Emile Floyd being removed as acting Chief Health Inspector after interrupting AGHS graduation ceremony


Emile Floyd has been asked to cease acting as Chief Health Inspector; he is now continuing in his substantive role as Principal Public Health Inspector.

The Antigua Girls High School graduation was interrupted on the morning, June 28, when Ministry of Health personnel halted the ceremony, reportedly because of the number of people in the building.

A parent tells REAL News that Health officials were concerned that the audience inside the Spring Gardens Moravian Church was too large, sparking fears of transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

He says the proceedings were held up for about 15 minutes while the matter was sorted out, and the graduation exercises were allowed to continue.

A woman tells REAL News that while the guest speaker, Dr. Adama Francis, was being introduced by a student, one of three Health officials went to the podium, causing the proceedings to be halted.

However, she says, it appeared that the school’s principal made a quick appeal to Governor-General Sir Rodney Williams – who, along with the Minister and Director of Education, was seated up front, and Sir Rodney’s aide-de-camp then spoke to the Health official, who left the stage.

The woman – whose daughter was among the graduating class – says “there was no drama,” but persons who were not wearing their masks were then asked to do so.

Following the ceremony, she says, there was some grumbling among parents, who said they hope the Ministry of Health is being as vigilant at the scores of pre-Carnival fetes being held every weekend.

While it is not known just how many people were in the church, the woman says the audience had been limited by the school, with the graduates allowed only three guests each.

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  1. Honestly, those inspectors should be fired for not acting professionally. I hope that they are going to be in town during carnival to see if people are following protocol. That was an embarrassing moment for sure 😅

  2. From my knowledge, the graduates were given 2 tickets for their parents and information from the school says anyone else who desires a ticket pays $10.
    Wasn’t aware of a limitation of 3 tickets. I know of individuals who exceeded 3 tickets per family.
    At the end of the day the graduation was a success and ended on a positive note.

  3. Old people does say, give a man power and you see his true colors!!! This health inspector is a true example of arrogance and disgrace.
    You shouldn’t only be removed from the position but you should be fired……

  4. I’m all for doing your job but that was embarrassing. He just lucky it was not my child reading the introductory speech. All he had to do was have an Usher call the principal and have a discussion. Or even speak to her after the ceremony. There was no respect for the Minister or the Governor General. SMH

    Position don’t give common sense.

  5. Old people does say that is not what you do, but how you do it. You’re doing your job yes, but you can be a little more respectful. Might is not right and now you are paying the consequences.

  6. I am sure emile floyd is quite very happy not to be acting.
    This is what happens when PSC doesnt intervene when they see irregularities where acting appointments are concerned. If something is not adding up, ask individuals their side of the story. Do not solely be satisfied with somebody’s one-sided view.
    Plenty brainwashing does be happening to maintain statusquo down at that ministry.
    Meanwhile, who really supposed to be acting decide that they will drink plenty of water and mind their business.
    Serve all of you right.

  7. Saw some comments on ABS but for me, next time we have a pandemic, I going fishing
    People have been doing what they want over and over again for the last 27months . All the fetes at least happen outside and most adult people are vaccinated
    Government say x, people bex
    Government say y, people bex
    Next pandemic, tek two aspirin and call the doctor in the morning
    Sir Floyd, next time just don’t approve nuttin and you won’t be in this position. But for true, you really messed up.
    Gi people one inch, they tek a mile

  8. They would want to break up this graduation ceremony. However,there are LOL Fetes all over the place with hundreds of persons in attendance. Do they wear masks? Are they social distancing? Look at the fetes pictures and tell me what do you see. This is embarrassing for those involved and the Ministry of Non-Health.

  9. He trying to be a dictator like Gaston Browne.

    I notice Gaston not saying a thing about Addison Browne. Is he covering for him now? I remember just before the news broke Gaston was on his high horse again accusing a UPP supporter of being a rapist. Funny he quiet now it turned out to be his own brother Addison who is the rapist.

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