Environmentalists up in arms over brutal slaying of nurse shark


The brutal slaying of a harmless nurse shark over the weekend has dismayed local environmentalists.

Videos and images of the mutilated creature on Seaforth Beach near Jennings were shared on social media.

Some have dubbed the killing sickening and barbaric.

Other say the female shark had young with it, raising fears for their welfare.

It’s not illegal to kill sharks in Antigua and Barbuda but there are laws on how it can be done.

Removing the creatures from the wild can also have a disastrous effect on the marine ecosystem.

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  1. It’s one shark and pregnant or not, its removal is not going to create havoc on the ecosystem. The ” environmentalists ” are always looking for easy targets. Why not actually speak and do something about the destruction of mangroves and beaches in this country? And for the ones who think it was killed in a sickening and barbaric way, before your next purchase of pork or beef, visit a local butcher and see how animals are slaughtered.

    • And don’t forget the illegal mining of sand the other day. That has a much greater impact on the ecosystem.

    • Are they eating it? If so, what is the problem? You think a shark (not a nurse shark) care how it take off a man’s hand or foot? These people need to get real. Chips. Where a can get piece?

  2. People like this are no better than animals! It sickens me! To see people like this dragging that shark from the water is disputable. How can we call ourselves a civilized people? Shame on us!

    • @ no better than animals.
      I guess you don’t eat meat. If this were a person murdered I doubt you would comment. People like you love animals more than people. I am sure your dog is well fed while a lot of people are struggling to put food on the table. Hope these guys can sell the meat to provide dinner for their families and other people. Even animals kill to survive.

  3. That white sandy Beach in the above photo. Is that of New Division Beach.For Seaforth Beach is not that nice. That island in the middle of the picture is known as Maiden Island.

    • First of all it’s wrong to kill a nurse shark, it’s a harmless creature. Every Tourist is happy to see one when diving. Secondly the meat is extremely unhealthy because of the huge amount of mercury, led and arsenic So yeah enjoy your meal that potentially gives you Alzheimer and other major deseases… hmmm nice 👍

    • Sharks are helpful to the environment. Not saying we are not special but that is just cruel and heartless.

  4. Brutal???Funny how I never see anyone complaining about the brutal slaying, brutal scaling and brutal seasoning of a red snapper!

    As long as the catch is being eaten, it’s a non issue. Some people have gotten attached to nurse sharks because you can pet them like dogs. But quite frankly, shark goes great with bakes. If you want evidence, just get in line at Richards shark and bake restaurant the next time you visit Maracas beach in Trinidad.

    • No one wants to go to wicked, murderous, racist, vile Trinidad! Not to mention the weak TT$
      too many murders, kidnapping, racism and countless criminal activity.

      • Yeah, some people claim that such a things bother them, then turn around and book a flight to the US, the country exporting that behavior. Don’t you just hate double standards?

      • Your comment is absolutely upside down. It is not even funny. I love Trinidad. You don’t have to and I don’t think they would like you there anyway.

  5. What are these fools talking about? That’s good meat; fry if up with some cou- cou and sweet potato.

  6. There is something called the food chain.
    Taking the offspring of a mango tree and eating it raw seems fine ti you….

    To eat anything something must die, there is no humane way to kill anything when the result is death to the thing.

    Environmentalists should familiarize themselves with the food chain.

    A tree must die to put that roof on your house but that is overlooked by the environmentalist.

    Get real….the environmentalists have no problem killing dolphins, Marlins, tuna etc for SPORT then brag about 800 pounder caught…..

  7. Couldn’t have said it better Melchesidec!
    Death is death, and it’s never pretty or humane when an animal is slaughtered to nourish your body or even for sport.

    When you’re in the ocean and a shark appears, you don’t have time to examine whether it’s a nurse shark (or doctor shark if there’s one). Your only concern is that you’re in the environment of a deadly predator, and survival mode kicks in. Most likely, the identification of that shark came after it was taken from the ocean. I would not have known it was a nurse shark unless it was mentioned in the post.

    So be understanding environmentalist! I believe those guys were just as ignorant to the type of shark they killed as I am. How do you compare the one female shark that was killed, to the human female who was brutally slaughtered a few days ago? She was taken from our environment as well, so can you please comment on that!

  8. Sharks are helpful to the environment. Not saying we are not special but that is just cruel and heartless.

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