End harassment and prejudice against Women Leaders


Over the past several months, Women’s interest organizations CIWiL Antigua and Barbuda Chapter and Women Against Rape (WAR), have grown extremely concerned with reports of attempts to denigrate female candidates through the use of various media platforms.

As a collective, we call for greater participation of women seeking leadership in political and public spaces to put an end to the hostile attitudes and harmful gender stereotypes that attempt to diminish women and their roles as leaders.

Globally, cultural ideals and social perceptions often result in women’s personal lives being scrutinized more strictly than their male counterparts (UN Women Caribbean).

This form of political harassment is often specifically directed at women and dissuades them, especially young women, from entering politics and creates greater vulnerability for women due to underlying issues related to sex, gender roles, sexual violence and threats of harm.

The effects of this type of gender discrimination are far reaching and results in the continued underrepresentation of women in decision-making and leadership roles. Across the region, women hold less than 30% of elected parliamentary positions; in Antigua and Barbuda, less than 12%.

“Antiguan and Barbudan women have shown and continue to demonstrate the ability to contribute positively to decision making and transformational outcomes in varying spheres. We challenge the undercurrent of gender stereotyping and roles which seek to limit women’s participation to the home. As a country we are losing out, if we do not capitalize on the potential all of its citizens. We are equal in law and will continue to assert our right to be heard and play our part in shaping the future of our nation.” Janice Sutherland Chair of the CIWiL ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA National Chapter.”

We are united in our call to all political parties and society as a whole to focus on creating inclusive, democratic institutions, free from gender discrimination. 12% women elected to Parliament is not enough. We also call on women everywhere to join us in advocating for the fair and equitable treatment of women in public life.

As a collective, we look forward to engaging across party lines and with other stakeholders locally and regionally to build solidarity in support of women’s full and equal participation in leadership.


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  1. 👏👏👏
    The UPP is yet to issue a statement distancing itself from the comments made by one of its political candidate – Algernon Watts – as it pertains to the young lady in the above photo.

  2. @Smh, First to start, she not no young lady. She is a full married woman wid three pickny. Next thing, if she don’t want blow, don’t throw blow. You want to hear what went on between she and she husband on facebook. That woman is very rude and arrogant. She believe because she think she is it, then everybody must think so too. And next, nobody know what kinda leader she suppose to be. It very obvious that you don’t know one thing about she. Go up in St Peter’s and ask about she before you start asking Serpant and UPP to make statement. All you must do your research first before you run your mouth

    • I don’t know her personally. All I’m saying is that the comments were made by BOTH George Wehner and Algernon Watts, but the statement put out by the UPP only apologized for the comments made by George (Field Officer). Is Algernon infallible/untouchable?

  3. No!No! Not again WAR and DNA at it again election must be in the air. Top Dawg call off your political prostitutes. A top dawg goes on his radio station every saturday calling women call sorts of nastiness for over seven years now and no one in WAR ever open them mouth. I am sick and tired of these fake political organizations that just spring up when it suits them. The Guyanese Nurse woman the big ALP support needs to take her WAR to guyana. Simple as that!

    • Chups, this Press release also addresses that top dawg. There is no war between WAR and DNA, ead the article again if you are an intelligent person or you may continue with your ignorance. That Guyanese woman has contributed so much to Antigua and Barbuda even more than some of you who call yourselves citizens smdh. BACK OFF

      • Knight is a bonafide U.S CITIZEN!!! He has boasted and bragged about this on radio. Even go as far as saying that an Antigua and Barbuda passport is of NO VALUE TO HIM! So I am not sure why he is anti-Guyanese. Maybe a Guyanese knuckle him good and proper.

      • @Concerned Citizen if you are looking attention wrong dance. Back off…..wow! Let me repeat myself me say the Guyanese nurse from the ALP executive need to take her political WAR to Guyana. Simple as that, around 2014 election this WAR pop up and arm of the ALP women group, now we have another one never heard of them, some CIWIL A&B chapter. I guess the same rock WAR came out from under this one too. Let me tell all these WAR & CIWIL people please join Mary John and her work helping young girl and the homeless. Take my advise.

  4. This lady is a whiner. I see the DNA referred to her as Colonel. What is she a Colonel of. Is she in Mc Hale’s Army.

  5. I will NEVER vote for a woman that complains about being a woman, and uses it as a way to get sympathy from voters. I am a woman.

    If this woman wants to use ‘being a woman’ as way to get votes and sympathy, then she needs to immigrate to some left-wing country like Sweden.

    We Antigua and OECS women don’t need to claim ‘discrimination’ to be successful!

  6. Why not end all personal attacks against all Politicians? Political tribalism doesn’t help with improving the lives of Wadadlians. Tell the people what you are going to do differently than your opponents. The operative word to gained power in Wadadli Politics is, “Corruption”. However, that why most oppositions have difficulties in governance. People should not vote for anyone base on gender. When you live in Glass houses don’t throw Stones.

  7. @Colombo Thoughtful

    this is not just for you, but some of you are just too much. You make me want to throw up.
    You have all these high-flown ideals about what politicians should be, yet you accept all the dirty, corrupt stuff from one party and chastise the other for just eating with the wrong cutlery. You all call for good governance and when you get it, you reject the party that gives it because you don’t like one of the members, or some stupid thing they say. So you punish them at the voting booth.
    And by doing that you sabotage your own development, then cry for 5 years, or 4, whatever. Then you get your ham and turkey and $500 in a red shirt, and that makes you forget all your hardships during that time, so you go back and do it all over again.

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