English Harbor gets its own pharmacy

By Michael Joseph/Facebook: 

Long post alert!!

Yesterday was a historic day and a resounding success.

For the past 2 years my dear friend Bert Kirchner have been lobbying me hard to establish a pharmacy in English Harbour (if it’s one guy that loves his community it’s him but that’s for a different post).

Fast forward to 2021, with the grace of God, support of some amazing friends, loving family and some personal determination- it’s OPENED!

Our belief is that healthcare and health needs should be easily accessible and convenient to everyone. We don’t see this as financial business but more of a Social enterprise for the amazing people of the St. Paul’s constituency.

We are committed to working with them to full-fill their health needs.

In this new journey, we will stumble, we may fall but we will forever rise.

Thanks to the community for your out-pouring of love on our first day yesterday.

Remember at Dockyard Pharmacy Plus your health is our passion .

Special thanks to the following for making our Day 1 an A1…

  • Neon Briggs
  • Fancy Floats
  • ProBuzz Media Marketing & Communication
  • Maurisha Potter
  • Shane Easy-p Potter
  • Reid Shalom Simon
  • Simply Sherry
  • E.P. Chet Greene
  • Caribbean Pharmaceutical Supplies
  • As Brydens Antigua
  • Frank B. Armstrong



  1. Burt is one of those foreigners that has come to Antigua and has made it his home and has demonstrated this in many instances. These are the people I refer to as loving Antigua not in words but in deeds as well. Sometime more then our very own breath and born natives.

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