Epicurean Fine Foods & Pharmacy And Elite Island Resorts Donate One Million Dollars Worth Of Food To Antigua & Barbuda

Epicurean Supermarket (Search Antigua photo)

Epicurean Fine Foods & Pharmacy has teamed up with Elite Island Resorts to donate one million dollars’ worth of food items to assist local families during this time of need.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to give back to the local community in such an important way,” said Rob Barrett, Chairman of Elite Island Resorts.  “Food is more than nourishment.  It brings families together, it puts a smile on a child’s face, it provides hope,” Barrett said.

Epicurean and Elite Island Resorts will present this substantial donation of food items to Prime Minister the Honourable Gaston Browne on Friday, 29th May, at the Epicurean store in Jolly Harbour.

“We sincerely appreciate the efforts and hard work of Prime Minister Browne and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda,” said Barrett.  “This is a terrific example of how local businesses and Government can work hand-in-hand to do something really good for those in need.”

The hotels that contributed towards this donation, along with Epicurean Fine Foods & Pharmacy, include St. James’s Club, The Verandah, Pineapple Beach Club, Hammock Cove, and Galley Bay.

In addition to this most recent donation, Mr. Barrett’s Antigua-based charitable organization, the Wishing Well Foundation, has been assisting local families through the coronavirus crisis.  Since 2013, Wishing Well has raised millions of dollars to help local residents with urgent medical needs, housing, food, and more.

“If everybody who can help out does help out, we will all be much better off when it’s time to reopen,” said Barrett.


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  1. But yet Mr.Barrett laidoff most of his local employees but insist on keeping his Philippine staff still working. What ever happens to antiguans first???? Now they are home struggling while his Philippine staff are at the supermarkets making their buck. At least something should have gone to them

    • Now if he had founf a better way to distrubute the food, hotel workers apart, without involving politicians this could be a much better idea.

      • There are charities in Antigua that could have handled the distribution of the food but he chose to make it political. These business people are always looking for favours from the government. If he should approach Gaston in the future will he say no?
        I would like to see someone giving Trump, the prime ministers of Canada and England food for distribution. They would have to donate to charity as the people in these countries would see right through the gift.

  2. Now that is a donation to talk about. Sir Barrett my heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart. I salute thee.
    Where are my rich Antiguan and Barbudan friends who only know how to take take and take and fill their pockets, and so much to say about foreigners.

    • Sidelines:Many rich Antiguans do give.They just do not seek the lime lights/the publicity.I am very eager to announced what I did give.However,my better judgments say do not.You are ready to Crown him lord.While those that gave from their hearts.You are ready cast aside.Because they do so quietly.You are what I would referred to as an “arse” kisser.

      • As a Rotarian I know all about giving and who gives. So don’t come and tell me that rich Antiguans give. If they did give as much as people like the Mill Reef Club, Jumby Bay Club and Barrett’s charitable arm we would not have the kind of need in our society. No most of our rich are stingy and if they give it is very small. As Rotarian we still have to go around and beg from the general public raise funds by holding raffles and fetes.
        And you can call it what you want. I call if showing gratefulness. And it is something I see our people is lacking. Look how much Calvin is giving and no a thank you for John Public. You had the same thing when Stanford was here. But as the good book said ungratefulness is worst then Witchcraft.

        • Give the darn food to the Salvation Army and the Red Cross.Let them distribute it.Not give it to Gaston Browne.He Barrett brought Politics into it.I am not of any Organization.I am my own man with my own $$$$$.I spend and invests as I see fit.So far I am very successful.

  3. He trying to create a good impression and he not checking his staff.. not a turbo not a pound of sugar he gave us… charity begins at home sir!!!!!! Check your staff.

    • After me help empty some of those containers full a food ina hot blazing sun boss nuh even gi we a juice, dem lay off staff no wah n gi dem 100 dolla voucher , what a world we live in. Slavery was never over. Was Just silenced.

  4. I agree, where are the Hadeed’s who make millions from the people of Antigua from the sale of electricity and other things! They take and take but never give! They care only for there own!

    • The Hadeed powerhouse kept the islands lights on when the government didn’t perform maintenance on their facilities and could not meet the demand due to their failures

      • What “Hadeed powerhouse” are you referring to? No one is immortal. Death comes to all. I’m sure the Hadeeds money cannot stop death. Sir Ramez knows this all too well.

      • @SIDELINES: George Ryan has been giving for decades now.That man gives and do not publicize it.Are you for real? You would stand on the neck of a black man.And kiss the rear of the white man.Shame on you,Sidelines.Are you certain you are not Gaston Browne himself.

  5. I notice you can’t mention certain rich families names who take and take and don’t give back without get eliminated by the moderator!

  6. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. ‘ (Matthew 6:1-4, ESV)

  7. Don’t be fool ppl…he not doing this for nothing . The poor elite staff and then can’t even get nothing.

  8. He is getting that back 50 folds.

    Discontinue all your duty free concession agreement.

    Pay your staff better wages.

    Employ local managers.

    Stop importing cheap labour.

    The ABLP government will buy our food so the above, play your role and keep your food.

  9. By the way one million dollars to a man that is making hundreds of millions on the back of Antigua and Barbuda is like giving your child $100.00 allowance.

    The $100.00 seems like much to the child but to the parent its inconsequential.

  10. You ever notice that all the people criticizing those who give are always the last ones to donate anything themselves? Yes, you make lots of noise, you criticize and throw stones, but you are guilty of all the same things. If someone gives a gift, you say thank you. If these donations are not publicized, then others will not be aware or be inspired to give. Publicity about donations is a good thing. It puts pressure on others to give. If you cannot give, then God bless you. If you can give, please do….even if it’s just helping out one person. You all have no idea how much good all these families have done for this country. How many children went to school thanks to money from Barrett, Hadeed, Harney, and others? How many got surgeries to save they lives? How many got some form of help along the lines? How many got jobs? There is no “slavery” in Antigua. No one is forcing you to work here or there. If you wan the job, take it. If you don’t want the job, then quit complaining and start your own business. Grow up, and go do something positive.

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