Antigua and Barbuda offering $50 food voucher with COVID-19 jab

Epicurean Supermarket (Search Antigua photo)

Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy partners with Ministry of Health’s Vaccination Programme

The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and the Environment today announced a partnership with Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy in a “One World Protected” campaign designed at getting the Antigua and Barbuda population vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

The Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy One World Protected campaign offers a $50 food voucher to each person receiving their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine which is valid for the purchase of groceries at the Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy at Epicurean Drive and at Jolly Harbour, Price Chopper at Woods Centre and Perry Bay Supermarket at Perry Bay.  The voucher is not redeemable for cash or change and must be utilized in one transaction.

In making the announcement, Health, Wellness and the Environment Minister, Sir Molwyn Joseph said that he is delighted that Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy has come forward to support the government’s drive to reach herd immunity by offering a token to individuals who receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Getting vaccinated is not only a personal choice, but it is a choice that will impact positively on individuals, families, friends, communities and the nation of Antigua and Barbuda.  The support of Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy in this public health initiative is vital to the overall wellness and development of our society,” Sir Molwyn stated.

Human Resource Administrator of Epicurean Foods and Pharmacy, Nola Clarke said that the company recognizes the importance of the nation being fully vaccinated and is delighted to support the government in offering a token to those individuals who make the responsible decision to get vaccinated. “We proudly stand resilient with the government in this fight against the COVID-19 virus,” said Nola Clarke.

Minister Molwyn Joseph said that this initiative mounted by the Epicurean Fine Foods and Pharmacy comes at an opportune time as the Ministry of Health ramps up its campaign to get more persons vaccinated.  He said that he looks forward to other businesses on island partnering with the Ministry to get the nation vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

In addition to the mobile vaccination unit crisscrossing the nation, vaccines are being administered at the Villa Polyclinic, the Glanvilles Polyclinic, the Multipurpose Culture and Exhibition Center and the Precision Center in Paynters. The public vaccination sites operate on Mondays through to Fridays from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Meanwhile, the public is encouraged to get vaccinated to create herd immunity, whereby the majority of the population is protected from becoming seriously ill from COVID-19.  With herd immunity, it is expected that the country will return to normalcy, which will include the facilitation of economic, social and cultural activities and the ease of travel. Individuals who received their first dose twelve weeks ago will commence receiving their second dose this month

The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and the Environment also reminds the public that pre-registration for the COVID-19 Vaccine continues. For online registration, please visit and select the “Vaccine Registration” tab. Upon clicking the tab, you will be required to fill in your general information and when completed, click “submit”. Your registration is then completed. Registration call center numbers are 788-8299, 736-8295, 736-8298, 736-8299, 780-8618, 780- 8652, 780-8678 and 780-8461, Mondays through to Fridays from 9:00am to 3:30 pm, and closed on public holidays and weekends.

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  1. Is this a joke, $50 to entice someone to take the vaccine? Are things that bad in Antigua and Barbuda that a person will be persuaded to take the vaccine for $50. I understand the concept of marginal utility from economics courses I have taken in university, but Lord I am trying to figure out the marginal utility that would be derived from $50 extra of groceries. A person would have to be in the grips of starvation to be persuaded by $50. The economic powerhouse should be able to do much better than that. This offer is a societal disgrace and should be withdrawn forthwith and replaced with something more meaningful.

    • Have you done anything to get your fellowmen/women, countrymen/women vaccinated? or don’t you give a damn whether or not they are? At least Epicurean is making a gesture. They don’t have to. But if it only encourages one person, that is good enough. People should not be enticed in the first place to get vaccinated. They should know it is the most sensible thing to do. But be that as it may, we are living in a world where speech is free and many personal choices are still free. But one’s right my end right there where another’s begins. We had people who said they had the right to smoke where ever they want to. We had to fight to show them that secondhand smoking harms others. Laws had to be put in place to stop the rights of smokers and protect the right of none smokers. So too will it be with these none vaccinors. One day they will also be forced to accept the rights of others not be a public health danger. Especially when our children will be the ones exposed to this. And the time will also come when someone will have to pay for their own hospitalization bills for Covid-19 treatment. Can you imagine how high those bills will be. Aldo McCoy should be tremendously high. And believe me Insurance Company will not insure you against sickness if you do not have certain vaccinations. The risk would be much too high. And we know how expensive health can be.

      • So my questions to you sir if second hand smoke causes danger to others , can you imagine first hand smokers ? Why is it then not a campaign to stop people from smoking . Or vaccinated against smoking? Huh ! The last time I checked more than 480 ,000 people die annually in America from cigarette smoking . While a rapid 7 to 8 million around the world . Does the government seems to care ? And all of this was happening before covid . So why did the governments tried to save lives then and now ? You see the hypocrisy ?
        This is the same shitsym that issued out of echolons of europe and the vatican city . Then formed the anglo american compact who wants centralized government and control over all people of the earth . And our politicians are just puppets who are serving their puppets masters at the detriment of it’s people . With not even the decency to invite us into the conversation . Planning and plotting over our life’s and livelihoods because we are so stupid and dum that we are cannot and aren’t allowed to think what’s good or bad for us . We need the global elites and governments to govern our mental for us .

        Well not all of us are . Many of us has matured and take full responsibility for our own lives and the elites and the government never saw this coming . So they using people like you to convince us that because you know how to use words and sounds intelelegent to most that we should just follow without reviewing the evidence .

        Because again we dum and stupid . So we don’t know how to think .
        Sheer insult and disgust at its best .

        People are struggling , there is no reduction in utilities , food , gas price . Some parents can’t afford to give their children a nutritios meal so they can have adequate intake of minerals and vitamins for learning .

        Old people can’t get their pension at the end of the month . Young people has no support for life after school .
        But governments care so much for our well being , that the covid test is some people weekly salary but somehow the vaccines are free . The logic is imbalance .

        • When one dus damage to their own it usually is not regulated. It forms part of your human rights. But when it effects others that’s another story. Not only cigarette smoking is bad for you, but so is drinking. Yet we do nt forbid drinking. But the law do forbid public drunkeness and alcohol use and sale by minors. And the use of illicit drugs is also forbidden although it doesn’t harm anyone else but the users. I personally do not have an issue with someone drinking themselves to death or using drugs. As long as it is not ahrmfull to me. But certainly they cannot step into a car and start driving while under influence. Because than they can become a liability to others. When a child is sick with the flu they tell the parent to keep the child at home, in order not to infect the other children. When my children were small I always had that problem when they came home with the flu because some other child had the flu. No what you think can happen is this was not just a flu but Covid – 19

      • FROM THE SIDELINE are you really serious? What should I be doing as an individual to get people to take the vaccine? Do you want me to drag them to a vaccination center? It is the responsibility of the government to mount a serious public information campaign to convince people (who are reluctant) to take the vaccine. Even my friend Dr. Joey John on ABS TV last night has done a better job than the government. With respect to the $50 payment by Epicurean Supermarket to anyone taking the vaccine, I say again that is a DAMN shame. What that underscores is the perceived fact that people are so damn poor in this country that they can be enticed by $50 to take the vaccine. I say that from an economic perspective, that $50 has very little marginal utility unless the little food it buys is enough to save one from starvation and death. The point again is, that shows the level of desperation that perhaps exist in this country today. It would seem that Epicurean and the government are fully aware of the depths of poverty and hardship in this country that they would think that $50 would be tantamount to a $1000 in the present circumstances. I say again, this does not look good for the government to be using the private sector to assist it in what is quintessentially government’s responsibility. Shame, shame, shame on the government. It is a SOCIETAL DISGRACE.

        • Poor you Tabor. A public responsibility you want to put on the government?
          Consider this like spreading the good news. And convince your brothers, sisters, friends, neigbours and alike that taking the vaccine is in theirs and yours best interest. Just like hw you like to convince others that the UPP is the best alternative to take controll of the reign of this country. That is the least you and anyone can do. I have this talk to many especially young people and some of them have listened to me thank God. But their may come a time that we have to take drastic measures, and that is a fact. Not nice but the possibility sure does exist.

          • FROM THE SIDELINE are you confused? Isn’t a PUBLIC responsibility for the government or is it that you do not know the difference between PUBLIC and PRIVATE. The same how you want me to talk to people individually and convince them to take the vaccine, why cannot the government do the same thing in a massive PUBLIC campaign to get people to take the vaccine. FROM THE SIDELINE your nonsense is beginning to irritate me so please wheel and come again.

        • Avatar photo If you saw Gaston shoot someone with your very eyes Sideline will tell you that's not what you really saw UNBELIEVABLE !

          Mr Tabor I believe there might be a good movie coming on tonight that you can sit back by yourself or with someone , relax and enjoy instead responding to these THE GUARDIANS OF THE CRUMBLING WALK and when it crumbles they along with it . These guys always trying to play or be Devil’s advocate .


      BE Graceful for small mercies. Tabor you must learn to give THANKS. DO NOT POLITICIZE everything. SHAME ON YOU TABOR.

      • CARSON B. I am not politicizing anything. I was also trained at the university level in economics and I say the $50 is a DAMN SHAME to used to entice some one to take the vaccine. To me it underscore the depths of poverty and hardship that prevails in this country. Their have been gun amnesty in this and other countries where they even pay more for the return of every gun. This exercise between the government and Epicurean lays bear the financial crisis that is confronting the government. It highlights the fact that the government is at the point where it can pay for nothing, even where the responsibility is that of the government and no one else.

        • So at what price do you think the government or Epicurean should entice those who are sceptics to take the vaccine? Name your price, since it seems to be about the money for you?

          • FROM THE SIDELINE it is not about the money per se and since it is not about the money you believe that the government and Epicurean should just perhaps pay $5. I say again to pay someone $50 to entice them to take the vaccine is shameful. And by the way, I would prefer if it is a purely financial transaction rather than saying you are giving $50 to buy food. By saying that, you guys are admitting how dire the situation is in this country for a vast majority of the people. You know some are starving. It is so dire that the government and Epicurean believe that a $50 food voucher is like manna from heaven. $50 cannot even buy 4 Rotis. Since you ask me for a figure, I would say that the minimum the government should pay is $1000 since achieving HERD IMMUNITY is such an important objective for them. In economic terms the benefits to the society would be immense, so $1000 should be nothing in trying to entice those who are reluctant to take the vaccine to come around and take it. The bottom line, though, is for the government to use its resources and the state’s machinery to convince people of the need for vaccination.

    • Yes things are that bad. Sounds like a tin of baby formula and staples to me.

      Maybe you’re fortunate to be still thriving in this pandemic. Give thanks.

  2. Even a ” sociatel disgrace “is too generous a word . When I visit Àntigua and food shop I always say to myself thank God I have U.S. dollars . I don’t know how the good folks back home do it because even with my currency I cringe my teeth when I see that register ringing up . You’re in the dentist chair and he’s coming with needle and you try not to look .

  3. A ‘little’ bit of something is a whole lot better than a whole lot of ‘nothing’. That is where some people in this country stand. Tell you what, those who think that $50.00 worth of groceries and you’ve had your first shot, then use your $50.00 to benefit some poorer person who does really need that gift and encourage them to get vaccinated too.

    • Ms, you are missing the point. Is aint bout no vaccine. We are insulted by barett yearwood gaston molwyn and co. & dem impression of we.
      We will tek the vaccine when we tek the vaccine

  4. I know that it is very easy to frown at this enterprise and call it by many different names. The truth is, it is a wonderful initiative and should not be made into a political donkey.
    I have long maintain that two things should never be politicized are the nations security and its Health matters. If enough people so not get vaccinated, the country will never achieve “herd immunity” and it means that we would continue to battle with Covid and it’s damning effects in Antigua for a long time, and with it, real economic hardships like we have never witnessed before. Our bread and butter industry “tourism” already seriously damaged due to the effects of Covid, would not catch itself until and unless we can demonstrate to our International partners that enough people has been vaccinated locally to make doing business with visiting tourists safe. Travel agents will want confirmation that persons working within the travel and hospitality industry are vaccinated before their guests are allowed to come to our various hotels. Covid is not a personal matter….Covid is a Public Health matter. We all have a stake in our neighbours status because if they are not vaccinated, it can affect you, your family and everyone else as you move around in public spaces.

    I have voiced my disapproval to forced vaccine uptake at this time, but we have to come up with innovative ways of encouraging more and more people to get vaccinated for the benefit of us all.

    As is customary on these forums, when people do not agree with you, they curse you and call you an agent of government. Let it be known that I am non-political and non affiliated, but I am an Antiguan and I long for some normalcy in Antigua.

    I therefore support this initiative and any such initiative that would get more people vaccinated.

      • @Sidelines: Perhaps if Gaston Browne developed a cordial relationship with the people. There would not be an issue of them not taking the Vaccines.He needs to talk “with” the people.Not talk down to the people.He does the latter many times. His style of leadership does not work in 2021.He needs to get that through his thick skull. Perhaps you as an insider could try and reach him internally. For instance he threatened the Pensioners to get their shots or their Pensions could be in jeopardy. What the hell turns on that? The Pensioners do not work for anyone. They,as it stands to this day have been treated like dirt monthly. No(Social Security)Pensions paid on time or none at all.

        • So sad that we now make it about the PM’s personality whether or not one will take a vaccine for their own good and the good of all. if you guys have nothing to contribute to this national concern so be it. Everything that Gaston has said is not a threat. It is reality. The PM is letting you and others know that things really will get worst if we do not get to the point of heard immunity in a very short time. Not years, but months. And one of the consequences may well be that pensioners cannot be paid. Everyone should understand the economics behind this pandemic. But I guess some would like to see this come to pass so they can say ‘you see that is the economic powerhouse’. They would rather be king of the ashes. But you guys will not have that pleasure ever.

  5. 50? Why now? It has been a whole year ppl starving out of jobs, why didn’t they give vouchers out to the needy during the first quarter of the pandemic, who are you calling out to get the $50 , homeless just to give them a jab oh please yall sick my stomach with the bullshit. Epicurean so expensive what can you get with a $50 voucher.a meal for the day? Come better than that is humiliating, bare in mind after you take the vaccine, you will end up have to use it to buy gaterade, pain killlers and lots of water even flu medication it is not beneficial, it’s bogus. I believe is some incentive from the government is taking place here Dem nah kay bout poor people, whores on the street wouldn’t take a “jabb” for less than one $50.

    • You are so ill informed. Epicurean has since the start of the pandemic been at the forefront of issuing grocerie bags to various communities. But little do you guys know who behind the scene are constantly working to feed the poor. All of you have lots of chat. Look into yourself and ask yourself ‘What have I done for the poor in these trying times?’.

  6. Typical Charles Tabor quick to criticize but offer no solutions. What have you and the party that you campaign for done to get people to get the vaccine other than sit down behind your phone screen and criticize the government oh right absolutely nothing. Anyway there was once a politician in your party that said the only job of the opposition is to oppose and y’all seem to perfect that. This pandemic goes beyond red blue orange and whatever other party colours there it about getting back to some form of normal. If you and your party would really give a damn about Antigua y’all would play your part and encourage people to take the vaccine.
    FYI the USA UK and other countries have done similar things as well.

  7. JB you are good are writing nothing. So the great ALP government cannot persuade the majority of the population to take the vaccine. Perhaps if Gaston Browne did not hide and clandestinely take the Moderna vaccine he would have more success in getting the population to be less skeptical about taking the vaccine. And by the way, let me dispel the false narrative that you ALP propagandist are putting out there that the UPP is against the vaccination process, didn’t Harold Lovell take the vaccine publicly and didn’t he also put out a public announcement exhorting the citizenry to take the vaccine. What the hell more do you expect from the UPP, short of physically dragging people to the vaccination centers? All you apologists and propagandists of the ALP need to get real.

    • As usual Tabor you quick to rebut with no solutions. You seems to have selected amnesia or refuse to acknowledge your party flaws. We all know the government can do better but what has your party done other than oppose. Tabor I’m not going to entertain you and your empty arguments. Go play with Sidelines Tenmen and the rest. Unlike you who seems to have plenty time on your hands I have a life outside ANR. Have a good night.

      • JB I have a very full life and the time I spend on ANR is to counter the nonsense of all you ALP minions. You keep asking for solutions. What solutions do you want from me or the UPP to solve the government’s vaccination dilemma? The ALP is in power for 7 years and all you and the government is doing is looking back. I thought the mantra of Lionel Hurst is that the ALP government ask for the job and they will solve the problems. Well JB you BEEF, TENMAN, FROM THE SIDELINES, CARSON B, PHILLIP G and JUST SAYING should provide the government with solutions to their vaccination dilemma and other problems and stop asking me or the UPP for solutions.

  8. This is really sad comparatively

    Jamaica is offering its citizens US$60.00, while Antigua is offering EC$50.00……..

    Wow the Power House exposed again.

  9. $50 Food Voucher to take the Vaccine? What a damn insult. Is that what the people are worth $50 EC Food Voucher. What could $50 buy of consequence at those Epicurean Supermarkets. I would tell them to stick it. Where the sun does not shine. In a Bank’s Vault.

  10. How does one recieve herd immunity if a vaccine cant stop the spread? People need to think stop reading from the same hand book, its a lie.
    Why people who are vaccinated who suppose to be safe from death afraid of one that is not vaccinated?

    Why when a vaccinated person dies the answer is they had underying health conditions and the vaccine is not the cause, but if a person has covid and die its the virus. Too much hypocrisy, you cant blame one without the other

    If a parent have three children and only study and feed one the rest two will get jealous and feel neglected

    This has become a campaign just for vax nothing else to help people survive, man shall not live by vaccine alone but by building your immune system with the herbs of the field God provide. Scientists do alot of guesswork not perfect people

    The creator made us perfect and always made provision for all our needs

    Is vaccine the only thing that will save mankind in this world

    Why Brainwashing and bribe vaxing?

  11. MELCHISEDEC please say it again. The Economic Powerhouse is shown to be a Poor House again by another Caricom country. First it was little St. Kitts now Jamaica. JB and all the others need to find out why the Economic Powerhouse is floundering and remember that covid 19 is not the reason. And to destroy their flawed logic if they say covid 19 is the reason, they need to remember that the other countries are equally affected by covid-19.

  12. Not bashing anyone for their $50.00 comments. US States are offering the same deal. Totally nonsense. I guess these government officials think we are all a bunch of crackheads needing a hit. That can’t even full your gas tank. Wake up my people. Force they hand and demand an election. The country is rudderless. No leadership. Wrong track. Wrong direction. The Office of the Prime Minister is bigger than anyone that occupies its chair.

  13. What a load of bullshit. Now they blatantly bribing people with a measly $50 to take the jab. Only certain people on here will say that’s a good thing. Those are the same ones who kissing traitor dictator tyrant Gaston’s ass and in their eyes nothing he does is wrong.

    No one can ever force another human to take something foreign and put it in their body.

    Traitor dictator tyrant Gaston and all his crony regime members must be removed from office and made to face justice.

  14. Covid is no respecter of government and/or the people of any country. So all this political argument as to whether or not you will take the vaccine is all hogwash. As I continuously ask Tabor, what would the UPP do differently to tackle covid?

  15. Charles whenever you have no respond to my argument your only defense is to get personal. Try and put up a sensible argument that others can buy. In life people have rights and responsiilities. And so does the government has it responsibility. The government responsiblity is to keep us safe. And by doing so they implement policies and programs and they also pass laws. When the government say that they need the SOE in order to control the spread of Covid, you and your party disagree. Strange enough it has sofar worked well for us. And just the other day in St. Lucia their PM argue the same thing and he is going to parliament to ask for another five month of SOE. The entire world says that we need herd immunity if we want to fight this virus. The playbook is all the same. First you try it voluntary, thereafter if it doesn’t meet the mark you have to consider mandatory. We have a PM that is outspoken and let us know these things up front. And what do you seen a let of you coming out and say he cannot do that. But this is a statement of fact and the constituion Senior Council Astaphan has explain today on the Darren Matthew-Ward show is on the government side. So it won’t be un-constitutional for the government to do. Preferably not, but that is why this becomes not just the government’s responsibility, it become all of us personal responsibility to get vaccinated. The US President calls it a Patriotic thing to do. And notice the drop they are experiencing in vaccination. The same thing is happening all over. Except in Israel they say they have achieved herd immunity.
    The government has esteblished a committe lead by Dr. Williams that is responsible for the promotion of the vaccination campaign. Many ads one can see on radio and tv. Many doctors are coming on the radio and tv to educate people about the safe part of taking the vaccine. But just like with the CCJ vs. Privy Council debate, you have many people promoting not to vaccinate. And this time it is different. It is in all of our best interest. No politics involved whatsoever. All of us will suffer if we do not get to herd immunity. I too want to stop wearing a mask and do sanitize my hands so frequently. And go back to ‘NORMAL’. If there is going to be such a thing as normal after Covid. Some say it will be a new normal. We’ll wait and see. But one thing is certain. We all have to do our part. It is our patriotic duty so to do. And you are included in this Tabor. Unless you hate the ABLP goevrnment that much that you would prefer the country goes to hell in a hand basket under them with you and all of us in it. That kind of hatred is deadly. You only see that in the machines in the Terminator

  16. The Vaccine does not prevent transmission or contraction. This is made plainly clear on every favt sheet for every vaxx brand. 50$ ecd is less than or equal to 18$ usd. That is an insult! where is the campaign to for exercise, healthy eating, regular beach visits? This is lowly, cheap and an indicator of how much they value antiguans. Herd immunity in this case is a myth as vaccines do not provide immunity. What can you even buy with 50$ at epicurean which is outrageously over priced. If a vaccine is the only time governments and corporations offer concern about peoples health. Something is seriously suspect. People are capable of assessing their own risk.

  17. I hope the critics have by now taken note of the many incentives that are offered specifically in the USA to people to get vaccinated. New Jersey offers a beer and a vacs. Ohio offers a shot in the arm for a shot in the lottery. You name it people are doing everything to entice those that have not yet make up their mind to get vaccinated. So what Epicurean is doing should be applauded and encourage others to come up with other incentives. Perhaps our lottery can start giving out Scratch Tickets to each person that takes a jab. You never know if you are lucky and scratch the winning number.

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