Entertainer on trial for alleged sex offences

young people relax and have fun in a disco night

A local entertainer is reportedly on trial in the High Court for alleged sexual offences against a promo girl.

Reports indicated the man is facing charges of serious indecency and indecent assault.

The woman reportedly told the court the accused agreed to take her home around midnight after an event in 2017.

However, she reportedly said he took her to a beach and sexually assaulted her as she resisted to have sex with him.

The man pleaded not guilty to the offences.

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  1. Our nation’s young women would not be safe from predators until perceptions are altered. We need to stop glamorizing these abusers ‘as they should be styled and documented as sexual predators. Sexual abuse leaves a lifetime scar. I don’t think we have ever prosecuted anybody in Antigua and used the word sexual predator. We need to change the narrative around this issue. We have to get rid of these predators, but it is not easy because it is a question of supply and demand. As long as you have girls willing to be abused and used, you will continue to have people using and abusing them. Many such issues are never reported because some mothers/women are still turning a blind eye to their (children’s) sexual relationships with ‘big’ men for economic gain.


    There are those that

    Look ‘…Idiotic’

    See things as ‘…Idiotic’

    Behave ‘…Idiotic’

    Do things that were ‘…Idiotic’
    Walk ‘Idiotic.’

    Even Talk Idiotic.

    Well, ‘…Duncy Bat’ could proudly say;

    ‘…I adopted this name.’ but not Dunce like a Bat.

    When it comes to ‘…Idiocy,’ Duncy Bat not in that.’

  3. Another popular DJ before the courts again with issues involving the opposite sex??

    Yet to see a story about the shoe being on the other foot. Vagina more powerful than climate change?? Watta ting.

  4. Female: I was sexually assaulted

    Officer: takes report, arrest the accused. Has little to no evidence. Lead is only based off of what was verbally said.

    Court: Sentence to 10 years for rape.

    Society: yes, he did it! (Though they weren’t there)

    I know rape is a sensitive topic. But it would be ethical if we can at least prove something before start chatting and assuming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have no faith in our legal system. It’s a joke!

    • Are you related to the “popular entertainer”? Or are you him posting under a female name in a lame to attempt to appear unbiased?

      Tell that to the victim of the UK Cop who was found guilty in our courts. She seemed to have a little faith in “our” legal system.

  5. She the “victim” probably has that special police man in her crutches. Did you think of that?
    Nonsensical justice system
    Idk if y’all taking keen notice but then young girls love push themselves on them entertainers
    They need the upcoming fame

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