekly,on the back of taxpayers.
    We have to consigned Gaston Browne, ALP and the traitors as well as the dunce elements to the dustbin of history, permanently.

  7. It is very unfortunate that the current situation exists. Besides auctioning this boat it doesn’t appear that any other solutions were put forward to end this impasse. Also the purported owners waited until our Government got the sanctions removed and then made their move to claim. We live in a technologically advanced age and information gets around at the speed of light. What we say and do as Antiguans and Barbudans may very well influence the proceedings negatively and not in the interest of our beloved country. Some of us seem to be quite pleased that the Government’s efforts to rid itself of a problematic situation on all fronts seemingly has encountered some difficulties. I don’t hear any of us coming up with workable solutions and it appears that we are at each others throats.

    • “… Some of us seem to be quite pleased that the Goverment’s effort to rid itself of a problematic situation on all fronts seemingly has encountered some difficulties. [And] I don’t hear any of us coming up with workable solutions …”

      I respectfully disagree with you @ Sharon.

      I do recall many commentators on ANR threads informing the ABLP and the Prime Minister NOT to take the course of action that they clearly wanted to undertake, because of the numerous legal pitfalls – and so it now seems to be.

      It’s obvious that Gaston Browne doesn’t take council from his cabinet members or his advisers (legally or otherwise).

      This awful development with the Alpha Nero is no-one else’s fault but our STUBBORN Prime Minister’s.

      You don’t want to admit it …

  8. Only a dumb, I’ll advise government would under estimate a billionaire and his far reaching powers, especially a government that doesn’t have the calatiral to fight such battles like this failed venture.
    To the many who defend the actions of this failed government, are blind and brainwashed by the sweet talking of its leader. And as he claimed that he was duped by the Nigerians, it’s the same way you’ll are duped by Gatson.

    This Priminister is a fraud, a big time fraud. He didn’t want to listen to the many of us who warned him from the get go about this boat sale along with the failed Antigua Airways venture, the failed fraudulent air Peace venture, but no, he went full force ahead with his pig headed self.

    This man is a collosal failure when it comes to bringing Antigua out of its financial burdens, and the only thing he good at is to get himself rich by engaging in all these corrupt schemes he try to force on the Antiguan people.

    I for one would be happy if this sale collapse, because I know 100% absolutely sure that we Antiguans will not see one red cent of this 67mil, not one red cent.
    This corrupt Administration will steal all of it and then come up with some dumb excuses as to why they are broke.

    Charge the man for the fees and all the expenses for the time the boat has been sitting there and retract the sale of the mans boat Gatson.
    That’s the right thing to do, but you’re not about doing the right thing, you’re about greed with your long tongue and eyes. Smdh.

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